Longford Gaelic Stats
National Football League (1980-2022)

National Football League

Longford has participated in the National Football League in different divisions since the league started in the 1925-26 season. In that first season the league was run on a provincial basis with Leinster having three sections. Longford Laois and Dublin won their respective Leinster sections and all three progressed to a group stage where they played each other to determine a Leinster winner. Laois faced Longford in that decider but Longford decided not to play the game in protest at the context around their first game against Dublin (The first game was initially awarded to Longford as Dublin failed to finish owing to a disputed decision. Later, the Leinster Council declared the result void and ordered a replay which Dublin won). Longford progressed to the NFL Quarter Final while Dublin and Laois progressed to the Semi-Final stage. Sligo defeated Longford in the NFL Quarter Final by 3-1 to 0-5 on 14th February 1926.

Longford won the National League once (1966) beating Galway in the ‘home’ final and defeating New York (21–17 on aggregate) in an ill-tempered clash over two-legs in the “World” final. Over the years Longford won NFL Division 2 twice (1937 & 1972), NFL Division 3 once (2012), NFL Division 3N once (1990), NFL Division 3S once (1988) and NFL Division 4 twice (1984 & 2011). On two occasions, Longford topped the division but didn’t win the division final (2003 & 2015).

These stats focus on Longford in National Football League from 1980 to 2022. (Earlier records to follow in due course)

Won 45% NFL Games (1980-2022)
Lost 46% NFL Games (1980-2022)
Drew 9% NFL Games (1980-2022)

From 1980 to 2022, Longford played 312 National Football League games, Won 141 (45%), Drew 28 (9%) and Lost 143 (46%) and averaged 4th position in divisional standings over the years. During those years Longford was promoted 11 times (1982, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1993, 1995, 2002, 2011, 2012 and 2015) and relegated 10 times (1983, 1987, 1989, 1993, 1995, 1997, 2004, 2009, 2013 and 2014). Longford’s longest losing streak in that period was nine games, stretching from Round 1 of Division 2 in 2013 until the streak was broken in Round 3 of Division 3 against Fermanagh in 2014. The longest winning run in this period was eight games from Round 7 of Division 4 in 2011 until the run was broken by a draw with Tipperary in Round 6 of Division 3 in the unbeaten season of 2012. Longford forfeited just one game from 1980 to 2022, against Cork in 2021, driven by concerns over travel and transmission during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Longford’s victory over Laois in the final game of the 2022 league campaign was the first ever win by a Longford senior team over Laois in Portlaoise. It is worth noting that Longford moved from Division 2B North in 1980 to Division 4 in 1981, however this was not a relegation, and was due to restructuring of the League structure after the 1980 season. The 1980 NFL season (1979/80) was noticeably long, started in April 1979 and stopped after two games, then restarted after Championship was over in October 1979 and concluded in February 1980.

The National League format has changed a number of times over the years from four distinct divisions to having either A and B or North and South sections within all or certain divisions. In the 1993 season, in order to re-format the league from subgroups of two divisions back into four distinct divisions, the league consisted of four “mixed ability” groups of eight teams with Longford in Group B. This unique format led to some unusual pairings and was credited with increasing attendances quite significantly. The league was then back to four divisions from 1994 until the 1998 season when another “mixed ability” set of four groups was created in order to transition back to subgroups of two divisions from the 1999 season onward. By 2007 the league was once more back to four distinct divisions and with the exception of 2021 has remained in this format since. In 2021 the league format switched temporarily to North and South sections for each division to limit travel and games during the Covid-19 pandemic, but returned to the normal four division format thereafter.

