Longford Gaelic Stats
Gaelic Handball in Longford

Handball Honours

Longford’s National Winners

  • 2001: National One-Wall U-13
    🡺 Sinead Sheridan (Abbeylara) 🔴
  • 2002: National One-Wall U-13
    🡺 Sinead Sheridan (Abbeylara) 🔴
  • 2003: National One-Wall U-13
    🡺 Sinead Gilligan (Abbeylara) 🔴
  • 2003: National One-Wall U-15
    🡺 Sinead Sheridan (Abbeylara) 🔴
  • 2005: National One-Wall Men’s ‘C’
    🡺 Niall Flynn (Abbeylara) 🔴
  • 2016: National One-Wall U-17 ‘B’ Plate
    🡺 Caolán O’Reilly (Abbeylara) 🔴
  • 2022: National One-Wall Men’s Doubles Plate
    🡺 Danny Reilly (Clonguish) 🟢
  • 2023: National One-Wall U-13 Plate
    🡺 Adam Finn (Abbeylara) 🔴
  • 2023: National Féile Girls One-Wall Div 2
    🡺 Abbeylara Team 🔴
  • 2023: National Féile Boys One-Wall Div 3
    🡺 Abbeylara Team 🔴

Longford’s International Winners

  • 2009: UK One-Wall Open Men’s Challenger
    🡺 Fintan Creamer (Abbeylara) 🔴
  • 2015: World Handball Men’s ‘C’ Doubles
    🡺 Darren & Niall Flynn (Abbeylara) 🔴

Longford’s Provincial Winners

  • 2000: Leinster U-16 ‘B’ 60×30 Doubles
    🡺 Jonathan Mahon & Niall Flynn (Abbeylara) 🔴
  • 2022: Leinster U-14 One-Wall
    🡺 Thomas Finn (Abbeylara) 🔴

National Recognition Award Winners

  • 2007: All-Star Special Achievement Award
    🡺 Anna Reilly (Abbeylara) 🔴
  • 2020: Irish Federation of Sports ‘Volunteer in Sport’ Award
    🡺 Jenny Mahon (Abbeylara) 🔴
  • 2023: Leinster GAA Handball ‘Hall of Fame’ Inductee
    🡺 Anna Reilly (Abbeylara) 🔴

🔴 Abbeylara HC  |  🟢 Clonguish HC  |  🟡 Fr. Manning Gaels HC

Gaelic Handball in Longford

Handball History

There are four codes of Gaelic Handball:

  • Four-Wall (also 40×20 or Small Alley)
  • One-Wall (also called Wall-Ball)
  • Softball (also 60×30 or Big Alley)
  • Hardball (also 60×30 or Big Alley)

The Four-Wall and One-Wall codes are the two international codes, while Softball and Hardball are traditional Irish games.

Over the years dedicated public handball facilities existed in the following locations in County Longford:

  • Longford Barracks (TBC)
  • St. Mels College (1865)
  • Ballinamuck (1900’s)
  • Longford (Crosskeys) (1922)
  • Granard (1923)
  • Abbeylara (1924) 🔴 (📷 View) (📷 View)
  • Cashel (Carrodoger) (1926)
  • Moyne (1926)
  • Legan (Smithfield) (1933) 🔵 (📷 View)
  • Killeen (Muckerstaff) (1940)
  • Stonepark (1950)
  • Mall Complex (1981)
  • Longford Slashers (1981)
  • Clonguish (2019) 🟢 (📷 View)
  • Drumlish (2022) 🟡 (📷 View)

Gaelic Handball was also played at other public locations across the county but without dedicated alleys (i.e. played against buildings and gable walls). Today there are public outdoor alleys at Abbeylara & Legan, indoor alleys at Abbeylara and indoor One-Wall courts at Clonguish & Drumlish.

🗓️ 1865
Gaelic Handball had been played at St. Mels College since it’s foundation in 1865. The college originally had four handball alleys (two sets back-to-back).

