Longford Gaelic Stats
National Hurling League (1982-2022)

National Hurling League

Longford’s first game in the National Hurling League (NHL) was against Leitrim in Pearse Park on May 2nd 1982. The game ended Longford 8-4, Leitrim 1-1. Appropriately Longford’s first ever score in NHL came from the Hurling Board Chairman John Collins, who opened the scoring with a goal and bagged a total of 3-1 in the game! The Longford team that day was… Frank Nealon, Terry Hynes, Donal O’Grady, Martin Jennings, Paddy McMahon, Seán Stakelum, Tim Glynn, Bob Connerton, Paul Kennedy, Anthony Jordan, Mick Carroll, Eddie O’Reilly, John Collins, Seamus Knox, Mick Lane. Subs: Joe O’Brien, Val Kirwan and Liam McLoughlin. Scorers on the day were… John Collins (3-1), Eddie O’Reilly (2-2), Seamus Knox (2-1) and Mick Lane (1-0).

Longford hurlers played 230 NHL games up to end of 2022. Won 106 (46%), Drew 15 (7%), Lost 109 (47%).

Won 46% of NHL Games
Lost 47% of NHL Games
Drew 7% of NHL Games

Longford won a NHL Division title 6 times… 1984 (Division 4), 1988 (Division 4), 2002 (Division 3), 2013 (Division 3B), 2017 (Division 3B) and 2019 (Division 3B). Longford were promoted 6 times (1984, 1988, 2002, 2013, 2017 and 2019) and relegated 9 times (1985, 1989, 1993, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2014, 2018 and 2021). From 1982 to 2022, Longford’s longest losing streak in the NHL was nine games, stretching from Round 1 of Division 3 in 1989 until the streak was broken in Round 3 of Division 4 in 1990. The longest winning run in this period was five games during the 1984 season.

Longford hurlers played in Divisions 3 (including 3A & 3B) and Division 4 between 1982 and 2022. The league format was revamped a number of times over the years, including in 1998, and in the early 2000’s when the divisions were broken into two sections (A & B) with the two top 2 teams in A and B moving to ‘Group 1’ competition to play for the Division title, while bottom two teams in A & B played for the losers Shield.

SeasonNHL DivisionPlayedLD WonLD DrewLD LostOutcome
2022Division 3B6402
2021Division 3A4013Relegated ▼
2020Division 3A5212
2019Division 3B5401Promoted ▲
2018Division 3A5005Relegated ▼
2017Division 3B5401Promoted ▲
2016Division 3B4202
2015Division 3B4301
2014Division 3A5104Relegated ▼
2013Division 3B4310Promoted ▲
2012Division 3B3003
2011Division 45203
2010Division 46402
2009Division 3B6006Relegated ▼
2008Division 34103
2007Division 3B6402
2006Division 3B7502
2005Division 3A7322Relegated ▼
2004Division 3A6033
2003Division 2B6006Relegated ▼
2002Division 37601Promoted ▲
2001Division 37313
2000Division 39711
1999Division 37205
1998Division 36402
1997Division 47304
1996Division 46303
1995Division 46303
1994Division 47412
1993Division 3B5014Relegated ▼
1992Division 3B5104
1991Division 47421
1990Division 47304
1989Division 37007Relegated ▼
1988Division 46510Promoted ▲
1987Division 44202
1986Division 45302
1985Division 36006Relegated ▼
1984Division 45500Promoted ▲
1983Division 44301
1982Division 34301
National Hurling League (1982-2022)

League Opponents

Longford hurlers played 18 Irish Counties plus London, Lancashire Warwickshire, South Down and Fingal in NHL over the years. Longford never encountered 13 counties in NHL including Westmeath, Offaly, Dublin, Laois, Kilkenny, Wexford, Galway, Cork, Waterford, Clare, Limerick, Tipperary & Antrim. Longford’s top 3 most regular opposition in NHL has been Leitrim (27), Sligo (25) and Donegal (24). Longford failed to field twice over the years… vs Donegal in 1999 and vs Fermanagh in 2012.