SeasonNFL DivisionPlayedLD WonLD DrewLD LostOutcome
2022Division 372146th
2021Division 3 North30124th
2020Division 373134th
2019Division 373135th
2018Division 374123rd
2017Division 372146th
2016Division 374034th
2015Division 486111st ▲
2014Division 372057th ▼
2013Division 270078th ▼
2012Division 387101st (Won) ▲
2011Division 496212nd (Won) ▲
2010Division 482157th
2009Division 372148th ▼
2008Division 373045th
2007Division 2A73133rd
2006Division 2A72235th
2005Division 2A73313rd
2004Division 1A72058th ▼
2003Division 2B86021st ▲
2002Division 2B73045th
2001Division 2B74033rd
2000Division 2B74034th
1999Division 2B73046th
1998Group B *73045th
1997Division 371157th ▼
1996Division 486112nd ▲
1995Division 371247th ▼
1994Division 497112nd ▲
1993Group B *71067th ▼
1992Division 1B51134th
1991Division 271156th
1990Division 3 North85211st (Won) ▲
1989Division 270078th ▼
1988Division 3 South107031st (Won) ▲
1987Division 272057th ▼
1986Division 273046th
1985Division 385032nd ▲
1984Division 487011st (Won) ▲
1983Division 370078th ▼
1982Division 486022nd ▲
1981Division 474123rd
1980Division 2B North85032nd

(▲ Promotion, ▼ Relegation)
* Group B in unique open-draw structure

National Football League (1980-2022)

League Opponents

Longford’s top three most regular opposition in National Football League from 1980 to 2022 has been Carlow (18), Leitrim (18) and Wexford (17). Of the 32 other counties in the National Football League, the only counties which Longford did not beat from 1980 to 2022 are Down, Cork, Kildare, Armagh, Mayo and Meath. Longfords best record of wins from 1980 to 2022 esd against Carlow (13 wins) while the worst record in that period is against Roscommon (9 losses) and Cavan (8 losses).

Longford's NFL Opposition (1980-2022)PlayedLD WonLD DrewLD Lost
Down 7007
National Football League (1980-2022)