🗓️ 1884
Foundation of the Gaelic Athletic Association, with Handball included in the G.A.A. Charter as one of the sports to be promoted by the new association. It is worth noting that ball courts can be found at the Cavalry Barracks in Longford in maps dating back to 1863.

🗓️ 1891
Handball games reported in Ballymahon, with foremost amateurs named as Tom Morrison, Pat Farrell, Charlie Feeny and Pat Callaran. Games will have been played in different parts of Longford in these years, but not in any organised competition and with no organised clubs yet in Longford. The midlands was more inclined towards the softball game, while the hardball game was more popular in the South of the country.

🗓️ 1897
Mention of handball in Longford Town with Roscommon Herald reporting occasional practice of handball in Dublin Street and expressing the hope that ‘the police will see their way to be more active in preventing a recurrence of the pastime in such a public place‘.

🗓️ 1898
Mention of handball in Granard with games played against the Town Hall which is reported to be causing something of a nuisance and causing the breaking of windows in the town.

🗓️ 1899
Handball games recorded in the Longford Military Barracks in the closing years of the 19th century. A game is recorded at the upper (No. 2) RIC Barracks between Sergeant Gollogly & Sergeant Conroy of Longford on one side and Constable Scanlan of Tarmonbarry and Constable Mulligan of Castlerea on the other side.

🗓️ 1907
Ballinamuck 98’s club organises a Gaelic Football and Handball tournament on 29-30 June 1907 (Football on 29th, Handball on 30th). The Football tournament includes Bornacoola Hugh O’Neills, Cloone O’Connells, Aghavas Home Rulers, Arva Davitts, Gortlettra St. Patricks and Clonguish Gallowglasses (all spellings per reports at the time). The Handball tournament is reported in local media as having taken place at the Ballinamore handball alley (Leitrim), though it is more likely it was at the ball alley at the RIC Barracks in Ballinamuck, with the local media mixing up the similar placenames.

🗓️ 1909
A game of handball takes place at Mr. Pierce’s ball court on Battery Road in July 1909. Longford handball players travel to Galway at the end of July to play at the Market Street ball court. The group also travel to play Rooskey on 22nd August and Rooskey returned the favour in early September, playing at the Battery Ball Court where Longford defeated the visitors. That same month a request is made to Lord Longford from the Longford Handball Players requesting the provision of an alley. By July 1914 there is still no sign of any alley being provided. Young lads noted as playing handball against the gable of the Market House facing the Fair Green in Longford. An article in the local newspaper in 1909 mentions ball playing in the RIC Barracks yard in Longford which has been stopped due to glass being broken, roof leakages caused by the men going onto the roof to retrieve the ball and players tearing up the yard when playing hereby making it unpleasant for drill purposes. Handball was quite popular in RIC Barracks yards at the time.

🗓️ 1914
Longford Handball Committee is elected: President: Michael Phillips, Secretary: JJ Skeffington and Treasurer: TJ McDermott. A letter is written to Longford Urban Council on 3rd July 1914 requesting the construction of a handball alley in the town. By August the 5th Earl of Longford has replied and committed a site and subscription of at least £50 towards a handball alley for the town. It is noted that Lord Longford has left to take up command of a Yeomanry Brigade and is probably in Belgium or France!

(Note on Lord Longford in WW1: Lord Longford commanded the 2nd South Midland Mounted Brigade of the 2nd Mounted Division, a yeomanry formation, with the rank of Brigadier-General. On 21 August 1915 the Division was in reserve for the final attack on Scimitar Hill. When the initial attack by the 29th Division failed, the yeomanry were ordered to advance in the open across a dry salt lake. Raked by shrapnel fire, most of the brigades halted in the shelter of Green Hill but Longford led his brigade in a charge which captured the summit of the hill. As he continued to advance, he was killed. His last words before his death were, reputedly “Don’t bother ducking, the men don’t like it and it doesn’t do any good”. His body was never recovered.)

