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Féile na nGael

Féile na nGael is a national festival of Hurling and Camogie for Under 15 age group (changed from U-14 to U-15 in 2021). Féile na nGael was first held in 1971 in Tipperary. Camogie was added from 1974. National Féile na nGael is held annually and Longford’s first involvement was in 1971 when St. Mels (Fermoyle/Stonepark) were nominated to represent Longford at National Féile in Tipperary. The first Féile na nGael competition held in Longford took place in 1977, with Wolfe Tones the inaugural winners. The first to receive a cup for winning Longford Féile na nGael was Slashers St. Michaels in 1979 when they received the new Coca-Cola cup. Longford was one of the hosts for Féile na nGael 2018 with Longford Slashers played host to San Francisco and Letterkenny St. Eunans while Wolfe Tones played host to Clontibret (Monaghan).

Each year thousands of boys and girls from each of the 32 counties, along with teams from London and Warwickshire participate in Féile. Individual counties host local versions of Féile na nGael and the winner is then nominated to represent their county at the National Féile. Sometimes the runners-up in certain counties may also be invited to compete in the National Féile competition. In 2021 the pandemic caused a change to the format whereby 36 teams (8 Football, 8 Hurling, 8 LGFA, 8 Camogie) were invited to compete in Féile in Croke Park to celebrate 50 years of Féile. Longford Slashers had the honour of being selected to compete in Hurling at National Féile that year and won the Shield competition. Féile na nGael states that its primary objective is to facilitate and enable personal, social and cultural development among young people with emphasis on cultural and community activities, leadership and training through sport. It is recognised by the GAA as a major festival of great importance for the promotion of Hurling and Camogie. Féile na nGael has been sponsored by Coca Cola (up to 2012), Bus Eireann (2013 & 2015), Irish Pride (2015) and John West (since 2016). The Gaelic Football equivalent of Féile na nGael is Féile Peile na nÓg.

WonFéile na nGael WinnerYear Titles Won
21Longford Slashers1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2011, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022, 2023
15Wolfe Tones1977, 1980, 1983, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2006, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2024
6Clonguish Gaels1993, 1994, 1999, 2007, 2008, 2009
2Ballymahon/Cashel1991, 1992
1St. Mels (Fermoyle/Stonepark)*1971
1Longford Selection*1975
1St. Brendans (Stonepark)1984
1Southern Gaels2005

* Nominated to represent Longford at Féile na nGael.
– Féile grade changed from U-14 to U-15 from 2021.

Longford Féile na nGael

National Titles

Longford winners at National Féile na nGael are as follows:

1999 Division 4 Cup – Lough Forbes Gaels: (now Clonguish Gaels)
Beat Clongeen (Wexford) by 3-6 to 3-0 in Bellefield.

2018 Division 9 Cup – Longford Slashers:
Beat North Wicklow Gaels by 0-7 to 0-3 in Leitrim.

2019 Division 9 Cup – Longford Slashers:
Beat St Mark’s (Cork) by 3-3 to 1-1 in Cork.

2021 Shield Winner – Longford Slashers:
Beat Cluainín Iomáint (Leitrim) by 6-12 to 2-2 in Croke Park.

Note: Other finalists at National Féile include a Longford team selected from various clubs who reached the Division 4 Cup final in Cork in 1975 but lost out to St. Michaels Cork by 4-1 to 0-1, while Slashers Gaels (now Longford Slashers) reached the Division 4 Cup final in Waterford in 1996 but lost out to Killashandra by 2-1 to 1-0. It is also worth noting that Longford Slashers Camogie team won the Division 7 Cup at 2018 National Feile in Longford, beating Tara Rocks of Wexford by 2-3 to 0-3 to win the first Camogie Féile title by a Longford club.

Longford Féile na nGael

Roll of Honour

YearGradeLongford Féile WinnerNational Féile Host
2024U-15🏆 Wolfe TonesTBC
2023U-15🏆 Longford SlashersConnacht GAA
2022U-15🏆 Longford SlashersDublin
2021U-15🏆 Longford SlashersCroke Park
2020U-14No CompetitionNo Competition
2019U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesCork
2018U-14🏆 Longford SlashersConnacht/Westmeath/Longford
2017U-14🏆 Longford SlashersCarlow/Wexford/Kilkenny
2016U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesWaterford/Tipperary
2015U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesUlster GAA
2014U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesUlster GAA
2013U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesLimerick
2012U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesDublin
2011U-14🏆 Longford SlashersGalway
2010U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesClare
2009U-14🏆 Clonguish GaelsLaois/Offaly
2008U-14🏆 Clonguish GaelsLaois/Offaly
2007U-14🏆 Clonguish GaelsKilkenny
2006U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesCork
2005U-14🏆 Southern GaelsCork
2004U-14🏆 Longford SlashersMeath/Westmeath/Kildare
2003U-14🏆 Longford SlashersMeath/Westmeath/Kildare
2002U-14🏆 Longford SlashersAntrim
2001U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesCork
2000U-14🏆 Slashers GaelsAntrim
1999U-14🏆 Lough Forbes GaelsWexford
1998U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesWexford
1997U-14🏆 Slashers GaelsWaterford
1996U-14🏆 Slashers GaelsWaterford
1995U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesLimerick
1994U-14🏆 Lough Forbes GaelsLimerick
1993U-14🏆 Lough Forbes GaelsGalway
1992U-14🏆 Ballymahon/CashelGalway
1991U-14🏆 Ballymahon/CashelTipperary
1990U-14🏆 Slashers GaelsTipperary
1989U-14🏆 BallymahonLaois/Offaly
1988U-14🏆 Slashers GaelsLaois/Offaly
1987U-14🏆 Slashers GaelsClare
1986U-14🏆 Slashers GaelsClare
1985U-14🏆 Slashers GaelsWexford
1984U-14🏆 St. Brendans (Stonepark)Wexford
1983U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesDublin
1982U-14🏆 Slashers GaelsDublin
1981U-14🏆 Slashers St. MichaelsGalway
1980U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesGalway
1979U-14🏆 Slashers St. MichaelsKilkenny
1978U-14🏆 Slashers St. MichaelsKilkenny
1977U-14🏆 Wolfe TonesWaterford
1976U-14No CompetitionCork
1975U-14🏆 Longford Selection *Cork
1974U-14No CompetitionLimerick
1973U-14No CompetitionLimerick
1972U-14🏆 Fermoyle *Tipperary
1971U-14🏆 St. Mels (Fermoyle/Stonepark) *Tipperary

* Longford representative at Féile were nominated in 1971, 1972 & 1975. 

Longford Féile na nGael

Additional Notes

The following name clarifications apply to hurling finalists down the years.

  • Slashers St. Michaels was renamed Slashers Gaels from 1982.
  • Slashers Gaels was later renamed Longford Slashers from early 2000’s. 
  • Clonguish Gaels is the hurling section of the Clonguish GAA Club.
  • Wolfe Tones is the hurling section of the Mostrim GAA Club.
  • Lough Forbes Gaels was later renamed Clonguish Gaels from 2000. 
  • Southern Gaels was combined underage hurling club for Cashel & Killashee.
  • St. Annes (1970’s) and St. Brendans (1980’s) were names for Stonepark hurling club.
  • 1975 Longford Selection had players from Longford, Mostrim, Cashel, Lanesboro, Bunlahy, Drumlish, Killoe & Colmcille.
  • 1985 included Ballymahon, Lough Forbes Gaels, Wolfe Tones, Niamh Ciarán, Naomh Faithleachs, Cashel, Slashers Gaels and St. Brendans. 

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