League Results

2022Division 3Round 1Longford 1-11Limerick 4-09Loss ❌
2022Division 3Round 2Longford 0-09Louth 1-06Draw ➖
2022Division 3Round 3Longford 0-14Westmeath 0-10Win ✔️
2022Division 3Round 4Longford 1-10Fermanagh 3-11Loss ❌
2022Division 3Round 5Longford 0-12Antrim 1-19Loss ❌
2022Division 3Round 6Longford 2-13Wicklow 0-20Loss ❌
2022Division 3Round 7Longford 2-17Laois 1-13Win ✔️
2021Division 3 NorthRound 1Longford 0-05Derry 0-21Loss ❌
2021Division 3 NorthRound 2Longford 1-13Cavan 1-19Loss ❌
2021Division 3 NorthRound 3Longford 1-15Fermanagh 1-15Draw ➖
2020Division 3Round 1Longford 0-16Louth 1-10Win ✔️
2020Division 3Round 2Longford 0-10Offaly 0-10Draw ➖
2020Division 3Round 3Longford 2-14Leitrim 1-09Win ✔️
2020Division 3Round 4Longford 1-14Down 2-13Loss ❌
2020Division 3Round 5Longford 3-12Tipperary 3-07Win ✔️
2020Division 3Round 6Longford 0-12Derry 2-14Loss ❌
2020Division 3Round 7Longford scr Cork w/oLoss ❌
2019Division 3Round 1Longford 1-08Louth 0-09Win ✔️
2019Division 3Round 2Longford 1-06Offaly 0-09Draw ➖
2019Division 3Round 3Longford 1-11Carlow 0-09Win ✔️
2019Division 3Round 4Longford 0-08Down 3-07Loss ❌
2019Division 3Round 5Longford 0-12Laois 0-14Loss ❌
2019Division 3Round 6Longford 2-15Sligo 0-14Win ✔️
2019Division 3Round 7Longford 1-10Westmeath 1-14Loss ❌
2018Division 3Round 1Longford 3-18Offaly 1-13Win ✔️
2018Division 3Round 2Longford 1-13Derry 1-06Win ✔️
2018Division 3Round 3Longford 1-10Armagh 1-11Loss ❌
2018Division 3Round 4Longford 1-12Wexford 0-09Win ✔️
2018Division 3Round 5Longford 2-12Sligo 0-18Draw ➖
2018Division 3Round 6Longford 1-16Westmeath 1-12Win ✔️
2018Division 3Round 7Longford 1-09Fermanagh 1-10Loss ❌
2017Division 3Round 1Longford 1-12Offaly 0-10Win ✔️
2017Division 3Round 2Longford 0-10Louth 0-11Loss ❌
2017Division 3Round 3Longford 3-09Armagh 3-11Loss ❌
2017Division 3Round 4Longford 0-18Tipperary 3-17Loss ❌
2017Division 3Round 5Longford 0-16Sligo 2-07Win ✔️
2017Division 3Round 6Longford 0-13Laois 1-13Loss ❌
2017Division 3Round 7Longford 0-16Antrim 1-13Draw ➖
2016Division 3Round 1Longford 0-10Offaly 0-12Loss ❌
2016Division 3Round 2Longford 0-13Limerick 1-08Win ✔️
2016Division 3Round 3Longford 0-10Kildare 2-11Loss ❌
2016Division 3Round 4Longford 1-16Sligo 2-09Win ✔️
2016Division 3Round 5Longford 1-17Tipperary 1-11Win ✔️
2016Division 3Round 6Longford 1-09Clare 1-20Loss ❌
2016Division 3Round 7Longford 0-13Westmeath 0-11Win ✔️
2015Division 4Round 1Longford 1-12Leitrim 0-15Draw ➖
2015Division 4Round 2Longford 0-14Antrim 0-13Win ✔️
2015Division 4Round 3Longford 1-18London 0-06Win ✔️
2015Division 4Round 4Longford 1-12Waterford 1-10Win ✔️
2015Division 4Round 5Longford 1-16Wicklow 1-10Win ✔️
2015Division 4Round 6Longford 0-13Offaly 0-10Win ✔️
2015Division 4Round 7Longford 1-18Carlow 1-12Win ✔️
2015Division 4FinalLongford 1-12Offaly 4-16Loss ❌
2014Division 3Round 1Longford 0-10Roscommon 0-13Loss ❌
