Longford Gaelic Stats
Leinster Club SFC (1970-2022)

Leinster Club SFC

14 Longford clubs played a total of 84 games against 42 different opposition clubs in the Leinster Club Senior Football Championship from the start of competition in 1970 to 2022. A Longford club reached the semi-finals on 7 different occasions (Mullinalaghta St. Columbas in 2016 & 2018, Killoe Young Emmets in 2012 & 2015, Clonguish in 1973 & 2003 and Fr. Manning Gaels in 1998). In 2018 Mullinalaghta St. Columbas became the first Longford club to reach the Leinster decider and the first to win the title. Of 84 games played in Leinster Club SFC competition from 1970 to 2022, Longford clubs won 24 (29%), lost 51 (60%) and drew 9 (11%).

Won 29% of Games
Lost 60% of Games
Drew 11% of Games

Longford Slashers played the most games of any Longford club in Leinster from 1970 to 2022 (14 in total), with Killoe Young Emmets playing 12 games and Clonguish 11 games. The stand-out moments down the years include… (1) the dramatic second half comeback by Fr. Manning Gaels and controversy around the heartbreaking 1-point defeat to Éire Óg (Carlow) in the 1998 semi final where an Éire Óg point was allowed which appeared to be wide and a Fr. Manning Gaels point was disallowed which appeared to be over the bar, (2) the infamous brawl between Dromard and Moorfield (Kildare) during their third Quarter Final clash in 2007 which resulted in players sent off, sanctions and Moorfield forced to play their remaining games away from home, (3) the emphatic defeat of Navan O’Mahonys (Meath) by Killoe Young Emmets in Pearse Park in 2012, and (4) the historic success of Mullinalaghta in reaching the Leinster Final and winning the Leinster title in 2018, to universal acclaim.

Longford’s champions played the Westmeath champions 14 times, the Offaly champions 11 times and the Laois champions 10 times between 1970 and 2022. The most frequently played opposition in that period was Éire Óg from Carlow (7 times), with Garrycastle, Rhode and Portlaoise all playing Longford opposition 5 times from 1970 to 2022. There were only two occasions from 1970 to 2021 where the Longford champions did not represent the county in the Leinster Club SFC… (1) In 1985 when the county final between Ardagh and Mostrim went to a second replay, resulting in the nomination of the 1984 champions Cashel instead, and (2) in 2020 when the Leinster Club Championship was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Longford Clubs in Leinster (1970-2022)PlayedWonDrewLost
Longford Slashers143011
Killoe Young Emmets12417
Mullinalaghta St. Columbas9603
Fr. Manning Gaels9324
Ardagh St. Patricks4112
St Marys Granard2002
Leinster Club SFC (1970-2022)

Opponents in Leinster

Opposition by County (1970-2022)PlayedLD WonLD DrewLD Lost
Opposition by Club (1970-2022)PlayedLD WonLD DrewLD Lost
Eire Óg (Carlow)7214
Rhode (Offaly)5311
Garrycastle (Westmeath)5005
Portlaoise (Laois)5005
Baltinglass (Wicklow)4004
St. Josephs (Laois)3201
Tullamore (Offaly)3111
Rathnew (Wicklow)3102
Moorefield (Kildare)3021
Ardee St. Marys (Louth)3012
Navan O'Mahonys (Meath)2200
Stradbally (Laois)2200
Athlone (Westmeath)2101
Moate (Westmeath)2101
St. Lomans (Westmeath)2101
Erins Hope (Dublin)2011
Rathvilly (Carlow)2011
Stabannon Parnells (Louth)2011
Cooley Kickhams (Louth)2002
Newtown Blues (Louth)2002
St. Vincents (Dublin)2002
Blackhall Gaels (Meath)1100
Clane (Kildare)1100
Glenmore (Kilkenny)1100
Horeswood (Wexford)1100
Killanerin (Wexford)1100
Kilmacud Crokes (Dublin)1100
St. Annes (Wexford)1100
St. James (Wexford)1100
Blessington (Wicklow)1001
Duffy Rovers (Wexford)1001
Edenderry (Offaly)1001
Ferbane (Offaly)1001
Mullingar (Westmeath)1001
Na Fianna (Dublin)1001
Parnells (Dublin)1001
Portarlington (Laois)1001
Round Towers (Kildare)1001
St. Brigids (Dublin)1001
Summerhill (Meath)1001
The Downs (Westmeath)1001
Tyrrellspass (Westmeath)1001
Leinster Club SFC (1970-2022)

