Longford Gaelic Stats
Junior Football Championship

JFC Winners

WonClub / TeamYear Titles Won
6Rathcline1956, 1963, 1972, 1984, 1987, 1999
6Clonguish1928, 1941, 1947, 1959, 1992, 2003
6Shroid Slashers1969, 1981, 1991, 1997, 2002, 2008
6Legan Sarsfields1968, 1990, 1994, 2000, 2012, 2021
5Ardagh St. Patricks1927, 1930, 1934, 1949, 1954
5St. Brigids Killashee1933, 1965, 1985, 1989, 1993
5Killoe Young Emmets1931, 1951, 1957, 1988, 2018
4Cashel1943, 1948, 1961, 1964
4Seán Connollys1935, 1950, 1967, 1975
4Longford Slashers1978, 1982, 2001, 2014
4Mostrim1940, 1966, 2007, 2015
4Colmcille1937, 1979, 1998, 2020
4Grattan Óg1983, 2004, 2013, 2022
3Abbeylara1946, 1952, 1973
3St. Munis Forgney1971, 2006, 2009
3Ballymahon1945, 1960, 2010
3Moydow Harpers1939, 1986, 2011
2Longford Wanderers1932, 1942
2Whiterock Slashers1936, 1953
2Carrickedmond1955, 1962
2Dromard1944, 1970
2Ballymore1980, 1995
2Mullinalaghta St. Columbas1977, 1996
2Fr. Manning Gaels1974, 2005
2Kenagh1976, 2019
1St. Marys Granard1958

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Junior Football Championship

JFC Timeline

Junior Football Championship

Roll of Honour

Grattan Óg 0-16
Ballymore 0-11

Legan Sarsfields 1-15
Ballymore 0-13

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Colmcille (awarded)
Killoe Young Emmets

The 2020 Junior Championship knock-out stages were postponed until 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions. The final between Colmcille and Killoe Young Emmets was scheduled for Wednesday 1st September 2021. Killoe requested a postponement to a later date but this was not agreed to, and Colmcille were awarded the title due to Killoe not fulfilling the fixture on the scheduled date.

Kenagh 0-12
Killoe Young Emmets 1-8

Killoe Young Emmets 1-8
Clonguish 0-7

No Junior Football Championship played in 2017.
Was replaced by Intermediate ‘B’ Championship instead.

No Junior Football Championship played in 2017.
Was replaced by Intermediate ‘B’ Championship instead.

Mostrim 1-11
Killoe Young Emmets 0-10

Longford Slashers 1-11
Killoe Young Emmets 0-7

Grattan Óg 2-13
Longford Slashers 0-8

Legan Sarsfields 1-10
Moydow Harpers 0-6

Moydow Harpers 2-13
Shroid Slashers 0-6

Ballymahon 1-8
Carrickedmond 0-10

St. Munis Forgney 1-12
Carrickedmond 1-8

Shroid Slashers 0-9
Moydow Harpers 0-4

Mostrim 1-14
Ardagh St. Patricks 2-4

St. Munis Forgney 2-4
Moydow Harpers 1-4

Fr. Manning Gaels 1-10
Rathcline 1-7

Grattan Óg 2-11
Rathcline 1-5

Clonguish 1-10
Moydow Harpers 1-4

Shroid Slashers 1-8
Grattan Óg 1-5

Shroid Slashers 1-9
Grattan Óg 1-9

Longford Slashers 3-14
Rathcline 0-11

Legan Sarsfields 0-9
Ardagh St. Patricks 1-6

Rathcline 5-6
Dromard 1-12

Colmcille 1-10
Legan Sarsfields 1-6

Shroid Slashers 1-15
St. Munis Forgney 0-7

Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 1-10
Shroid Slashers 1-8

Ballymore 3-9
Moydow Harpers 0-2

History was made in 1995 when two brothers trained the winners of the Senior Football Championship (Killoe trained by Tommy McCormack) and Junior Football Championship (Ballymore trained by Jimmy McCormack).