2014Division 3Round 2Longford 0-11Limerick 2-11Loss ❌
2014Division 3Round 3Longford 1-15Fermanagh 2-11Win ✔️
2014Division 3Round 4Longford 1-15Offaly 1-10Win ✔️
2014Division 3Round 5Longford 0-10Cavan 1-09Loss ❌
2014Division 3Round 6Longford 2-08Sligo 0-15Loss ❌
2014Division 3Round 7Longford 2-10Wexford 1-15Loss ❌
2013Division 2Round 1Longford 1-10Wexford 2-08Loss ❌
2013Division 2Round 2Longford 1-08Westmeath 2-07Loss ❌
2013Division 2Round 3Longford 2-09Armagh 3-08Loss ❌
2013Division 2Round 4Longford 3-07Galway 3-11Loss ❌
2013Division 2Round 5Longford 0-05Derry 0-14Loss ❌
2013Division 2Round 6Longford 0-06Laois 0-09Loss ❌
2013Division 2Round 7Longford 1-08Louth 1-14Loss ❌
2012Division 3Round 1Longford 2-15Offaly 0-08Win ✔️
2012Division 3Round 2Longford 0-10Cavan 0-07Win ✔️
2012Division 3Round 3Longford 0-16Roscommon 2-08Win ✔️
2012Division 3Round 4Longford 1-16Sligo 1-08Win ✔️
2012Division 3Round 5Longford 0-15Antrim 1-08Win ✔️
2012Division 3Round 6Longford 0-12Tipperary 0-12Draw ➖
2012Division 3Round 7Longford 2-12Wexford 1-13Win ✔️
2012Division 3FinalLongford 1-12Wexford 0-13Win ✔️
2011Division 4Round 1Longford 1-07Roscommon 0-10Draw ➖
2011Division 4Round 2Longford 1-08Fermanagh 0-05Win ✔️
2011Division 4Round 3Longford 4-24Kilkenny 0-05Win ✔️
2011Division 4Round 4Longford 1-15London 0-08Win ✔️
2011Division 4Round 5Longford 1-12Wicklow 2-09Draw ➖
2011Division 4Round 6Longford 0-08Clare 1-07Loss ❌
2011Division 4Round 7Longford 1-08Leitrim 0-10Win ✔️
2011Division 4Round 8Longford 1-21Carlow 1-12Win ✔️
2011Division 4FinalLongford 2-11Roscommon 1-08Win ✔️
2010Division 4Round 1Longford 0-10Carlow 1-10Loss ❌
2010Division 4Round 2Longford 0-09Limerick 1-08Loss ❌
2010Division 4Round 3Longford 1-05Waterford 0-08Draw ➖
2010Division 4Round 4Longford 1-11Wicklow 2-09Loss ❌
2010Division 4Round 5Longford 0-09Clare 0-12Loss ❌
2010Division 4Round 6Longford 0-12Leitrim 0-13Loss ❌
2010Division 4Round 7Longford 2-19Kilkenny 1-02Win ✔️
2010Division 4Round 8Longford 1-16London 0-10Win ✔️
2009Division 3Round 1Longford 3-06Cavan 0-12Win ✔️
2009Division 3Round 2Longford 0-11Offaly 0-11Draw ➖
2009Division 3Round 3Longford 0-13Roscommon 1-12Loss ❌
2009Division 3Round 4Longford 0-08Down 0-12Loss ❌
2009Division 3Round 5Longford 0-12Louth 0-18Loss ❌
2009Division 3Round 6Longford 0-07Limerick 1-10Loss ❌
2009Division 3Round 7Longford 0-10Tipperary 0-09Win ✔️
2008Division 3Round 1Longford 1-10Fermanagh 2-10Loss ❌
2008Division 3Round 2Longford 1-09Wexford 3-08Loss ❌
2008Division 3Round 3Longford 0-16Down 0-19Loss ❌
2008Division 3Round 4Longford 0-14Louth 2-21Loss ❌
2008Division 3Round 5Longford 3-05Limerick 2-06Win ✔️
2008Division 3Round 6Longford 2-10Leitrim 0-06Win ✔️
2008Division 3Round 7Longford 1-14Sligo 0-14Win ✔️
2007Division 2ARound 1Longford 5-19London 0-08Win ✔️
2007Division 2ARound 2Longford 3-06Monaghan 1-14Loss ❌