Results in Leinster

YearStageLongford ClubOpposition ClubOutcome
2022Round 1Colmcille 1-7Ardee St. Marys (Louth) 3-7Loss ❌
2021Round 1Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 1-5Blessington (Wicklow) 1-7Loss ❌
2020No Competition
2019Round 1Killoe Young Emmets 0-6Garrycastle (Westmeath) 0-15Loss ❌
2018Quarter FinalMullinalaghta St. Columbas 1-7Rhode (Offaly) 0-6Win ✔️
2018Semi FinalMullinalaghta St. Columbas 2-15Éire Óg (Carlow) 0-3Win ✔️
2018Leinster FinalMullinalaghta St. Columbas 1-8Kilmacud Crokes (Dublin) 1-6Win ✔️
2017Round 1Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 1-14Éire Óg (Carlow) 1-07Win ✔️
2017Quarter FinalMullinalaghta St. Columbas 1-11St. Lomans (Westmeath) 1-12Loss ❌
2016Round 1Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 1-17Stradbally (Laois) 2-9Win ✔️
2016Quarter FinalMullinalaghta St. Columbas 0-14St. Lomans (Westmeath) 1-9Win ✔️
2016Semi FinalMullinalaghta St. Columbas 0-11St. Vincents (Dublin) 2-12Loss ❌
2015Round 1Killoe Young Emmets 5-11St. James (Wexford) 1-4Win ✔️
2015Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-11Navan O'Mahonys (Meath) 1-6Win ✔️
2015Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-11Portlaoise (Laois) 5-12Loss ❌
2014Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-10Garrycastle (Westmeath) 1-11Loss ❌
2013Round 1Longford Slashers 3-13Rathnew (Wicklow) 0-10Win ✔️
2013Quarter FinalLongford Slashers 3-07Portlaoise (Laois) 1-15Loss ❌
2012Round 1Killoe Young Emmets 2-07St. Annes (Wexford) 2-04Win ✔️
2012Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-13Navan O'Mahonys (Meath) 0-08Win ✔️
2012Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-05Portlaoise (Laois) 1-11Loss ❌
2011Quarter FinalLongford Slashers 1-06Garrycastle (Westmeath) 4-11Loss ❌
2010Round 1Longford Slashers 1-09Garrycastle (Westmeath) 0-13Loss ❌
2009Round 1Clonguish 2-10Horeswood (Wexford) 0-05Win ✔️
2009Quarter FinalClonguish 0-15Garrycastle (Westmeath) 1-14Loss ❌
2008Quarter FinalColmcille 0-10Éire Óg (Carlow) 2-04Draw ➖
2008Quarter Final (R)Colmcille 0-08Éire Óg (Carlow) 0-09Loss ❌
2007Quarter FinalDromard 1-12Moorefield (Kildare) 1-12Draw ➖
2007Quarter Final (R)Dromard 0-12Moorefield (Kildare) 0-12Draw ➖
2007Quarter Final (R)Dromard 0-07Moorefield (Kildare) 0-13Loss ❌
2006Round 1Abbeylara 1-06Tyrrellspass (Westmeath) 1-10Loss ❌
2005Round 1Dromard 0-04Éire Óg (Carlow) 0-12Loss ❌
2004Round 1Clonguish 0-08Rhode (Offaly) 3-10Loss ❌
2003Round 1Clonguish 2-05Killanerin (Wexford) 0-06Win ✔️
2003Quarter FinalClonguish 1-09Blackhall Gaels (Meath) 1-05Win ✔️
2003Semi FinalClonguish 3-06St. Brigids (Dublin) 2-11Loss ❌
2002Round 1Ballymahon 0-06Rathnew (Wicklow) 0-08Loss ❌
2001Round 1Fr. Manning Gaels 1-08Portarlington (Laois) 1-09Loss ❌
2000Round 1Abbeylara 0-08St. Josephs (Laois) 0-07Win ✔️
2000Quarter FinalAbbeylara 1-04Na Fianna (Dublin) 1-07Loss ❌