🗓️ 1916
A handball match takes place in the handball alley of the Military Barracks in Longford town between military personnel and civilians. In August a tournament is recorded at the same venue. It is noted that the Edgeworthstown Handball Players are unable to attend. The tournament final is held on 3rd September 1916 between Cully & Farrell and Kelly & Harrington. The latter duo win. On 10th September 1916 a group of 20 handball players from Longford travel to Sligo for friendly matches. A challenge is also extended by Edgeworthstown players to Longford players for 17th September at the Barracks alley. Longford win 2 of the 3 games, represented by Kelly & Harrington while Edgeworthstown are represented by Kelly & Hurst.

🗓️ 1917
Games for the year are planned at the Military Barracks and interested members are advised to give names to Naddy Murray of Bridge Street. Interest in handball increases throughout 1917. Even though the military occupy the barracks, civilians are allowed to play handball there.

🗓️ 1919
Efforts ongoing to start handball for the coming season, noting no activity in 1918 because permission to the Military barracks was unobtainable. On 15th August a handball tournament is held at Mr. Fox’s Alley at Tooman, Gortletteragh. Teams take part from Gortletteragh, Bornacoola, Drumlish, Dromard, Rooskey, Ballinamuck, Mohill, Ballinamore, Fenagh and Newtownforbes. The final takes place on 22nd August and is won by Gortletteragh.

🗓️ 1920
Efforts are being made in July 1920 to revive handball in the village of Ballinamuck. It is noted that a handball alley exists in the village but has been neglected and is ‘out of repair‘. A committee is formed to raise funds to have the alley properly repaired. Committee members include: JJ Brady, J Sheridan, Jas Reynolds, W Dolan, P McKenna, B Hughes, P Gill, B McKenna, M McNerney, B Curran, JJ O’Farrell (Secretary) and John Byrne (Treasurer).

🗓️ 1922
Notice is given of County Board meeting in Longford Park on 25th June and those with desire to revive handball are requested to attend. Longford Handball Club seems to have reformed at this point. In July it is noted that Granard are due to travel to Longford to compete for a trophy for the Longford Handball tournament. An Inter-County Handball Tournament is arranged for 23rd July at Crosskeys alley in Longford town. Crosskeys is a small area at the top of the Battery Road in Longford town. The ball alley at Crosskeys was originally built in conjunction with the Police Barracks and as a recreational ground for the more youthful members of the RIC at the time. For some years after the closing of the Crosskeys RIC Barracks, the alley remained disused and deteriorated. By 1922 the alley is reopened, and work is ongoing to upgrade the facilities.

🗓️ 1923
Application submitted to Granard District Council for permission to construct a handball alley in the corner of the Workhouse grounds at Straw Yard in Granard. Submitted by Denis Pettit, L Kiernan and JJ Brady. The application is granted. In July members of the Longford Handball Club run an Inter-County Handball Tournament. Teams from Westmeath, Roscommon, Meath and Cavan attend. The competition takes place at the Crosskeys alley. Handball tournament is organised on August 5th at Annadaniel, Aughnacliffe between teams from Longford, Leitrim and Cavan. A handball club is active in the Colmcille area during these years.

🗓️ 1924
IAHA Irish Amateur Handball Association is founded. Longford Handball Board becomes affiliated to IAHA. County Board Executive includes: Mr. L D Kiernan (Granard) as Chairman, T McDermott (Longford) as Vice-Chair, P J Sharkey (Longford) as Secretary. JJ Glynn (Longford), JJ Brady (Granard), T Connolly (Ballinalee) and H Keenan (Longford) were all members of the executive committee. Handball tournament is held at Crosskeys on 18th May with teams from Longford Town, Aughnacliffe, Colmcille, Ballinamuck, Moyne, Dromard, Dromod and Granard. Longford Town team beat Granard in the final after Granard had beaten Dromard in the semi-final. Inter-County Handball Tournament is held on 3rd August at Crosskeys. Teams from Longford, Westmeath, Meath and Cavan. Prize is the Kiernan Cup provided by Mr. L D Kiernan of Granard. Longford County Handball Championship is scheduled for Crosskeys on 24th August. In October a series of 9 games arranged between the Longford Champions and Meath Champions to be played in Crosskeys on 26th October. Handball alley opens in Abbeylara in 1924 on a site donated by the Crawford family. Announcement of handball alley to open in nearby Moyvore in Westmeath.

