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Longford Gaelic Stats is an independent digital archive capturing 135 years of Longford Gaelic Games records and stats, researched over 10 years by a volunteer team. Our research prioritised primary sources and contemporaneous reports over secondary sources or accounts that retell, analyse, or interpret events at a distance of time or place. This website is not affiliated with any organisation and all research was conducted independently, voluntarily and without fear or favour. Club football research was undertaken from 2014 to 2021 with the support of Coiste Chontae an Longfort. In 2022 that research was re-located to this website and expanded to include County Football, County Hurling, Ladies Football (County/Club), Club Hurling and Handball. This web archive includes the first research of Longford Ladies titles (county & club), Longford Club Hurling titles and Longford Handball records as well as the first research into club names in Longford and the first complete record of SFC final referees and Fr. Manning Cup & Hastings Cup finals & winners.

This archive contains a large quantity of records researched from a range of sources over 10 years. If you spot any errors or missing records please get in touch via the link below and our team will happily review your query and supporting material. Change requests without supporting material will not be advanced. Please note the following regarding this website and the content displayed on it:

  • This archive was researched independently and is not affiliated with any organisation or sporting body.
  • Research prioritised primary sources over any secondary sources that retell, analyse, or interpret events.
  • Club titles are allocated to club units, not parishes. If clubs merge to form a new club, old titles are kept separate.
  • Request for changes or corrections or additions to content within this archive must come with supporting material.
  • Unprofessional or discourteous input or demands made to the research team regarding archive content will be ignored.
  • The final decision on all displayed content, layout & design rests solely with the research team, not with any third party.
  • Digital illustrations of Players, Cups, Jerseys, Maps & Teams are strictly proprietary & cannot be used without permission.

Research Team

  • Paul Devaney

    Research Team

    Focus:County | Hurling | LGFA | Handball Based:London Profession:Aviation

    Paul lives and works in London where he works in the aviation industry. Paul is a former player and official with the Killoe club and twice winner of the Minor Clubperson of the Year award. Paul developed the Killoe GAA website (MacNamee & Leinster GAA award winner) and provided pro bono website support to Longford GAA from 2014 to 2021. In his spare time he is an amateur mountaineer and has climbed six of the worlds 'Seven Summits', including two attempts on Everest.

  • Colm Devaney

    Research Team

    Focus:GAA Club Football Based:Dublin Profession:Financial Services

    Colm lives and works in Dublin and is a former player with the Killoe club, winning Leader Cup (Senior Football League) and ACFL Division 1 titles with Killoe Young Emmets in 2005 & 2010. His focus here has been on the research and accuracy of GAA Club titles in Longford. The quality of GAA Club records on this website is thanks to Colm's painstaking research work at the National Archives, in various libraries and online via digital and published sources.

  • John Devaney

    Research Team

    Focus:GAA Club Football Based:Co. Down Profession:Civil Service

    John lives and works in Co. Down. He is the current Chairperson of Down GAA having previously served as Chairperson of Queens GAA and Chair of Higher Education GAA Council, as well as serving on Ulster Council Management Committee and Central Council of the GAA. John was a former club official and Minor Clubperson of the Year winner with the Killoe club.

Sources / References

The following publications were assessed as part of our research.

Newspaper Archives:

Irish Independent
Irish Examiner
Longford Leader
Longford Journal
Longford News
Roscommon Herald
Roscommon Journal
Roscommon Messenger
Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette
Westmeath Examiner
Westmeath Independent
Westmeath Journal
Leitrim Observer
Leitrim Advertiser
Cavan Observer
Anglo Celt
Irish Newspaper Archive (online)
British Newspaper Archive (online)

Published Rolls of Honour:

1933 – Longford Leader (SFC/SHC/JFC/JFL)
1942 – Longford Leader (SFC)
1944 – Longford Leader (SFC/SHC/SFL/MFC)
1963 – Longford Leader (All winners for 1963)
1965 – Longford Leader (SFC)
1972 – Longford Leader (All winners for 1972)
1975 – Longford Leader (All winners for 1974)
1977 – Longford Leader (SFC)
1977 – Longford Leader (All winners for 1977)
1981 – Longford GAA Yearbook 1980/81
1982 – Longford Leader (Past SHC winners)
1983 – County Final Match Programme (SFC)
1984 – Longford Leader (SFC/IFC/JFC)
1985 – Longford Leader (SFC/IFC)
1985 – Longford Leader (JFC)
1987 – Comoradh an Cheid: C.L.C.G. Chontae Longfoirt
1987 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/IFC)
1988 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/IFC)
1989 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/IFC)
1992 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
1993 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/U16)
1993 – Longford Leader (SFC)
1994 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
1995 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
1996 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
1997 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
1998 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
1999 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
2000 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
2001 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
2002 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/SHC/U16)
2003 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/U16)
2006 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
2007 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
2009 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/IFC/MFC)
2010 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
2011 – Longford Leader (Leader Cup)
2012 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
2013 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
2014 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/SHC)
2015 – County Final Match Programmes (SFC/JFC/MFC)
2016 – County Final Match Programmes (SFC/IFC)
2017 – County Final Match Programme (SFC)
2018 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/MFC)
2019 – County Final Match Programme (SFC)
2020 – County Final Match Programmes (SFC/SHC/IFC/MFC)
2021 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/IFC/JFC)
2022 – County Final Match Programme (SFC/IFC)