2007Division 2ARound 3Longford 3-08Offaly 1-14Draw ➖
2007Division 2ARound 4Longford 1-14Leitrim 0-10Win ✔️
2007Division 2ARound 5Longford 2-10Clare 0-10Win ✔️
2007Division 2ARound 6Longford 1-11Carlow 1-15Loss ❌
2007Division 2ARound 7Longford 0-12Roscommon 0-15Loss ❌
2006Division 2ARound 1Longford 0-09Donegal 3-16Loss ❌
2006Division 2ARound 2Longford 1-16Limerick 2-13Draw ➖
2006Division 2ARound 3Longford 2-13Roscommon 3-11Loss ❌
2006Division 2ARound 4Longford 2-04Leitrim 1-07Draw ➖
2006Division 2ARound 5Longford 3-07Clare 1-14Loss ❌
2006Division 2ARound 6Longford 0-15Carlow 2-07Win ✔️
2006Division 2ARound 7Longford 1-16London 1-05Win ✔️
2005Division 2ARound 1Longford 3-09London 0-05Win ✔️
2005Division 2ARound 2Longford 0-12Fermanagh 0-10Win ✔️
2005Division 2ARound 3Longford 1-19Carlow 0-09Win ✔️
2005Division 2ARound 4Longford 0-09Clare 0-09Draw ➖
2005Division 2ARound 5Longford 0-11Leitrim 0-11Draw ➖
2005Division 2ARound 6Longford 1-08Roscommon 0-19Loss ❌
2005Division 2ARound 7Longford 4-09Monaghan 2-15Draw ➖
2004Division 1ARound 1Longford 3-07Kerry 1-12Win ✔️
2004Division 1ARound 2Longford 2-12Westmeath 1-13Win ✔️
2004Division 1ARound 3Longford 0-09Tyrone 3-15Loss ❌
2004Division 1ARound 4Longford 0-06Mayo 0-14Loss ❌
2004Division 1ARound 5Longford 1-10Cork 3-10Loss ❌
2004Division 1ARound 6Longford 1-08Fermanagh 0-13Loss ❌
2004Division 1ARound 7Longford 2-09Dublin 2-12Loss ❌
2003Division 2BRound 1Longford 3-13Carlow 0-12Win ✔️
2003Division 2BRound 2Longford 1-06Wexford 1-12Loss ❌
2003Division 2BRound 3Longford 3-13Waterford 0-08Win ✔️
2003Division 2BRound 4Longford 1-09Monaghan 0-10Win ✔️
2003Division 2BRound 5Longford 2-11Clare 0-12Win ✔️
2003Division 2BRound 6Longford 4-18Tipperary 2-11Win ✔️
2003Division 2BRound 7Longford 1-12Derry 0-10Win ✔️
2003Division 2BSemi FinalLongford 2-12Westmeath 1-16Loss ❌
2002Division 2BRound 1Longford 2-09Wexford 2-10Loss ❌
2002Division 2BRound 2Longford 4-13Waterford 1-12Win ✔️
2002Division 2BRound 3Longford 1-14Carlow 0-08Win ✔️
2002Division 2BRound 4Longford 1-12Monaghan 0-11Win ✔️
2002Division 2BRound 5Longford 1-11Laois 1-14Loss ❌
2002Division 2BRound 6Longford 1-11Tipperary 1-12Loss ❌
2002Division 2BRound 7Longford 1-07Meath 1-11Loss ❌
2001Division 2BRound 1Longford 3-10Carlow 2-08Win ✔️
2001Division 2BRound 2Longford 2-16Wexford 0-10Win ✔️
2001Division 2BRound 3Longford 1-10Waterford 0-04Win ✔️
2001Division 2BRound 4Longford 0-10Down 0-15Loss ❌
2001Division 2BRound 5Longford 2-11Tipperary 1-13Win ✔️
2001Division 2BRound 6Longford 1-01Monaghan 0-11Loss ❌
2001Division 2BRound 7Longford 2-12Kildare 1-17Loss ❌
2000Division 2BRound 1Longford 2-10Carlow 2-12Loss ❌
2000Division 2BRound 2Longford 1-11Wexford 0-11Win ✔️
2000Division 2BRound 3Longford 2-06Waterford 0-14Loss ❌
2000Division 2BRound 4Longford 2-11Cavan 0-16Win ✔️
2000Division 2BRound 5Longford 0-12Tipperary 1-07Win ✔️
