Longford Gaelic Stats
Senior Hurling League

SHL Winners

WonClub / TeamYear Titles Won
6Longford Slashers1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 2001
2Wolfe Tones1991, 1992
1Carrick Hurling Club2000

– Carrick Hurling Club (Leitrim) won in 2000.
– Inaugural Senior Hurling League was held in 1986. 

Senior Hurling League

Roll of Honour

No Senior Hurling League held in Longford after 2002.

In 2003 Clonguish Gaels are recorded playing in the Westmeath League.

In 2010 Wolfe Tones and Longford Slashers joined the newly organised Inter-County Hurling League covering clubs from Longford Leitrim and Cavan. Wolfe Tones beat Slashers in the final. Clonguish Gaels joined the Roscommon League that same year.

In 2012 the Táin Club Leagues begin and Wolfe Tones and Clonguish Gaels take part in the Connacht Táin Club League in Division 5 (Longford Slashers club was inactive in 2012 & 2013 hence Wolfe Tones and Clonguish Gaels were the only active hurling clubs in Longford at that point). Clonguish Gaels won the title beating Pearse Óg (Louth) in the final in Breffni Park on 28th April 2012. Clonguish Gaels had previously beaten Seán Caseys (Armagh) in the semi-final on 21/4 in Ballybay.

In 2013 Clonguish Gaels lost the semi-final of the Connacht Táin Club League Division 4 to St. Eunans (Donegal) by 2-11 to 1-10.

In 2014 Longford Slashers were back in action and joined Wolfe Tones and Clonguish in the Connacht Táin Club League Division 2. None of the Longford clubs made it to the knockout stages.

In 2020 a new Senior Táin Club League got underway for counties from Ulster and border counties. Notice in paper in 2019 signaled intention of Longford clubs to be involved. However no evidence of any Longford club involvement then or since.

Senior Hurling League activity started on 22nd May 2002 with first round games. Teams as follows…

  • Longford Slashers
  • Clonguish Gaels
  • Wolfe Tones
  • Ballymahon Gaels
  • St. Brigids (Roscommon)
  • Crookedwood (Westmeath)
  • Turin (Westmeath)
  • St. Marys (Leitrim)

By June 2002 the semi-finals had been scheduled for 24th June and final for 30th June. However no further reports of games played.

Slashers Gaels 2-12
St. Marys (Leitrim) 3-7

Slashes Gaels renamed Longford Slashers in early 2000’s. In the Shield final Wolfe Tones beat Clonguish by 8-16 to 1-13.

Carrick Hurling Club (Leitrim) Won
Crookedwood (Westmeath) Lost

The Tangled Web Senior Hurling League restarted in 2000. Carrick Hurling Club (Leitrim) beat Crookedwood (Westmeath) in the final. Competition included teams from Leitrim Westmeath and Roscommon with a total of 8 teams participating.

  • Wolfe Tones
  • Slashers Gaels
  • Clonguish Gaels
  • Ballymahon Gaels
  • Crookedwood (Westmeath)
  • Roscommon Gaels (Roscommon)
  • Tyrrelspass (Westmeath)
  • Carrick Hurling Club (Leitrim)

No Senior Hurling League competition in Longford from 1993-1999.

In April 1993 a notice advised that Senior Hurling League will be run off in September/October 1993. No evidence found of any games played. Slashers Gaels were competing in Connacht Hurling League in 1993.

In 1994 a new Junior Hurling League was announced in November 1994 featuring Rathcline, Ballymahon/Cashel and Clonguish along with Slashers Gaels and Wolfe Tones who both enter teams without their most senior players. Competition stared in late 1994 and continued up to June 1995. Mullahoran joined the league part-way through in 1995 and newspaper updates cite difficulty in setting fixtures for the competition. A notice in Summer 1995 proposes playing the Junior Hurling final between Clonguish and Ballymahon as curtain raiser to the Senior Hurling Championship final. No reference thereafter and competition seemed to fade out without completion.

In 1997 Slashers Gaels and Wolfe Tones both joined the Westmeath Intermediate Hurling League.

In 1998 Ballymahon Gaels joined the Westmeath Hurling League.

In 2000 Clonguish Gaels joined the Westmeath Hurling League.

Wolfe Tones 3-5
Slashers Gaels 1-8

Final played in Ballymahon on 12th July 1992.

No shield competition as only 3 clubs participated in the League: Wolfe Tones, Slashers Gaels and Ballymahon/Naomh Ciaráns.

Wolfe Tones 4-4
Longford Slashers 2-3

Final was played at Farneyhoogan. In the Shield final Slashers Gaels beat Naomh Ciaráns by 1-11 to 2-4. Slashers Gaels beat Ballymahon/Cashel in a play-off to reach that Shield final. The League had five teams: Slashers Gaels, Longford Slashers, Wolfe Tones, Naomh Ciaráns and Ballymahon/Cashel. The Ballymahon/Cashel hurling club was officially formed at the start of March 1991 (Note: The combination had played in the 1990 SHL but in 1991 the County Board requested that they make the combination official). 

Slashers Gaels 2-8
Ballymahon/Cashel 0-3

Slashers Gaels 1-6
Ballymahon/Cashel 2-3

The Senior Hurling League was restructured and re-branded in 1990 as the ‘Tangled Web Senior Hurling League’ and became an 11-a-side competition involving Wolfe Tones, Naomh Ciaráns, Clonguish, Ballymahon/Cashel and two teams from the Slashers club (Longford Slashers & Slashers Gaels). Slashers Gaels won the Hurling League title, beating Ballymahon/Cashel in a replay. The Hurling Shield was won by Wolfe Tones who beat Clonguish by 4-7 to 1-4 to receive the Hugh Griffin Shield.

Slashers Gaels 2-15
Naomh Ciaráns (Rathcline) 2-3

Winner was presented with the Gilbride Shield. The SHL included Slashers Gaels, Naomh Ciaráns and Wolfe Tones/Bunlahy. Slashers Gaels won the first round of the League against Naomh Ciaráns. Wolfe Tones/Bunlahy failed to field against either Slashers Gaels or Naomh Ciaráns (8 players showed up vs Naomh Ciaráns), hence the League decider was between Slashers Gaels & Naomh Ciarans on June 17th 1989 in Pearse Park.

Slashers Gaels 2-10
Naomh Ciaráns (Rathcline) 3-5

Slashers Gaels also competed in the Connacht Hurling League. 

Slashers Gaels 3-11
Naomh Ciaráns (Rathcline) 0-6

Slashers Gaels were presented with the Melvin Lodge Shield as winners.

Slashers Gaels 3-9
Naomh Ciaráns (Rathcline) 3-8

New Senior Hurling League began in March 1986 and involved Slashers Gaels, Naomh Ciaráns (Rathcline), Bunlahy and Wolfe Tones.

(Name of winner & runner-up displayed using name of each club at the time of the final, to preserve that historic record)

Senior Hurling League

Additional Notes

The following name clarifications apply to hurling finalists down the years.

  • Slashers Gaels was renamed Longford Slashers in early 2000’s.
  • Wolfe Tones is the hurling section of the Mostrim GAA Club.
  • Clonguish Gaels is the hurling section of the Clonguish GAA Club.
  • Naomh Ciaráns was the hurling section of the Rathcline club. No longer active.
  • Carrick Hurling Club is part of St. Marys Carrick-on-Shannon club in Leitrim.
  • Rathcline Gaels competed in Connacht Senior Hurling League in early 1980’s.

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