The 2001 NHL stopped for a month after Round 2 due to the Foot & Mouth crisis. Upon resumption, Tyrone were unable to travel due to restrictions in the North, hence the Longford v Tyrone game was never played. The 2020 NFL Division 3A should have included Warwickshire, but they could not compete due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Longford's NHL Opposition (1982-2022)PlayedLD WonLD DrewLD Lost
South Down2101
National Hurling League (1982-2022)

All League Results

2022Division 3BRound 1Longford 0-11Fermanagh 1-10Lost ❌
2022Division 3BRound 2Longford 1-26Lancashire 3-11Win ✔️
2022Division 3BRound 3Longford 1-15Leitrim 1-14Win ✔️
2022Division 3BRound 4Longford 2-14Cavan 0-09Win ✔️
2022Division 3BSemi FinalLongford 1-26Leitrim 2-13Win ✔️
2022Division 3BFinalLongford 1-17Fermanagh 2-18Lost ❌
2021Division 3ARound 1Longford 0-15Armagh 2-21Lost ❌
2021Division 3ARound 2Longford 2-22Tyrone 2-22Drew ➖
2021Division 3ARound 3Longford 2-19Sligo 5-23Lost ❌
2021Division 3ARound 4Longford 3-13Monaghan 1-20Lost ❌
2020Division 3ARound 1Longford 2-16Monaghan 0-18Win ✔️
2020Division 3ARound 2Longford 1-15Louth 1-10Win ✔️
2020Division 3ARound 3Longford 0-09Armagh 0-09Drew ➖
2020Division 3ARound 4Longford 1-15Tyrone 0-23Lost ❌
2020Division 3ARound 5Longford 0-13Donegal 0-19Lost ❌
2019Division 3BRound 1Longford 1-16Fermanagh 2-07Win ✔️
2019Division 3BRound 2Longford 2-18Leitrim 0-16Win ✔️
2019Division 3BRound 3Longford 3-10Cavan 0-13Win ✔️
2019Division 3BRound 4Longford 0-03Sligo 3-16Lost ❌
2019Division 3BFinalLongford 2-15Sligo 3-10Win ✔️
2018Division 3ARound 1Longford 0-12Monaghan 0-16Lost ❌
2018Division 3ARound 2Longford 0-11Warwickshire 1-14Lost ❌
2018Division 3ARound 3Longford 1-10Roscommon 1-25Lost ❌
2018Division 3ARound 4Longford 5-07Louth 4-17Lost ❌
2018Division 3ARound 5Longford 1-14Tyrone 2-21Lost ❌
2017Division 3BRound 1Longford 2-13Fermanagh 0-07Win ✔️
2017Division 3BRound 2Longford 2-19Leitrim 3-13Win ✔️
2017Division 3BRound 3Longford 2-18Warwickshire 2-12Win ✔️
2017Division 3BRound 4Longford 1-14Sligo 3-17Lost ❌
2017Division 3BFinalLongford 4-19Warwickshire 3-20Win ✔️
2016Division 3BRound 1Longford 3-12Leitrim 0-13Win ✔️
2016Division 3BRound 2Longford 3-13Fermanagh 3-17Lost ❌
2016Division 3BRound 3Longford 5-21Sligo 5-13Win ✔️
2016Division 3BFinalLongford 3-08Fermanagh 2-13Lost ❌
2015Division 3BRound 1Longford 1-17Leitrim 0-10Win ✔️
2015Division 3BRound 2Longford 2-16Warwickshire 2-11Win ✔️
2015Division 3BRound 3Longford 4-20Sligo 0-09Win ✔️
2015Division 3BFinalLongford 2-10Warwickshire 1-15Lost ❌
