Longford Gaelic Stats
Leinster Football Championship (1980-2022)

Leinster U21/U20 Record

Longford has competed in Leinster U21/U20 Football Championship since its inception in 1964, and by the end of the 2022 season had reached the Leinster Championship final seven times (1966, 1981, 1982, 2003, 2006, 2011, 2013) but has never won the title, and has never competed in the All-Ireland U21/U20 Football Championship. Longford is one of only four counties never to win the Leinster U21/U20 title (others are Wicklow, Carlow and Kilkenny) and Longford holds the record for most appearances in the Leinster Final without winning the title. The competition changed from U21 to U20 grade ahead of the 2018 season.

These stats focus on Longford in U21/U20 Football Championship from 1980 to 2022.

Won 39% of Leinster Championship Games (1980-2022)
Lost 57% of Leinster Championship Games (1980-2022)
Drew 4% of Leinster Championship Games (1980-2022)

Longford played 77 games in Leinster U21/U20 Football Championship from 1980 to 2022, Won 30 (39%), Drew 3 (4%) and Lost 44 (57%). For the period from 1980 to 2022, Longford’s most frequent opponent was Dublin (P17/W3/D1/L13). Next most frequent opponent was Westmeath (P11/W8/D0/L3) with Kildare the third most frequent opponent (P9/W4/D0/L5). Longford has played every other Leinster county in Leinster Football Championship since 1980, with most wins over Westmeath and most losses to Dublin during that period.

In terms of Leinster final appearances… In 1966 Longford was beaten by Kildare by 4-14 to 2-5. In 1981 Longford was beaten by Louth by 2-8 to 0-6. In 1982 Longford was beaten by Laois by 2-11 to 0-3. In 2003 Longford was beaten by Dublin by 3-13 to 1-6. In 2006 Longford was beaten by Laois by 0-9 to 0-7. In 2011 Longford was beaten by Wexford by 1-9 to 0-11. In 2013 Longford was beaten by Kildare by 1-12 to 0-12.

Longford's Opponents (1980-2022)PlayedLD WonLD DrewLD Lost
Leinster Football Championship (1980-2022)