🗓️ 1925
The first All-Ireland Handball Congress is held. Commencement of All-Ireland Senior Softball and Hardball Championships. By start of 1925 it is noted that there are Handball alleys in Longford Town (Crosskeys), Abbeylara, Dromard and Moyvore. Inter-County Handball Tournament held in July at Crosskeys for the Longford Cup. Teams from Cavan, Longford and Meath take part and Meath win all competition. First round of the Longford Cup is contested by Meath, Louth and Longford. Junior Handball Championship competition is held in Abbeylara. Exhibition game held in Crosskeys in June with Brennan (Athlone Garrison) vs P Reid (Longford Club and County Champion). Brennan had contested the Worlds championship at the Tailteann Games in 1924 against Heany of USA and was only marginally beaten. Reid is victorious by 4 games to 1.

🗓️ 1926
In March a notice appears that Ballinamuck handball alley is undergoing repair. In April a new alley is opened in Newtowncashel at Carrodoger (Carodger). Matches are organised between teams from Clough and Newtowncashel on 2nd May. The new alley is thanks to the energy of Fr. J Meehan CC and PTAA of Newtowncashel parish. An Aeridhreacht was held at the handball alley at Carrodoger in July 1926 including games between teams from Clough, Ballymahon, Rathcline and Newtowncashel. Inter-county tournament is held at the Crosskeys alley with players from Longford, Louth and Meath. In October another tournament cited with teams from Longford, Westmeath and Cavan competing at Crossakiel (Crosskeys). Longford County Handball Championship is scheduled for 26th September at Crosskeys for the O’Connell Cup. This is postponed to 10th October. In October a new handball alley is announced at Moyne cross-roads.

🗓️ 1928
Handball is in rapid decline in Longford. In January it is noted that Longford has no handball board affiliated with the GAA and has no handball clubs active in the county. Nationally the All-Ireland Junior Softball and Hardball Championships are introduced this year.

🗓️ 1929
In May it is noted that handball players are active in Ballymahon. In May 1929 an appeal is made for a public handball alley in Ballymahon in the local notes (one of many appeals). In July several youths are summoned to the District Court in Ballymahon for playing handball in a place where they caused obstruction. Later in 1929 we see several people prosecuted in Lanesboro for playing handball. This deepens calls for handball alley for Lanesboro and Ballymahon. A committee is formed to advance this.

🗓️ 1930
It is noted that there are handball facilities in Longford (Crosskeys), Granard, Newtowncashel, Abbeylara and Dromard. However no active clubs or County Handball Board. A handball tournament is organised for June 19th at Abbeylara. Teams representing Westmeath, Cavan and Longford compete. Efforts ongoing to re-organise handball in Granard. No sign of any success thus far. By 1931 convention Handball is being encouraged by the executive but no signs of any progress made to revive it.

🗓️ 1932
Longford Handball Club sends representatives to County GAA Convention. The Longford Handball Club is affiliated and begins activity in March 1932. A new stand is to be erected at the facility in Crosskeys. By April the Granard Handball Club has been revived (in conjunction with the formation of a Hurling Club in Granard). Efforts noted to revive clubs in Abbeylara and Newtowncashel. In May Longford take on Westmeath in All-Ireland Junior Softball (Single) Championship at the Crosskeys alley. On Thursday 19th May in Ballinalee the Longford Handball Board met for the first time in many years. Representatives attended from Longford and Abbeylara clubs with Granard club providing apologies. PJ Finnegan (Granard) was elected Chairman, PJ Sharkey (Longford) was elected Secretary. The Longford Club championship gets underway with teams from Longford, Newtowncashel, Granard and Abbeylara taking part. On 9th October a fixture is held at Crosskeys between P Perry (All-Ireland Champion, Tailteann Champion 1932 and Purcell Cup winner 1930, ’31 and ’32) and P Reid (Runner up in all those games). It is noted that a substantial stand has been erected at the Crosskeys alley.