2014Division 3ARound 1Longford 3-11Monaghan 2-13Win ✔️
2014Division 3ARound 2Longford 3-09Donegal 1-20Lost ❌
2014Division 3ARound 3Longford 0-13Fermanagh 2-08Lost ❌
2014Division 3ARound 4Longford 1-10Louth 3-11Lost ❌
2014Division 3ARound 5Longford 0-10Roscommon 3-14Lost ❌
2013Division 3BRound 1Longford 0-16Leitrim 1-13Drew ➖
2013Division 3BRound 2Longford 2-18Warwickshire 1-15Win ✔️
2013Division 3BRound 3Longford 4-13Sligo 1-04Win ✔️
2013Division 3BFinalLongford 1-08Sligo 0-09Win ✔️
2012Division 3BRound 1Longford 1-08Leitrim 2-21Lost ❌
2012Division 3BRound 2Longford 0-05Warwickshire 8-19Lost ❌
2012Division 3BRound 3Longford scrFermanagh W/OLost ❌
2011Division 4Round 1Longford 1-10South Down 2-17Lost ❌
2011Division 4Round 2Longford 1-07Fermanagh 2-14Lost ❌
2011Division 4Round 3Longford 2-15Leitrim 3-08Win ✔️
2011Division 4Round 4Longford 6-23Cavan 1-01Win ✔️
2011Division 4Round 5Longford 1-08Tyrone 4-26Lost ❌
2010Division 4Round 1Longford 1-11Cavan 1-09Win ✔️
2010Division 4Round 2Longford 2-14South Down 1-14Win ✔️
2010Division 4Round 3Longford 1-12Monaghan 2-13Lost ❌
2010Division 4Round 4Longford 3-21Leitrim 1-09Win ✔️
2010Division 4Round 5Longford 4-11Fermanagh 1-15Win ✔️
2010Division 4FinalLongford 1-10Monaghan 1-18Lost ❌
2009Division 3BRound 1Longford 1-07Roscommon 4-21Lost ❌
2009Division 3BRound 2Longford 1-09Tyrone 0-13Lost ❌
2009Division 3BRound 3Longford 3-11Donegal 1-19Lost ❌
2009Division 3BRound 4Longford 1-08Louth 3-18Lost ❌
2009Division 3BRound 5Longford 1-12Fingal 2-18Lost ❌
2009Division 3BRound 6Longford 1-05London 7-25Lost ❌
2008Division 3Round 1Longford 4-19Sligo 2-03Win ✔️
2008Division 3Round 2Longford 2-08Tyrone 1-12Lost ❌
2008Division 3Round 3Longford 0-13Donegal 0-16Lost ❌
2008Division 3Round 4Longford 1-10Louth 4-08Lost ❌
2007Division 3BRound 1Longford 4-12Cavan 1-09Win ✔️
2007Division 3BRound 2Longford 2-07Roscommon 1-15Lost ❌
2007Division 3BRound 3Longford 0-20Fermanagh 0-11Win ✔️
2007Division 3BRound 4Longford 2-10Tyrone 1-10Win ✔️
2007Division 3Quarter FinalLongford 1-16Donegal 0-13Win ✔️
2007Division 3Semi FinalLongford 1-11Sligo 2-10Lost ❌
2006Division 3BRound 1Longford 3-14Cavan 0-06Win ✔️
2006Division 3BRound 2Longford 1-12Armagh 3-11Lost ❌
2006Division 3BRound 3Longford 3-10Fermanagh 0-10Win ✔️
2006Division 3BRound 4Longford 0-09Tyrone 0-08Win ✔️
2006Division 3Quarter FinalLongford 5-19Monaghan 1-03Win ✔️
2006Division 3Semi FinalLongford 0-13Donegal 1-09Win ✔️
2006Division 3FinalLongford 1-11Armagh 3-10Lost ❌
2005Division 3ARound 1Longford 2-09Leitrim 1-11Win ✔️
2005Division 3ARound 2Longford 2-07Mayo 2-11Lost ❌