Legan Sarsfields 2-5
Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 0-8

St. Brigids Killashee 0-7
St. Munis Forgney 0-6

Clonguish 1-9
Ballymore 0-6

Shroid Slashers 1-8
St. Brigids Killashee 0-5

Legan Sarsfields 0-10
Ballymore 0-2

St. Brigids Killashee 1-9
St. Marys Granard 0-11

Killoe Young Emmets 3-2
St. Brigids Killashee 0-9

Rathcline 0-11
Longford Slashers 1-5

Moydow Harpers 1-6
Killoe Young Emmets 1-3

St. Brigids Killashee 2-9
Moydow Harpers 1-6

Rathcline 1-6
Mostrim 0-7

Grattan Óg 2-7
St. Marys Granard 1-8

Longford Slashers 4-8
Ardagh St. Patricks 3-6

Shroid Slashers 2-6
Mostrim 1-1

Shroid Slashers 1-3
Mostrim 0-6

Ballymore 2-6
Cashel 0-6

Colmcille 1-13
Longford Slashers 0-4

Longford Slashers 3-5
Ardagh St. Patricks 0-3

Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 2-8
Ballymore 0-4

Kenagh 1-5
Longford Slashers 0-7

Seán Connollys 2-10
Longford Slashers 1-8

Fr. Manning Gaels 1-14
Kenagh 2-2

Abbeylara 3-8
Mostrim 2-5

Rathcline 0-13
St. Marys Granard 2-5

St. Munis Forgney 2-4
Abbeylara 2-3

Dromard 1-5
Ballymore 0-3

Shroid Slashers 1-6
Dromard 0-3

Shroid Slashers 1-4
Dromard 0-7

Legan Sarsfields 4-4
Abbeylara 1-9

Legan Sarsfields 2-4
Abbeylara 0-10

Seán Connollys 1-8
Legan Sarsfields 2-5

Mostrim 2-2
Abbeylara 1-4

St. Brigids Killashee 3-5
Kenagh St. Dominics 1-4

Cashel 1-6
Killashee St. Brigids 1-2

Rathcline 3-5
Ardagh St. Patricks 0-8

Carrickedmond 2-6
Killashee St. Brigids 1-3

Cashel 0-7
Seán Connollys 0-3

(A trophy was first introduced for Junior Championship winner in 1961)

Ballymahon 3-5
Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 0-0

Clonguish 2-6
St. Brigids Killashee 0-6

St. Marys Granard 1-7
Mostrim 1-3

Killoe Young Emmets 3-11
Clonguish 1-4

Killoe Young Emmets 0-8
Clonguish 1-5

Rathcline 2-4
Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 0-0

Note: The Junior Championship was put on hold for over two months in November & December 1956, and the final was eventually played in 1957. Rathcline lodged an appeal to the Leinster Council regarding a decision by the Longford County Board to uphold an objection by Clonguish (who were beaten by Rathcline in the previous round). The Leinster Council found that Clonguish was a suspended team, and could not consequently participate in the actives of the Association. The Rathcline win was upheld, and they progressed to the semi-final of the Southern Section against Killashee St. Brigids, and then to the Southern Section final against Kenagh St. Dominics, before defeating Mullinalaghta in the Junior Championship final. Mullinalaghta, who lost the final, had previously defeated Killoe Slashers (amalgamation of Killoe Young Emmets and Whiterock Slashers) in the Northern Section final which led to an objection from Killoe Slashers as to the constitution of their team. So it was a season of objections and delays in the Junior Championship. 

Carrickedmond 2-6
Dromard 0-2

Ardagh St. Patricks 2-5
St. Marys Granard 1-5

Whiterock Slashers 0-3
Dromard 0-1

Abbeylara 1-7
Whiterock Slashers 0-7

Killoe Young Emmets 0-5
Clonguish 1-0

Seán Connollys 1-10
Mostrim 1-4

Ardagh St. Patricks (awarded)
Killoe Young Emmets

Killoe Young Emmets beat Ardagh St. Patricks in the 1949 Junior Championship final, but Ardagh objected because Killoe were 11 minutes late in fielding. The objection was upheld as reported in the Longford Leader on 1st October 1949. While no explicit report exists stating that the upholding of the objection led to the awarding of the title to Ardagh, subsequent circumstantial evidence in 1950 supports the view that the title was awarded to Ardagh. This includes an article in local media on 27th May 1950 in which Ardagh are referred to as Junior Champions, and another article on 29th July 1950 in a game between Ardagh and Mullinalaghta where it states “ex champions Mullinalaghta take on 1949 Junior Champions Ardagh), and finally an article on 16th September 1950 which notes that Mullinalaghta “disposed of the challenge of the 1949 Junior Champions Ardagh”. So there is sufficient circumstantial evidence to support the fact that the 1949 Junor Championship title was awarded to Ardagh St. Patricks following an upheld objection.

📷 1949 Junior Championship Final
📷 1949 Junior Championship Objection

Cashel 2-5
Colmcille 2-3

Clonguish 4-3
United Gaels (Granard & Abbeylara) 2-1

Abbeylara 3-8
Moydow Harpers 3-0

Ballymahon 3-3
Newtowncashel St. Ciaráns 2-1

Dromard 1-7
Longford Wanderers 0-2

Some previous records omitted this year. Records from 1944 show that Dromard beat Longford Wanderers in the Junior Championship final and a full account of the match can be found in the Longford Leader of October 28th 1944.