🗓️ 1933
By May it is noted that Longford is now the only county where handball clubs are not organised. Efforts are underway to revive handball. A meeting is held in May which drives an effort to organise a Championship for the year. Longford is in the draw for the All-Ireland Singles Championships and meets Westmeath in the first round at Crosskeys on Sunday 18th June. Longford’s J King beat Westmeath’s J Foley. In the Doubles game C Donlon and J Tierney beat their Westmeath counterparts. The Longford boys lost their second rounds to Offaly opponents. Longford Handball Club put up a Silver Cup for competition on 3rd September with pairs from Roscommon, Westmeath and Longford competing at Crosskeys. Sligo and Cavan didn’t turn up. Longford won the cup. A new handball alley opens in the townland of Smithfield in Legan on 22nd October with a grand tournament involving Longford, Westmeath, Cavan and Roscommon. In November a notice confirms that handball is being revived in Ballymahon. The lack of a ball alley locally is again cited as a hurdle. This is re-iterated in May 1934 with a direct appeal in local notes for a Handball alley in the area.

🗓️ 1934
Longford are drawn against Wicklow in the All-Ireland Junior Handball Championships. Fundraising is ongoing in October 1934 for a handball alley in Lanesboro.

🗓️ 1936
Crosskeys ball alley is closed, and the Longford handball club is reported to have ‘died a natural death‘ according to local reports.

🗓️ 1937
In April a committee is examining the possibility of a handball alley for Colmcille. Martin Dodd (Aughnacliffe) is Secretary of the local Handball Club.

🗓️ 1938
In July a committee is again examining the possibility of a handball alley for Lanesboro. Lack of any handball alley in Longford town is mentioned in local media. Mentions of youths playing against the high walls in the Market Square and Church Street, and reminder that there is an alley in the Military Barracks and a privately owned alley on the Battery Road, but no public alley.

🗓️ 1940
In April a notice in national media advises that Fr. TD Sheeran (CC Granard) is attempting to provide Killeen with a new handball alley. The new handball alley is constructed in the townland of Muckerstaff near the National School in Killeen.

🗓️ 1941
Handball Tournament held in Abbeylara on 13th July. Teams from Granard, Coole, Rathowen and Abbeylara compete. Another tournament held in Abbeylara in August with teams from Granard, Legan, Colmcille and Abbeylara compete.

🗓️ 1942
Legan hosts a handball tournament on 9th August.

🗓️ 1943
In March a submission is made to Longford Urban Council for the provision of a handball alley for Longford Town. A resolution was passed asking Colonel Seely (Minister for War) for permission for the public to have the use of the handball alley in the Military barracks.

🗓️ 1948
Meeting held in August to look again at possibility of a handball alley in Ballymahon.

🗓️ 1949
By February 1949 it is noted that local to Granard there are handball alleys at Granard, Killeen and Abbeylara, all at the disposal of clubs but no club activity happening, and handball is noted as on the decline for the past year or so. Frank Reilly leads a revival in Abbeylara in 1949.

🗓️ 1950
Opening of Stonepark Pleasure Grounds including a new handball alley.

🗓️ 1952
General Secretary of the Handball Association and Leinster Handball Secretary attends the Longford GAA Convention in January 1952 and appeals for support to revive handball in Longford. Alleys exist in Cashel, Abbeylara, Killeen & Stonepark. A local handball committee is established. Abbeylara Handball Club played Army (Curragh) on Sunday 14th June at Abbeylara alley. This marked the re-opening of the Abbeylara alley after renovation works and is the first organised handball played in the county for some time. Abbeylara organise further handball tournaments in 1952.

🗓️ 1953
Attempt by Peter Masterson of Abbeylara to initiate a County Committee with representative from the clubs.