2005Division 3ARound 3Longford 3-12Donegal 1-18Drew ➖
2005Division 3ARound 4Longford 1-10Armagh 2-10Lost ❌
2005Division 3Group 2Longford 1-12Fermanagh 3-09Drew ➖
2005Division 3Group 2Longford 1-17Cavan 0-03Win ✔️
2005Division 3Shield FinalLongford 0-15Fermanagh 1-05Win ✔️
2004Division 3ARound 1Longford 1-13Leitrim 2-10Drew ➖
2004Division 3ARound 2Longford 0-05Sligo 1-10Lost ❌
2004Division 3ARound 3Longford 0-09Donegal 1-06Drew ➖
2004Division 3ARound 4Longford 1-04Armagh 3-16Lost ❌
2004Division 3Group 2Longford 4-06Monaghan 2-12Drew ➖
2004Division 3Group 2Longford 2-07Cavan 1-11Lost ❌
2003Division 2BRound 1Longford 1-07Kerry 0-21Lost ❌
2003Division 2BRound 2Longford 1-09Carlow 2-19Lost ❌
2003Division 2BRound 3Longford 1-12Meath 4-16Lost ❌
2003Division 2BRound 4Longford 1-13Wicklow 3-17Lost ❌
2003Division 2Group 2Longford 0-08Roscommon 3-20Lost ❌
2003Division 2Group 2Longford 3-05Kildare 8-16Lost ❌
2002Division 3Round 1Longford 2-22Fermanagh 1-05Win ✔️
2002Division 3Round 2Longford 1-11Donegal 0-10Win ✔️
2002Division 3Round 3Longford 2-10Armagh 1-11Win ✔️
2002Division 3Round 4Longford 3-13Sligo 2-07Win ✔️
2002Division 3Round 5Longford 0-12Louth 0-14Lost ❌
2002Division 3Semi FinalLongford 3-13Donegal 2-05Win ✔️
2002Division 3FinalLongford 1-12Louth 0-12Win ✔️
2001Division 3Round 1Longford 3-14Fermanagh 2-06Win ✔️
2001Division 3Round 2Longford 1-13Monaghan 0-11Win ✔️
2001Division 3Round 3Longford 8-16Cavan 0-10Win ✔️
2001Division 3Round 4Longford 1-09Sligo 3-11Lost ❌
2001Division 3Round 5Longford 0-00Tyrone 0-00N-A
2001Division 3Round 6Longford 3-10Donegal 5-13Lost ❌
2001Division 3Round 7Longford 2-10Mayo 2-10Drew ➖
2001Division 3Round 8Longford 1-11Leitrim 0-16Lost ❌
2000Division 3Round 1Longford 3-14Fermanagh 1-04Win ✔️
2000Division 3Round 2Longford 3-05Monaghan 2-05Win ✔️
2000Division 3Round 3Longford 4-12Sligo 2-16Win ✔️
2000Division 3Round 4Longford 2-11Louth 2-11Drew ➖
2000Division 3Round 5Longford 3-15Donegal 2-16Win ✔️
2000Division 3Round 6Longford 1-11Cavan 0-07Win ✔️
2000Division 3Round 7Longford 2-17Mayo 1-16Win ✔️
2000Division 3Round 8Longford 2-16Leitrim 1-09Win ✔️
2000Division 3FinalLongford 1-11Louth 0-16Lost ❌
1999Division 3Round 1Longford 1-07Armagh 2-15Lost ❌
1999Division 3Round 2Longford 1-11Sligo 4-08Lost ❌
1999Division 3Round 3Longford 0-08Louth 7-10Lost ❌
1999Division 3Round 4Longford scrDonegal W/OLost ❌
1999Division 3Round 5Longford 3-05Cavan 0-03Win ✔️
1999Division 3Round 6Longford 0-06Mayo 3-18Lost ❌
1999Division 3Round 7Longford 4-07Leitrim 2-07Win ✔️