1999Round 1Dromard 1-09Rathnew (Wicklow) 2-12Loss ❌
1998Round 1Fr. Manning Gaels 0-09Rhode (Offaly) 2-03Draw ➖
1998Round 1 (R)Fr. Manning Gaels 0-09Rhode (Offaly) 0-06Win ✔️
1998Quarter FinalFr. Manning Gaels 0-13Clane (Kildare) 0-10Win ✔️
1998Semi FinalFr. Manning Gaels 0-09Éire Óg (Carlow) 1-07Loss ❌
1997Round 1Fr. Manning Gaels 1-14Stradbally (Laois) 1-04Win ✔️
1997Quarter FinalFr. Manning Gaels 0-11Stabannon Parnells (Louth) 0-11Draw ➖
1997Quarter Final (R)Fr. Manning Gaels 1-10Stabannon Parnells (Louth) 0-16Loss ❌
1996Round 1Fr. Manning Gaels 1-06Round Towers (Kildare) 2-08Loss ❌
1995Round 1 (R)Killoe Young Emmets 0-08Ardee St. Marys (Louth) 0-09Loss ❌
1995Round 1Killoe Young Emmets 1-09Ardee St. Marys (Louth) 1-09Draw ➖
1994Round 1Longford Slashers 0-10Baltinglass (Wicklow) 2-11Loss ❌
1993Round 1Killoe Young Emmets 2-05Éire Óg (Carlow) 2-12Loss ❌
1992Round 1Mostrim 1-05Duffy Rovers (Wexford) 1-10Loss ❌
1991Round 1Longford Slashers 2-03Baltinglass (Wicklow) 1-08Loss ❌
1990Round 1Longford Slashers 2-03Mullingar (Westmeath) 2-11Loss ❌
1989Round 1Longford Slashers 2-08Glenmore (Kilkenny) 0-06Win ✔️
1989Quarter FinalLongford Slashers 1-05Baltinglass (Wicklow) 0-13Loss ❌
1988Round 1Killoe Young Emmets 0-07Athlone (Westmeath) 0-11Loss ❌
1987Round 1Ardagh St. Patricks 0-02Parnells (Dublin) 0-13Loss ❌
1986Round 1Cashel 1-05Summerhill (Meath) 3-09Loss ❌
1985Round 1Cashel (nominated) 1-10Edenderry (Offaly) 2-10Loss ❌
1984Round 1Cashel 1-07Athlone (Westmeath) 1-06Win ✔️
1984Quarter FinalCashel 0-01St. Vincents (Dublin) 0-11Loss ❌
1983Round 1Cashel 0-09Rathvilly (Carlow) 1-06Draw ➖
1983Round 1 (R)Cashel 1-03Rathvilly (Carlow) 1-06Loss ❌
1982Round 1St Marys Granard 1-02Portlaoise (Laois) 2-18Loss ❌
1981Round 1Clonguish 0-03Newtown Blues (Louth) 3-05Loss ❌
1980Round 1Longford Slashers 1-10Baltinglass (Wicklow) 2-10Loss ❌
1979Round 1Longford Slashers 0-05Portlaoise (Laois) 1-12Loss ❌
1978Round 1Ardagh St. Patricks 2-04Moate (Westmeath) 0-07Win ✔️
1978Quarter FinalArdagh St. Patricks 1-08Erins Hope (Dublin) 0-11Draw ➖
1978Quarter Final (R)Ardagh St. Patricks 1-04Erins Hope (Dublin) 0-10Loss ❌
1977Round 1Cashel 0-11Tullamore (Offaly) 0-11Draw ➖
1977Round 1 (R)Cashel 1-05Tullamore (Offaly) 1-08Loss ❌
1976Round 1Rathcline 1-06Moate (Westmeath) 1-12Loss ❌
1975Round 1Longford Slashers 2-06Rhode (Offaly) 1-08Win ✔️
1975Quarter FinalLongford Slashers 0-01St. Josephs (Laois) 0-06Loss ❌
1974Round 1Mostrim 0-04Ferbane (Offaly) 4-12Loss ❌
1973Round 1Clonguish 2-12St. Josephs (Laois) 2-02Win ✔️
1973Quarter FinalClonguish 1-06Tullamore (Offaly) 0-07Win ✔️
1973Semi FinalClonguish 2-04Cooley Kickhams (Louth) 5-06Loss ❌
1972Round 1Clonguish 1-08The Downs (Westmeath) 2-07Loss ❌
1971Round 1Longford Slashers 2-06Cooley Kickhams (Louth) 1-10Loss ❌
1970Round 1St Marys Granard 1-08Newtown Blues (Louth) 1-10Loss ❌

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