📷 1944 Junior Championship Final
📷 1944 Junior Championship Confirmed

Newtowncashel St. Ciaráns 2-4
Longford Wanderers 2-3

Longford Wanderers 2-5
Seán Connollys 1-5

Cashel had previously been recorded as winners of the 1942 Junior Championship, however available evidence show that Longford Wanderers defeated Seán Connollys in the Junior Championship final. Newtowncashel St. Ciaráns defeated Killoe Young Emmets in the Junior League final of 1942 and this may have been mistaken for the championship in previous records.

📷 1942 Junior Championship Final

Clonguish won
Moydow Harpers Lost

Mostrim (awarded)
Killoe Young Emmets

Mostrim 1-4
Killoe Young Emmets 1-5

Killoe defeated Mostrim 1-5 to 1-4 in the 1940 Junior Championship final. However Mostrim lodged an objection which was upheld in November 1940 and Mostrim were awarded the title and medals.

📷 1940 Junior Championship Final
📷 1940 Junior Championship Objection
📷 1940 Junior Championship Confirmed

Moydow Harpers 0-11
Drumlish 0-1

Ballinamuck 2-7
Mostrim 1-1

Ballinamuck 1-3
Mostrim 1-3

(Note: Ballinamuck 98’s was mostly referred to as Ballinamuck [no 98’s] from 1933 to 1949 and from 1967 to 1969) 

Colmcille 1-5
Ballymahon Leo Caseys 0-2

Whiterock Slashers 2-5
Dromard 2-3

Whiterock Slashers beat Dromard in the 1936 Junior Championship final. Dromard objected and were awarded the title. Whiterock Slashers counter-objected and were re-awarded the title. Hence the record shows Whiterock Slashers as champions.

Seán Connollys (awarded)
Whiterock Slashers

Whiterock Slashers defeated Seán Connollys in the Junior Championship final in late 1935. Seán Connollys objected and the available evidence suggests that this objection was upheld in early 1936 with the title going to Seán Connollys.

Ardagh St. Patricks 2-3
Whiterock Slashers 1-1

Killashee St. Brigids 4-4
Ardagh St. Patricks 2-3

Longford Wanderers 0-10
Drumlish 0-1

Killoe Young Emmets 4-6
Dromard 2-5

Killoe Young Emmets 1-1
Dromard 0-4

Ardagh St. Patricks (awarded)

Ardagh St. Patricks 0-5
Colmcille 0-5

Ardagh St. Patricks were awarded the replay of the 1930 Junior Championship final against Colmcille as the referee adjudged the latter not to have fielded in the allotted time.

Edgeworthstown 3-2
Ardagh St. Patricks 1-1

Edgeworthstown beat Ardagh St. Patricks by 3-2 to 1-1 in the 1929 Junior Championship final which was played in February 1930.

(Note: The club was renamed Edgeworthstown Young Irelands later in 1930. Hence the Edgeworthstown club that won the Junior Championship in 1929 is the same Edgeworthstown Young Irelands club that reached the Senior Championship final in 1931 and won the Intermediate Championship in 1932. This is a separate and distinct club from the modern day Mostrim club, formed in 1937)

Clonguish won
Drumlish lost

Clonguish defeated Drumlish in the 1928 Junior Championship final. While no match report for the 1928 JFC final has be found, a report of a subsequent County Board meeting references Clonguish as winners. Granard were previously credited with this title but they reached the Junior League final only to be defeated 2-4 to 2-3 by Clonguish in September 1929.

Ardagh St. Patricks 0-4
Colmcille 0-1

The first Junior Football Championship was played in 1927 with Ardagh St. Patricks defeating Colmcille 0-4 to 0-1 in the final in April 1927. Granard had previously been credited with this title but they won the 1927 Junior League defeating Ballymahon by 0-5 to 0-1 in January 1928.

📷 1927 Junior Championship Final

(Name of winner & runner-up displayed using name of each club at the time of the final, to preserve that historic record)

Junior Football Championship

Additional Notes

Titles are consistently allocated to club units (not parishes). For temporary amalgamations, titles are allocated to the amalgamation and not assigned separately to the individual clubs within it. Where a new club is formed by two or more existing clubs uniting, the titles of the individual clubs prior to the union are kept separate from titles won by the new club unit.