1998Division 3Round 1Longford 3-06Mayo 2-11Lost ❌
1998Division 3Round 2Longford 0-13Donegal 1-06Win ✔️
1998Division 3Round 3Longford 2-11Cavan 2-06Win ✔️
1998Division 3Round 4Longford 2-11Leitrim 0-05Win ✔️
1998Division 3Round 5Longford 3-13Sligo 1-07Win ✔️
1998Division 3Round 6Longford 0-08Fermanagh 1-11Lost ❌
1997Division 4Round 1Longford 1-07Sligo 2-08Lost ❌
1997Division 4Round 2Longford 2-10Cavan 1-05Win ✔️
1997Division 4Round 3Longford 3-04Mayo 0-06Win ✔️
1997Division 4Round 4Longford 1-08Fermanagh 2-11Lost ❌
1997Division 4Round 5Longford 0-07Leitrim 0-05Win ✔️
1997Division 4Round 6Longford 0-04Monaghan 4-14Lost ❌
1997Division 4Round 7Longford 0-05Tyrone 2-13Lost ❌
1996Division 4Round 1Longford 2-15Sligo 2-10Win ✔️
1996Division 4Round 2Longford 2-08Mayo 1-11Win ✔️
1996Division 4Round 3Longford 0-02Donegal 2-13Lost ❌
1996Division 4Round 4Longford 2-08Leitrim 0-03Win ✔️
1996Division 4Round 5Longford 1-09Monaghan 2-09Lost ❌
1996Division 4Round 6Longford 0-12Tyrone 4-14Lost ❌
1995Division 4Round 1Longford 2-05Sligo 1-05Win ✔️
1995Division 4Round 2Longford 0-06Fermanagh 2-10Lost ❌
1995Division 4Round 3Longford 1-09Donegal 0-09Win ✔️
1995Division 4Round 4Longford 3-05Mayo 1-03Win ✔️
1995Division 4Round 5Longford 1-07Leitrim 1-04Lost ❌
1995Division 4Round 6Longford 0-06Tyrone 2-05Lost ❌
1994Division 4Round 1Longford 3-12Sligo 0-06Win ✔️
1994Division 4Round 2Longford 1-08Fermanagh 1-08Drew ➖
1994Division 4Round 3Longford 4-06Donegal 1-06Win ✔️
1994Division 4Round 4Longford 3-11Cavan 0-04Win ✔️
1994Division 4Round 5Longford 3-03Louth 1-12Lost ❌
1994Division 4Round 6Longford 1-06Leitrim 0-07Win ✔️
1994Division 4Round 7Longford 1-09Tyrone 1-15Lost ❌
1993Division 3BRound 1Longford 0-11Mayo 2-11Lost ❌
1993Division 3BRound 2Longford 2-06Louth 3-12Lost ❌
1993Division 3BRound 3Longford 1-12Monaghan 6-18Lost ❌
1993Division 3BRound 4Longford 3-01Donegal 1-07Drew ➖
1993Division 3BRound 5Longford 2-08Tyrone 3-14Lost ❌
1992Division 3BRound 1Longford 2-05Mayo 1-10Lost ❌
1992Division 3BRound 2Longford 0-11Louth 2-02Win ✔️
1992Division 3BRound 3Longford 2-03Monaghan 2-11Lost ❌
1992Division 3BRound 4Longford 1-03Donegal 2-12Lost ❌
1992Division 3BRound 5Longford 0-05Tyrone 2-07Lost ❌
1991Division 4Round 1Longford 3-14Donegal 2-06Win ✔️
1991Division 4Round 2Longford 1-09Louth 1-02Win ✔️
1991Division 4Round 3Longford 2-09Cavan 1-08Win ✔️
1991Division 4Round 4Longford 1-09Fermanagh 1-09Drew ➖
1991Division 4Round 5Longford 2-14Leitrim 0-06Win ✔️
1991Division 4Round 6Longford 1-06Tyrone 0-09Drew ➖
1991Division 4Round 7Longford 1-05Mayo 4-06Lost ❌