Leinster U21/U20 Results

2022Leinster U-20Quarter FinalLongford (0-13)Meath (1-11)Loss ❌
2022Leinster U-20Round 1Longford (4-9)Wexford (1-7)Win ✔️
2021Leinster U-20Quarter FinalLongford (3-9)*Westmeath (2-12)*Loss ❌
2021Leinster U-20Round 1Longford (4-11)Louth (3-13)Win ✔️
2020Leinster U-20Round 1Longford (0-9)Dublin (3-9)Loss ❌
2019Leinster U-20Round 1Longford (0-7)Dublin (4-21)Loss ❌
2018Leinster U-20Semi FinalLongford (1-10)Westmeath (1-16)Loss ❌
2018Leinster U-20Quarter FinalLongford (2-9)Wexford (3-13)Loss ❌
2018Leinster U-20Round 1Longford (0-11)Dublin (2-21)Loss ❌
2017Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (0-9)Dublin (2-10)Loss ❌
2017Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (2-6)Kildare (0-10)Win ✔️
2016Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (2-5)Wexford (0-14)Loss ❌
2015Leinster U-21Semi FinalLongford (3-7)Dublin (2-15)Loss ❌
2015Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (1-17)Louth (1-4)Win ✔️
2015Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (4-13)Wicklow (1-5)Win ✔️
2014Leinster U-21Semi FinalLongford (0-6)Dublin (3-7)Loss ❌
2014Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (1-13)Laois (1-12)Win ✔️
2014Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-9)Westmeath (0-8)Win ✔️
2014Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-12)Westmeath (0-15)Win ✔️
2013Leinster U-21FinalLongford (0-12)Kildare (1-12)Loss ❌
2013Leinster U-21Semi FinalLongford (2-11)Wexford (1-13)Win ✔️
2013Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (1-6)Dublin (1-5)Win ✔️
2012Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-10)Louth (3-6)Loss ❌
2011Leinster U-21FinalLongford (0-11)Wexford (1-9)Loss ❌
2011Leinster U-21Semi FinalLongford (0-10)Westmeath (0-9)Win ✔️
2011Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (0-17)Meath (2-9)Win ✔️
2010Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-10)Wicklow (3-13)Loss ❌
2009Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (2-6)Wicklow (1-11)Loss ❌
2008Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-9)Carlow (1-7)Loss ❌
2007Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-6)Offaly (1-8)Loss ❌
2006Leinster U-21FinalLongford (0-7)Laois (0-9)Loss ❌
2006Leinster U-21Semi FinalLongford (2-6)Kildare (0-9)Win ✔️
2006Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (2-13)Carlow (1-4)Win ✔️
2006Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-11)Offaly (0-10)Win ✔️
2005Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (2-6)Dublin (1-11)Loss ❌
2005Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (2-12)Westmeath (1-13)Win ✔️
2004Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (0-10)Dublin (1-9)Loss ❌
2004Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-10)Wexford (0-9)Win ✔️
2003Leinster U-21FinalLongford (1-6)Dublin (3-13)Loss ❌
2003Leinster U-21Semi FinalLongford (0-13)Meath (1-8)Win ✔️
2003Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (1-10)Wexford(2-6)Win ✔️
2002Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-6)Dublin (0-13)Loss ❌
2001Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-5)Dublin (0-16)Win ✔️
2000Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (0-6)Meath (1-13)Loss ❌
1999Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-11)Dublin (1-10)Loss ❌
1999Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-9)Dublin (0-12)Draw ➖
1998Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (3-5)Laois (4-18)Loss ❌
1997Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-8)Westmeath (0-11)Loss ❌
1996Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-12)Kildare (0-16)Loss ❌
1995Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-3)Dublin (2-14)Loss ❌
1994Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-5)Kildare (1-16)Loss ❌
1993Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-1)Meath (2-13)Loss ❌
1992Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-7)Dublin (0-16)Loss ❌
1991Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (0-10)Offaly (2-10)Loss ❌
1991Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-8)Dublin (0-9)Win ✔️
1990Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (1-8)Offaly (2-7)Loss ❌
1990Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-5)Westmeath (0-6)Win ✔️
1989Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-4)Offaly (0-11)Loss ❌
1989Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-6)Offaly (1-3)Draw ➖
1988Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-4)Offaly (1-8)Loss ❌
1987Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-5)Wexford (2-12)Loss ❌
1986Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-4)Meath (1-11)Loss ❌
1986Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (2-4)Meath (1-7)Draw ➖
1985Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-7)Meath (4-10)Loss ❌
1984Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-8)Louth (0-14)Loss ❌
1983Leinster U-21Semi FinalLongford (1-9)Kildare (1-12)Loss ❌
1983Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (4-12)Kilkenny (0-3)Win ✔️
1983Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-7)Westmeath (0-3)Win ✔️
1982Leinster U-21FinalLongford (0-3)Laois (2-11)Loss ❌
1982Leinster U-21Semi FinalLongford (0-13)Kildare (1-9)Win ✔️
1982Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford 1-10Westmeath (0-6)Win ✔️
1981Leinster U-21FinalLongford (0-6)Louth (2-8)Loss ❌
1981Leinster U-21Semi FinalLongford (2-6)Kildare (1-8)Win ✔️
1981Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (2-6)Westmeath (1-5)Win ✔️
1981Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (1-10)Kilkenny (3-3)Win ✔️
1980Leinster U-21Quarter FinalLongford (0-6)Kildare (1-8)Loss ❌
1980Leinster U-21Round 1Longford (0-16)Wicklow (3-3)Win ✔️

* 2021 Leinster Quarter Final ended in a draw after extra time. Westmeath won 6-5 on penalties. 

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