Longford Gaelic Stats
Annual Awards - Team of Championship

Team of Championship

2023 Team of Championship

  1. Riane McGrath (Killoe)
  2. Ella Duggan (Clonguish)
  3. Emily Reilly (Longford Slashers)
  4. Grace Kenny (Longford Slashers)
  5. Orla Nevin (Longford Slashers)
  6. Eimear O’Brien (Longford Slashers)
  7. Mairead Moore (Clonguish)
  8. Alice Magan (Clonguish)
  9. Grace Shannon (Longford Slashers)
  10. Clare Farrell (Longford Slashers)
  11. Aisling Cosgrove (Longford Slashers)
  12. Niamh Brady (Killoe)
  13. Kate Shannon (Longford Slashers)
  14. Jessica Barry (Longford Slashers)
  15. Hannah Burke (Clonguish)

Annual Awards - Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

  • 2023: Liam Forde (St. Helens)

Annual Awards - Player of the Year

Senior Footballer

  • 2023: Orlan Nevin (Longford Slashers)
  • 2022: Grace Shannon (Longford Slashers)
  • 2021: No Award (Covid-19)
  • 2020: No Award (Covid-19)
  • 2019: Jessica Barry (Longford Slashers)
  • 2018: Emer Powell (Carrickedmond)
  • 2017: Mairead Moore (Clonguish)
  • 2016: Jacinta Brady (Killoe)
  • 2015: Aoife Darcy (Clonguish)
  • 2014: Anne Marie Bratten (Killoe)
  • 2013: Sharon Treacy (Killoe)
  • 2012: Sharon Treacy (Killoe)
  • 2011: Jacinta Brady (Killoe)
  • 2010: Eliabeth Brady (Killoe)
  • 2009: Alison Smyth (Rathcline)
  • 2008: Siobhán McGowan (Clonguish)
  • 2007: Marie Brady (Clonguish)
  • 2006: Sharon Treacy (Killoe)

Annual Awards - Player of the Year

Intermediate Footballer

  • 2023: Leanne Keegan (St. Brigids Gaels)

Annual Awards - Player of the Year

Junior Footballer

  • 2023: Lara O’Sullivan (Rathcline)

Annual awards are presented at the annual Longford GAA/LGFA Awards ceremony in association with the Longford Leader. A shortlist of candidates for Player of the Year is published in the Longford Leader newspaper some weeks earlier and the public vote for their preferred candidate(s), with winners announced on the night of the awards. The public are also invited to submit candidates for Team of the Championship which is announced by the Longford Leader prior to the awards ceremony. While Senior Player of the Year has been in existence since the awards began in 2006, the Intermediate and Junior Player of the Year, Hall of Fame and Ladies ‘Team of the Championship’ awards were added for the 2023 award ceremony in May 2024.