🗓️ 1954
Leinster Junior Softball Singles Handball Championship is played at the Abbeylara alley on Sunday 25th April 1954. Revival of the Newtowncashel Handball Club in May with repairs to their local handball alley completing in August.

🗓️ 1955
Noted in October that public access to the handball alley at the Connolly Military Barracks is still denied to the public.

🗓️ 1956
Noted in November that there is a lack of any organised effort on handball in Longford.

🗓️ 1957
Meetings held in Drumlish (November) and Ballinamuck (December 4th) to discuss the revival of handball alley in the parish.

🗓️ 1958
Longford compete in the Leinster Championships against Westmeath opponents. The lack of any handball alley in Longford town is again noted.

🗓️ 1963
Notice in May that the handball alley in Newtowncashel is undergoing repairs ahead of a revival of handball in the area. Mentions that handball was let lapse many years ago. In June the Longford Handball Club reports that it is preparing for big events for the year. That same month Longford and Westmeath meet in the first round of the All-Ireland Singles and Doubles Championship at the old Crosskeys alley in Longford town. Longford has an easy win in both matches.

🗓️ 1965
The Barracks handball alley in Granard is demolished as part of larger works to renovate the Garda Station. Meeting held in Aurora Hall (Legan) on 24th November to revive handball in Longford, to review facilities for playing handball and to elect a County Handball Board. Attended by General Secretary of the Handball Association and Chairman of Leinster Council. Fr. Ryan is to the fore in this revival of handball in Longford. Legan (Lenamore) compete in the Gael Linn All-Ireland Handball Cup in December 1965, becoming first Longford club to do so.

🗓️ 1966
Ahead of Handball Carnival at Ballymore Eustace in May 1966, Irish Press mentions that the only Leinster absentees are Laois (dormant), Longford (not yet strong enough in senior) and Wicklow. Longford noted as being ‘off the map for many years in Handball’. Fr. C Ryan in Lenamore (Legan) revives activity in the area and entered Legan into the Gael Linn All-Ireland Cup. Joe Farrell (Bray) seems to be another driving force behind handball activity in Longford at the time.

🗓️ 1976
Handball described as being in a ‘very poor state in the county’ in an article in the Longford Leader. Still no public handball alley in Longford Town.

🗓️ 1981
The Mall Complex officially opens on 24th May 1981 in Longford town, and includes two outdoor handball alleys. Longford Slashers opens a new indoor handball court on 8th November (National Handball Day). This is the only covered handball alley in the county at the time and part of their state-of-the-art new GAA complex at Farneyhoogan.

🗓️ 1982
Longford Slashers Handball Club is formed in February 1982 and the club starts a handball league that month and competed against Tullamore in the first handball game played at their new facilities. Longford Slashers Handball Club hosts the Novice Inter-Club final between Newport (Mayo) and Dunshaughlin (Meath) in the first ever National Handball final at a Longford venue. Longford Slashers Handball Club hosts the All-Ireland Open Inter-Club final between Ballymore Eustace (Kildare) and Cavan on Sunday 5th December. It is noted in local media that a handball alley exists in the Town Hall in Granard. Between Longford Slashers, Mall Complex and various Secondary Schools, the town of Longford is recorded as having 7 handball alleys in 1982.

🗓️ 1983
Abbeylara and Slashers are competing against each other in games.

🗓️ 1984
Longford Slashers Handball Club hosts the Leinster Handball Convention on 19th February. It is noted in July that the donor of a new floor in the handball alley in Ballymahon was very disappointed to find it in a deplorable state with cattle sheltering within its walls.

🗓️ 1985
Work completes on two new handball alleys at St. Mels College, bringing the number of alleys at the College to five. The new alleys were built to accommodate Junior players. St. Mels initially had four handball alleys as part of the set-up ever since the school was founded.

🗓️ 1987
Announcement of County Handball Competition at Longford Slashers indoor handball alley. Longford competes in the Leinster Championships.