2000Division 2BRound 6Longford 1-12Monaghan 0-11Win ✔️
2000Division 2BRound 7Longford 0-12Laois 1-16Loss ❌
1999Division 2BRound 1Longford 2-08Carlow 2-13Loss ❌
1999Division 2BRound 2Longford 0-14Wexford 2-09Loss ❌
1999Division 2BRound 3Longford 1-14Waterford 0-10Win ✔️
1999Division 2BRound 4Longford 2-10Cavan 1-01Win ✔️
1999Division 2BRound 5Longford 3-10Tipperary 2-10Win ✔️
1999Division 2BRound 6Longford 0-09Sligo 2-12Loss ❌
1999Division 2BRound 7Longford 0-06Fermanagh 0-15Loss ❌
1998Group BRound 1Longford 2-07Donegal 1-12Loss ❌
1998Group BRound 2Longford 1-14Antrim 3-05Win ✔️
1998Group BRound 3Longford 2-08Westmeath 1-10Win ✔️
1998Group BRound 4Longford 3-12London 2-07Win ✔️
1998Group BRound 5Longford 0-10Derry 0-13Loss ❌
1998Group BRound 6Longford 0-12Armagh 2-15Loss ❌
1998Group BRound 7Longford 1-09Meath 1-18Loss ❌
1997Division 3Round 1Longford 0-11Roscommon 1-09Loss ❌
1997Division 3Round 2Longford 1-12Galway 2-06Win ✔️
1997Division 3Round 3Longford 0-08Antrim 1-09Loss ❌
1997Division 3Round 4Longford 1-09Down 3-18Loss ❌
1997Division 3Round 5Longford 1-13Wicklow 3-09Loss ❌
1997Division 3Round 6Longford 0-07Westmeath 1-10Loss ❌
1997Division 3Round 7Longford 1-09Wexford 2-06Draw ➖
1996Division 4Round 1Longford 1-08Limerick 0-13Loss ❌
1996Division 4Round 2Longford 1-09Wicklow 0-12Draw ➖
1996Division 4Round 3Longford 4-14Kilkenny 2-05Win ✔️
1996Division 4Round 4Longford 1-06Offaly 0-08Win ✔️
1996Division 4Round 5Longford 1-11Carlow 2-06Win ✔️
1996Division 4Round 6Longford 1-14Waterford 0-06Win ✔️
1996Division 4Round 7Longford 2-09Tipperary 0-08Win ✔️
1996Division 4Round 8Longford 4-19London 1-06Win ✔️
1995Division 3Round 1Longford 0-08Fermanagh 1-19Loss ❌
1995Division 3Round 2Longford 1-08Roscommon 1-13Loss ❌
1995Division 3Round 3Longford 0-11Westmeath 1-08Draw ➖
1995Division 3Round 4Longford 2-07Cavan 2-11Loss ❌
1995Division 3Round 5Longford 0-09Tipperary 0-08Win ✔️
1995Division 3Round 6Longford 1-07Wexford 0-10Draw ➖
1995Division 3Round 7Longford 0-07Antrim 1-10Loss ❌
1994Division 4Round 1Longford 2-09Sligo 0-12Win ✔️
1994Division 4Round 2Longford 1-08Wicklow 0-08Win ✔️
1994Division 4Round 3Longford 2-06Westmeath 1-09Draw ➖
1994Division 4Round 4Longford 2-11London 0-07Win ✔️
1994Division 4Round 5Longford 0-09Limerick 1-01Win ✔️
1994Division 4Round 6Longford 1-08Carlow 1-04Win ✔️
1994Division 4Round 7Longford 3-10Kilkenny 0-02Win ✔️
1994Division 4Round 8Longford 1-17Waterford 0-09Win ✔️
1994NFL KnockoutPlay-offLongford 2-08Westmeath 2-10Loss ❌
1993Group BRound 1Longford 2-05Leitrim 1-12Loss ❌
1993Group BRound 2Longford 1-06Cavan 1-10Loss ❌
1993Group BRound 3Longford 1-07Kildare 1-13Loss ❌
1993Group BRound 4Longford 1-10Carlow 0-11Win ✔️
1993Group BRound 5Longford 0-07Cork 0-12Loss ❌
1993Group BRound 6Longford 1-07Tipperary 0-11Loss ❌
1993Group BRound 7Longford 0-07Donegal 3-16 Loss ❌