1990Division 4Round 1Longford 0-06Louth 3-05Lost ❌
1990Division 4Round 2Longford 0-03Donegal 5-05Lost ❌
1990Division 4Round 3Longford 4-07Fermanagh 1-13Win ✔️
1990Division 4Round 4Longford 2-04Tyrone 4-05Lost ❌
1990Division 4Round 5Longford 3-08Leitrim 2-10Win ✔️
1990Division 4Round 6Longford 0-03Sligo 1-06Lost ❌
1990Division 4Round 7Longford 5-05Cavan 2-11Win ✔️
1989Division 3Round 1Longford 1-05Carlow 3-13Lost ❌
1989Division 3Round 2Longford 1-05Roscommon 0-16Lost ❌
1989Division 3Round 3Longford 0-02Down 5-19Lost ❌
1989Division 3Round 4Longford 1-04Wicklow 2-14Lost ❌
1989Division 3Round 5Longford 2-12Mayo 4-12Lost ❌
1989Division 3Round 6Longford 1-04Kildare 1-13Lost ❌
1989Division 3Round 7Longford 2-03Armagh 3-03Lost ❌
1988Division 4Round 1Longford 8-13Cavan 2-11Win ✔️
1988Division 4Round 2Longford 3-13Louth 2-10Win ✔️
1988Division 4Round 3Longford 2-18Monaghan 2-13Win ✔️
1988Division 4Semi FinalLongford 2-11Sligo 2-06Win ✔️
1988Division 4FinalLongford 5-09Monaghan 3-15Drew ➖
1988Division 4Final ReplayLongford 2-09Monaghan 2-07Win ✔️
1987Division 4Round 1Longford 2-08Cavan 1-08Win ✔️
1987Division 4Round 2Longford 2-06Louth 2-03Win ✔️
1987Division 4Round 3Longford 2-02Tyrone 6-06Lost ❌
1987Division 4Semi FinalLongford 0-05Leitrim 0-11Lost ❌
1986Division 4Round 1Longford 3-03Monaghan 5-09Lost ❌
1986Division 4Round 2Longford 5-05Cavan 2-05Win ✔️
1986Division 4Round 3Longford 1-11Tyrone 1-10Win ✔️
1986Division 4Semi FinalLongford 6-10Leitrim 2-06Win ✔️
1986Division 4FinalLongford 2-07Monaghan 5-05Lost ❌
1985Division 3Round 1Longford 3-07Wicklow 3-14Lost ❌
1985Division 3Round 2Longford 1-02Meath 2-13Lost ❌
1985Division 3Round 3Longford 2-06Derry 2-08Lost ❌
1985Division 3Round 4Longford 1-14Mayo 2-11Lost ❌
1985Division 3Round5Longford 3-01Armagh 2-06Lost ❌
1985Division 4RelegationLongford 1-03Mayo 3-14Lost ❌
1984Division 4Round 1Longford 3-14Leitrim 0-05Win ✔️
1984Division 4Round 2Longford 3-13Donegal 2-10Win ✔️
1984Division 4Round 3Longford 1-15Sligo 0-05Win ✔️
1984Division 4Semi FinalLongford 2-14Monaghan 0-08Win ✔️
1984Division 4FinalLongford 3-11Louth 1-10Win ✔️
1983Division 4Round 1Longford 3-09Leitrim 2-09Win ✔️
1983Division 4Round 2Longford 2-13Donegal 1-09Win ✔️
1983Division 4Round 3Longford 6-06Sligo 3-07Win ✔️
1983Division 4Semi FinalLongford 0-03Cavan 3-13Lost ❌
1982Division 3Round 1Longford 8-04Leitrim 1-01Win ✔️
1982Division 3Round 2Longford 3-12Donegal 4-05Win ✔️
1982Division 3Round 3Longford 7-06Sligo 1-04Win ✔️
1982Division 3Semi FinalLongford 1-10Monaghan 2-08Lost ❌

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