The Longford Slashers club was formed when the clubs of Longford Wanderers and Whiterock Slashers united in 1954. Any titles of Longford Slashers are kept separate from those of the older Longford Wanderers or Whiterock Slashers clubs. (📷 Source) (📑 Read More)

The Fr. Manning Gaels club was formed when the clubs of Éire Óg and Ballinamuck united in 1969. Any titles of Fr. Manning Gaels are kept separate from those of the older Drumlish or Ballinamuck clubs. (📷 Source) (📑 Read More)

The Ardagh Moydow club was formed when the clubs of Ardagh St. Patricks and Moydow Harpers united in 2019. Any titles of Ardagh Moydow are kept separate from those of the older Ardagh St. Patricks or Moydow Harpers clubs. (📷 Source) (📑 Read More)

Edgeworthstown (previously named Edgeworthstown Volunteers and later renamed Edgeworthstown Young Irelands) was a separate and earlier club in the parish to the current Mostrim club which was formed in the late 1930’s. Hence titles won by Edgeworthstown and titles won by Mostrim are kept separate. (📑 Read More)

Other sites or publications may display some of these title allocations differently, and that is their prerogative. On this website we aim to consistently allocate titles to club units and delineate, for historical accuracy, between newly formed clubs and previous club units.

Further details on title allocation logic used on this website can be found here.

The following changes to JFC titles resulted from research carried out from 2014 to 2021.

Was: Granard
Now: Ardagh St. Patricks

Was: Granard
Now: Clonguish

Was: Killoe Young Emmets
Now: Mostrim (awarded)

Was: Cashel
Now: Longford Wanderers

Was: No Competition
Now: Dromard

1927 is a change point where a knockout Championship was first held alongside an existing league-based competition. League competition in Junior dates back to 1917 while knockout Championship competition starts in 1927 which is why the first JFC winner is recorded in 1927 on this website, which is entirely consistent with all official JFC records prior to our research.

In December 1916 a board overseeing Junior competition was announced in local media. Records show that this Junior competition was run on a League basis from August 1917, in a structure identical to Senior League-Championship competition of the time. Longford beat Carra Gaels 0-6 to 0-2 to win the first Junior League-Championship in 1917, though it is impossible to tell from the match reports and reports around it, which specific Longford club this was. The 1918 Junior League-Championship was won by Clonguish who beat Mullinalaghta 1-1 to 0-2 in the final on June 8th 1919. The 1919 Junior League-Championship saw Edgeworthstown beat Ballinamuck 98’s by 1-3 to 0-5 in the decider, played in January 1920, but following an objection the game was replayed in March 1920 with Ballinamuck 98’s winning by 1-2 to 1-1. The 1920 Junior League-Championship was awarded to St. Mel’s College over Ballymore. No further Junior League-Championship titles are found until 1924 when Longford Rovers beat Clondra 2-2 to 0-1 in the final played in September 1925. Drumlish won the 1925 Junior League-Championship by finishing top of the table that year. There was no competition in 1926 and the Junior League-Championship then continued as the Junior League from 1927 onward, while a new knockout Junior Championship competition started in addition to the League from 1927.

Junior ‘League-Championship’ Winners (1917 to 1926):

Mullinalaghta were previously credited as the first winners of the Junior Championship in 1924 in records published before 2014. However no published evidence could be found to support that claim, with all of the evidence pointing instead to the first knockout Junior Championship taking place in 1927 and the current Junior League being the continuation of the old Junior League-Championship competition. For record purposes any Junior titles won from 1917 to 1926 as ‘League-Championship’ are not merged with Junior Championship titles from 1927 onward. This is consistent with all research prior to our research work.

The names of all winners and finalists are displayed in the roll of honour in line with the name used by those clubs at the time of that final, to preserve that historic record.

The following name clarifications apply to JFC finalists down the years.

  • Newtowncashel St. Ciaráns club name was later shortened to Cashel.
  • United Gaels (1947) was a combination of St. Marys Granard and Abbeylara.
  • Edgeworthstown Volunteers became Edgeworthstown in 1910’s and added ‘Young Irelands’ in 1930.
  • The current Mostrim club is separate and distinct from the earlier Edgeworthstown club mentioned above.
  • Forgney added St. Munis to their name in 1936. The St. Munis club is no longer active.
  • Shroid Slashers was formed in 1958 and ceased participation in active competition in the 2010’s.
  • Clonbroney club adopted the Seán Connollys name in 1928 and it appeared in print from 1935.
  • Ballinamuck 98’s was mostly referred to as Ballinamuck (no 98’s) from 1933-1949 and 1967-1969.
  • Fr. Manning Gaels was formed in 1969 when Éire Óg (Drumlish) & Ballinamuck clubs united. (📷 Source)
  • Ardagh Moydow was formed in 2019 when Ardagh St. Patricks & Moydow Harpers clubs united. (📷 Source)
  • Longford Slashers was formed in 1954 when Longford Wanderers & Whiterock Slashers clubs united. (📷 Source)

This content was researched & compiled independently from 2014 to 2022.
Please cite this website if quoting or using this material elsewhere.