1992Division 1BRound 1Longford 2-08Wicklow 1-09Win ✔️
1992Division 1BRound 2Longford 0-01Donegal 1-07Loss ❌
1992Division 1BRound 3Longford 0-08Roscommon 1-07Loss ❌
1992Division 1BRound 4Longford 2-04Leitrim 1-10Loss ❌
1992Division 1BRound 5Longford 2-09Antrim 1-12Draw ➖
1991Division 2Round 1Longford 2-10Antrim 2-10Draw ➖
1991Division 2Round 2Longford 0-05Kildare 1-05Loss ❌
1991Division 2Round 3Longford 1-04Mayo 2-11Loss ❌
1991Division 2Round 4Longford 2-14Cavan 0-07Win ✔️
1991Division 2Round 5Longford 0-09Leitrim 1-07Loss ❌
1991Division 2Round 6Longford 0-05Tyrone 2-13Loss ❌
1991Division 2Round 7Longford 1-11Derry 2-16Loss ❌
1990Division 3 NorthRound 1Longford 1-14Westmeath 2-09Win ✔️
1990Division 3 NorthRound 2Longford 3-10Fermanagh 0-08Win ✔️
1990Division 3 NorthRound 3Longford 0-13Laois 1-06Win ✔️
1990Division 3 NorthRound 4Longford 1-10Leitrim 1-10Draw ➖
1990Division 3 NorthRound 5Longford 0-11Offaly 1-08Draw ➖
1990Division 3 NorthRound 6Longford 2-14Sligo 3-02Win ✔️
1990Division 3 NorthRound 7Longford 2-08Galway 1-08Win ✔️
1990NFL KnockoutQuarter FinalLongford 1-05Down 1-21Loss ❌
1989Division 2Round 1Longford 0-05Louth 0-06Loss ❌
1989Division 2Round 2Longford 0-11Roscommon 1-10Loss ❌
1989Division 2Round 3Longford 1-09Cavan 1-10Loss ❌
1989Division 2Round 4Longford 0-04Galway 0-07Loss ❌
1989Division 2Round 5Longford 0-06Cork 0-09Loss ❌
1989Division 2Round 6Longford 1-10Kilkenny 3-11Loss ❌
1989Division 2Round 7Longford 2-05Mayo 2-11Loss ❌
1988Division 3SRound 1Longford 2-11Kilkenny 1-05Win ✔️
1988Division 3SRound 2Longford 1-09Carlow 1-02Win ✔️
1988Division 3SRound 3Longford 2-07Wexford 1-04Win ✔️
1988Division 3SRound 4Longford 0-07Limerick 1-07Loss ❌
1988Division 3SRound 5Longford 0-10Waterford 1-06Win ✔️
1988Division 3SRound 6Longford 1-09Wicklow 0-06Win ✔️
1988Division 3SRound 7Longford 1-04Tipperary 1-06Loss ❌
1988Division 3SSemi FinalLongford 1-05Wexford 0-07Win ✔️
1988Division 3SFinalLongford 0-08Limerick 0-07Win ✔️
1988NFL KnockoutQuarter FinalLongford 0-04Dublin 0-10Loss ❌
1987Division 2Round 1Longford 0-08Tyrone 0-07Win ✔️
1987Division 2Round 2Longford 1-05Cavan 1-11Loss ❌
1987Division 2Round 3Longford 0-03Kildare 0-12Loss ❌
1987Division 2Round 4Longford 1-04Donegal 2-07Loss ❌
1987Division 2Round 5Longford 1-07Cork 1-10Loss ❌
1987Division 2Round 6Longford 1-04Laois 0-06Win ✔️
1987Division 2Round 7Longford 0-07Derry 0-10Loss ❌
1986Division 2Round 1Longford 0-18Galway 0-03Win ✔️
1986Division 2Round 2Longford 3-08Dublin 1-11Win ✔️
1986Division 2Round 3Longford 0-07Cavan 3-04Loss ❌
1986Division 2Round 4Longford 1-11Mayo 2-13Loss ❌
1986Division 2Round 5Longford 0-05Donegal 1-11Loss ❌
1986Division 2Round 6Longford 0-06Cork 2-04Loss ❌
1986Division 2Round 7Longford 1-07Wexford 0-09Win ✔️
1985Division 3Round 1Longford 2-08Wicklow 0-05Win ✔️
1985Division 3Round 2Longford 1-06Derry 3-07Loss ❌