🗓️ 1988
Work completes on two new indoor handball courts at St. Mels College in December at a cost of £28,600. These new courts compliment the existing five outdoor handball alleys at St. Mels. Handball is noted as being the oldest sport in St. Mels College.

🗓️ 1989
Inter-County singles and doubles championship action involving Longford is noted during 1989.

🗓️ 1990
Longford Slashers decide to convert their indoor handball alley into a squash court. Longford Handball Club meets to decide how to react to the loss of the only public handball facility in the town and activity switches to St. Mels College instead. Nicola King,a student at Scoil Mhuire Convent Secondary School in Longford town, is a winner at the All-Ireland Handball finals in November. Handball is also being promoted through the ‘Foróige‘ youth organisation.

🗓️ 1994
A proposal is approved by locals in Granard to restore the handball alley and a derelict area behind the Barracks at a meeting of the Granard Town Commission in August. The proposal was proposed by Rev. Fr. Brian McElhinney and Edward Small on behalf of a 30-person group of local residents.

🗓️ 1997
Abbeylara Handball Club reforms on 30th July becoming the only registered handball club in the county. The Abbeylara alley is reopened on 24th August. A renovation project began in 1995 when a restoration committee was formed, and work began in April 1997. The opening day saw Abbeylara host its inaugural and annual Inter-County One-Wall handball Tournament.

🗓️ 1998
Sinead MacCormack (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) is runner-up at the National U-14 One-Wall Ladies Open Singles final.

🗓️ 2000
Wales handball team (holders of European One-Wall Handball Championship title) visit Abbeylara en-route to the National One-Wall Championships in Sligo and participate in exhibition and friendly games and coaching at the Abbeylara alley. Jonathon Mahon and Niall Flynn (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) win the Leinster U-16 ‘B’ 60×30 Doubles title at Ballymore Eustace.

🗓️ 2001
Sinead Sheridan (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) wins National U-13 One-Wall title. This is the Abbeylara club’s first National title. The new John Carthy Cup is presented for winner of the Junior ‘B’ competition at the annual Abbeylara Inter-County One-Wall Tournament each year. John who died in tragic and controversial circumstances in 2000, was a player-member of the Abbeylara Handball Club and won Junior Doubles titles in Abbeylara on two occasions.

🗓️ 2002
Sinead Sheridan (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) wins National U-13 One-Wall title.

🗓️ 2003
Sinead Sheridan (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) wins National U-15 One-Wall title. Siobhan Gilligan (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) wins the National U-13 One-Wall title. Ten players from Abbeylara H.C. compete at the World Handball Championships including Fintan Creamer, Darren Flynn, Niall Flynn, Ciarán Sheridan, Jonathan Mahon, Padraig Gilligan, Maria Galligan, Siobhan Galligan, Sinead Sheridan and Liam Reilly.

🗓️ 2005
Niall Flynn (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) wins Mens ‘C’ One-Wall National title. This was the Abbeylara club’s first National Senior title.

🗓️ 2006
Niall Flynn (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) takes part in the World Handball Championships in Canada in August.

🗓️ 2007
Anna Reilly (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) receives the GAA Handball All-Star Special Achievement Award.

🗓️ 2008
Abbeylara opens a new state-of-the-art indoor handball complex on 21st April. Abbeylara hosts the All-Ireland Ladies Singles finals on May 3rd and later in the year hosts the All-Ireland 40×20 Senior Club Open final between Ballaghaderreen (Mayo) and Gortnamona (Antrim) on December 6th. Damien O’Connor (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) was runner-up at the National Mens ‘C’ One-Wall championship.

🗓️ 2009
Irish Handball is re-branded as GAA Handball. Fintan Creamer (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) wins UK One-Wall Open Men’s Challenger title in London and was runner-up at the Irish National One-Wall Men’s Challenger competition.

🗓️ 2010
The Senior Singles final is moved from Croke Park to Abbeylara on the eve of the Hurling final in September 2010. Abbeylara hosts the All-Ireland U-16 Singles Championship in April 2010. Darren Flynn (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) was runner-up at the National One-Wall Mens ‘B’ Championship.