SFC Final Match Programmes:

1979, 1983, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

Published Books & Booklets:

GAA Annual: 1907-8, 1908-9, 1910-11, 1927, 1932-3, 1934-5, 1936-7, 1938-9, 1957.
Official GAA
Booklets | 1908-1957

Twenty Years of the GAA
O’Neill, Phil
Book | 1930

Official Opening of James McGann Memorial Park (Kenagh)
Club Souvenir Booklet
Booklet | 1978

The Life and Times of Fr. Seán Manning
Guckian, Des
Book | 1979

Longford G.A.A. Yearbook 1979
Longford County Board
Booklet | 1979

Longford G.A.A. Yearbook 1981
Longford County Board
Booklet | 1981

Killoe: History of a County Longford Parish
Devaney, Owen
Book | 1981

Gaelic Games in Leinster 1900-1984
Comhairle Laighean C.L.G (M. de Búrca)
Booklet | 1984

The Story of Granard G.A.A.: 1884-1984
O Scannlain, Padraig
Book | 1984

Clonguish G.A.A.: Official Opening of Park & Complex
Clarke, Mel
Booklet | 1984

Official opening of Michael Moran Memorial Park
Carrickedmond GAA
Booklet | 1986

Comoradh an Cheid: C.L.C.G. Chontae Longfoirt: 1887-1987
O Corcora, Seán
Book | 1987

Granard – It’s History, Our Heritage
Burns, Joy / Grier, Bernadette
Book | 1987

Rathcline – Pathways to the Past
Cahill, Seán / Casey, Jimmy
Book | 1995

St. Mel’s of Longford – A History (1865-1990)
McGee, Eugene
Book | 1996

Comhairle Laigheann 1900-2000 Cead Bliain de Chluichi Gaelacha
Ryall, Tom
Book | 2000

From the Well of St. Patrick: Dromard Parish, Co. Longford
MacNerney, James P.
Book | 2000

The GAA Book of Lists
Corry, Eoghan
Book | 2005

Longford GAA – A History: 1980-2005
Longford County Board
Book | 2005

The Gaelic Athletic Association (1884-2009)
Cronon, Murphy & Rouse
Book | 2009

The Complete Handbook of Gaelic Games (1887-2009) – 5th Edition
Donegan, Des
Book | 2009

The Granard GAA Story: 125 Years
Finnan, Seamus
Book | 2013

Killoe Emmet Óg: 125 Year Anniversary
Club Souvenir Booklet
Booklet | 2014

The Golden Years – Longford GAA 1965-’68
Fox, Mattie
Book | 2016

The Pocket Book of the GAA
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Book | 2016

The Laois GAA Records Bible (1888-2016)
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St. Mels College – Selected Memories
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Book | 2017

Drumlish & Ballinamuck: Heritage & History 
Murphy, Seán
Book | 2019

The Complete Handbook of Gaelic Games (1887-2021)
DBA Publishers
Book | 2021

The Life and Times of Longford Leader founder JP Farrell
Marie Coleman
Article | 2022

Other Sources Assessed:

Ladies Gaelic Football Honours
🔗 Official LGFA Roll of Honour

GAA Oral History Project – 2011
🔗 Oral History – Longford

Leinster GAA – Archive
🔗 Leinster Archive

Gaelic Stats Website
🔗 Gaelic Stats Website

Gaelic Archives Website
🔗 Gaelic Archives Website

GAA Handball Honours
🔗 Handball Roll of Honour

Other Sources & Assistance:

👤 Assistance with County SFC/NFL – Padraig Ferguson (Sligo)
👤 Assistance with County Hurling – Leo McGough (Carlow)
👤 Assistance with General Stats – Eoin Culliton (Laois)
👤 Assistance with Cups Data – Tommy McLoughlin (Mostrim)
👤 Assistance with LGFA Data – Mary Kiernan (Ballymore)
👤 Assistance with Masters Data – Frank Noonan (Drumlish/Louth)
👤 Assistance with Convention Reports – Longford County Board

Others have provided inputs and corrections which we greatly appreciate.

This content was researched & compiled independently from 2014 to 2023.
Please cite this website if quoting or using this material elsewhere.