1985Division 3Round 3Longford 1-12Laois 1-09Win ✔️
1985Division 3Round 4Longford 2-07Leitrim 2-03Win ✔️
1985Division 3Round 5Longford 1-11Antrim 1-07Win ✔️
1985Division 3Round 6Longford 0-06Clare 1-05Loss ❌
1985Division 3Round 7Longford 0-08Cavan 0-07Win ✔️
1985First PlacePlay-offLongford 0-08Cavan 1-09Loss ❌
1984Division 4Round 1Longford 0-13Sligo 2-05Win ✔️
1984Division 4Round 2Longford 3-14Kilkenny 0-03Win ✔️
1984Division 4Round 3Longford 1-07Leitrim 0-09Win ✔️
1984Division 4Round 4Longford 0-12Limerick 1-06Win ✔️
1984Division 4Round 5Longford 0-13Tipperary 2-04Win ✔️
1984Division 4Round 6Longford 1-07Fermanagh 0-07Win ✔️
1984Division 4Round 7Longford 3-11Waterford 0-06Win ✔️
1984NFL KnockoutQuarter FinalLongford 2-05Kerry 2-11Loss ❌
1983Division 3Round 1Longford 0-09Clare 0-11Loss ❌
1983Division 3Round 2Longford 0-04Wexford 1-09Loss ❌
1983Division 3Round 3Longford 1-09Donegal 2-07Loss ❌
1983Division 3Round 4Longford 1-05Laois 1-08Loss ❌
1983Division 3Round 5Longford 2-03Monaghan 0-15Loss ❌
1983Division 3Round 6Longford 1-09Fermanagh 2-08Loss ❌
1983Division 3Round 7Longford 0-04Louth 1-11Loss ❌
1982Division 4Round 1Longford 0-10Sligo 0-09Win ✔️
1982Division 4Round 2Longford 1-12Kilkenny 2-07Win ✔️
1982Division 4Round 3Longford 1-05Leitrim 0-04Win ✔️
1982Division 4Round 4Longford 1-06Limerick 1-02Win ✔️
1982Division 4Round 5Longford 1-03Clare 2-03Loss ❌
1982Division 4Round 6Longford 2-06Waterford 0-06Win ✔️
1982Division 4Round 7Longford 1-10Carlow 2-08Loss ❌
19822nd PlacePlay-offLongford 1-08Sligo 0-09Win ✔️
1981Division 4Round 1Longford 0-3Westmeath 1-5Loss ❌
1981Division 4Round 2Longford 2-7Kilkenny 1-8Win ✔️
1981Division 4Round 3Longford 3-5Leitrim 1-8Win ✔️
1981Division 4Round 4Longford 2-9Limerick 0-6Win ✔️
1981Division 4Round 5Longford 2-8Wicklow 2-13Loss ❌
1981Division 4Round 6Longford 1-8Waterford 2-5Draw ➖
1981Division 4Round 7Longford 1-8Carlow 2-2Win ✔️
1980Division 2B NorthRound 1Longford 0-3Fermanagh 1-12Loss ❌
1980Division 2B NorthRound 2Longford 1-9Sligo 0-7Loss ❌
1980Division 2B NorthRound 3Longford 2-6Sligo 0-9Win ✔️
1980Division 2B NorthRound 4Longford 0-11Leitrim 0-3Win ✔️
1980Division 2B NorthRound 5Longford 1-6Leitrim 0-7Win ✔️
1980Division 2B NorthRound 6Longford 2-4Fermanagh 1-4Win ✔️
1980Division 2B NorthRound 7Longford 0-8Donegal 0-6Win ✔️
1980Division 2B NorthRound 8Longford 2-6Donegal 3-4Loss ❌

Note: Until the 2002 season, NFL seasons tended to start in Autumn and finished in Spring. Hence the 1980 season shown above is in fact the 1979/80 season, the 1981 season is 1980/81 and so on until 2002 when the Leagues starts and finishes within the same calendar year from that point. The 1980 NFL season was particularly long, starting with two games in Spring 1979, pausing for Championship, restarting in October 1979 and concluding in February 1980. 

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