🗓️ 2012
Fintan Creamer (Abbeylara H.C.) is runner-up at the National One-Wall Men’s ‘C’ Championship. Five players from Abbeylara H.C. including Fintan Creamer, Darren Flynn, Niall Flynn and Colm Devine competed in the World Handball Championships at Citywest in Dublin.

🗓️ 2014
Abbeylara hosts the All-Ireland 60×30 Championships.

🗓️ 2015
Four players from the Abbeylara H.C. competed in the World Handball Championships in Calgary, Canada in August. Darren and Niall Flynn (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) win gold medals in the Men’s ‘C’ Doubles while Fintan Creamer and Jonathan Mahon (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) reach the semi-finals of the Men’s ‘C’ competition. Darren and Niall Flynn also compete in the Belgium One-Wall Open.

🗓️ 2016
Caolán O’Reilly (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) wins the U-17 ‘B’ Plate Trophy at the National One-Wall Championships in July.

🗓️ 2019
New One-Wall handball court is installed at Clonguish GAA Complex in March.

🗓️ 2020
Clonguish forms the Clonguish Handball Club in January, becoming the second registered handball club in the county. Jenny Mahon (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) is awarded the ‘Federation of Irish Sport – Volunteers in Sport’ Award in recognition of her dedicated work with the Abbeylara Handball Club.

🗓️ 2022
Abbeylara Handball Club sends girls and boys teams to the National Féile na nGael in 2022 to compete in Handball. This is first time a Longford club has competed in Handball at Féile. In July nine players from Longford travel to the National One-Wall Championship in Roscommon – the highest ever number of entries from Longford. Danny Reilly (🟢 Clonguish H.C.) wins the Mens Doubles Plate title. Abbeylara plays host to All-Ireland Softball Championships in September and also hosts Over 70’s and Over 55’s All-Ireland 60×30 finals. In August Fintan Creamer wins the 35+ One-Wall title while Jenny Mahon wins the Ladies Challenger title (both 🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) at the Loughmacrory One-Wall Tournament in Tyrone. In October Thomas Finn (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) wins the Leinster U-14 One-Wall title and reaches the All-Ireland final. In December a One-Wall handball court is installed in the Drumlish Community Centre and the local Fr. Manning Gaels club registers as the county’s third active handball club. With Abbeylara, Clonguish and Fr. Manning Gaels handball clubs up and running, the Longford Handball Board is established in 2022 for the first time in many years.

🗓️ 2023
Anna Reilly (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) is inducted into the Leinster Handball ‘Hall of Fame’ on 8th January. In February Longford natives Fionn and Ollie O’Sullivan with the Slovak Shamrocks club win the Men’s Senior Doubles title and Fionn won the Men’s Senior Singles title at the inaugural Czechia Cup. In May Abbeylara club members travel to Inis Mór for the One-Wall Handball Tournament with Fintan Creamer winning the Men’s ‘B’ Plate, Jenny Mahon winning the Ladies ‘C’ Cup, Thomas Finn winning the U-15 Cup and Adam Finn winning the U-13 Cup and Emer Galligan is U-13 Plate runner-up (All 🔴 Abbeylara H.C.). At National Féile na nGael, the Abbeylara club won the Girls Division 2 title and Boys Division 3 title. At the Clann Éireann One-Wall Slam Tournament, Thomas Finn is Boys U-15 Cup Winner, Adam Galligan is Boys U-15 Shield Winner and Marc Galligan is Boys U-13 Shield Winner (All 🔴 Abbeylara H.C.). In July Clonguish hosts the clubs first One-Wall Open Tournament with games played at Clonguish and Drumlish courts. In August Clonguish co-host the National One-Wall (Wall-Ball) Championships along with Kilglass (Roscommon) – the first time a Longford club has hosted this national event. Adam Finn (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) wins the U-13 National Plate final at the games. In September Jenny Mahon (🔴 Abbeylara H.C.) reaches the Junior B final at the All-Ireland Wallball Championship in Tyrone.

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