Longford Gaelic Stats
Ladies Senior 'A' Championship

SFC Winners

WonClub / TeamYear Titles Won
8Killoe2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016
7Clonguish1989, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2015, 2017
5Ballymore1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2003
5Longford Slashers1983, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
4St. Helens1990, 1992, 1993, 1994
3Rathcline2000, 2001, 2002
2Ardagh1982, 1984
2Granard1985, 1986
2Carrickedmond1987, 2018
1St. Annes1988
1St. Helens/Rathcline1996

(Note: St. Annes was a temporary amalgamation of Ardagh and Legan) 

Ladies Senior 'A' Championship

SFC Timeline

Ladies Senior 'A' Championship

Roll of Honour

Longford Slashers 0-10
Clonguish 1-06

Note: Longford Slashers went on to win the Leinster Intermediate Club Championship in 2022 and with victory over Charlestown in the All-Ireland Semi-Final, the ladies of Longford Slashers reached the All-Ireland Intermediate Club Championship final on 10th December 2022 in Croke Park, winning the All-Ireland title by defeating Mullinahone (Tipperary) by 4-11 to 2-8. This was the first time a club from Longford (in either LGFA or GAA) had ever reached an All-Ireland club final in any grade, and the first time a club from Longford had won an All-Ireland club championship title in any grade across LGFA and GAA. 

Longford Slashers 2-9
Carrickedmond 1-11

Longford Slashers 2-15
Carrickedmond 1-9

Longford Slashers 4-9
Clonguish 2-9

Carrickedmond 5-7
Killoe 0-12

Clonguish 0-9
Mostrim 0-6

Clonguish 0-9
Mostrim 0-9

Killoe 1-14
Mostrim 1-3

Clonguish 1-8
Killoe 0-10

Killoe 3-10
Ballymore 1-11

(This was the first 5-in-row of Ladies SFC titles)

Killoe 2-14
Clonguish 2-5

(This was the first 4-in-row of Ladies SFC titles)

Killoe 2-14
Clonguish 2-4

Killoe 1-12
Ballymore 2-8

Killoe 0-11
Clonguish 1-4

Clonguish 1-6
Killoe 1-5

(This championship was played under the banner of an ‘Intermediate A Championship’)

Killoe 3-9
Clonguish 0-7

(The victory by Clonguish in the 2007 Leinster Intermediate Club Championship final meant that the 2008 winners would have to play in the Leinster Senior Club competition for 2008. To avoid this, the County Board played both the 2008 and 2009 Longford championships under the banner of ‘Intermediate A Championship’. Killoe went on to win the Leinster Intermediate Club Championship title in 2008). 

Clonguish 1-11
Killoe 1-6

(Clonguish went on to win the Leinster Intermediate Club Championship title, becoming the first club from Longford to win a provincial title)

Killoe 3-14
Clonguish 1-7

Clonguish 2-11
Ballymore 0-10

Clonguish 2-10
Killoe 2-8

Ballymore 1-11
Rathcline 1-8

Rathcline 2-11
Killoe 2-4

Rathcline 3-10
Clonguish 0-9

Rathcline 3-4
Killoe 2-6

Ballymore 5-9
Killoe 4-8

Ballymore 5-13
Rathcline 1-14

Ballymore 5-10
Killoe 3-6

St. Helens / Rathcline 2-7
Ballymore 2-6

(The 1996 decider was notable for two reasons… Firstly, it was played in February 1997 due to the success of the Longford senior team in competition in late 1996. Secondly, the scoreboard at full time read 2-7 to 2-6 to the St. Helens-Rathcline amalgamation. With the players celebrating, the referee was certain the scoreboard was incorrect and so counted his scores and informed both teams that Ballymore had won by 1 point. With Ballymore now celebrating and St. Helens-Rathcline having now objected, the ref counted the scores again and concluded a draw. A review of the video later found that the St. Helens-Rathcline amalgamation had indeed won the game)

Ballymore 0-12
St. Helens 1-8

St. Helens 8-8
Clonguish 1-4

(This was the first 3-in-row of Ladies SFC titles)

St. Helens 7-15
Kenagh 2-3

St. Helens 8-14
Carrickedmond 1-3

Granard / Abbeylara 0-5
St. Helens 0-4

St. Helens 2-2
Carrickedmond 1-2

Clonguish 3-4
St. Helens 2-3

Note: McCabe cup inscribed with wrong winner for 1989. It has ‘St. Helens/Éire Óg’ when it should be Clonguish (📷 Source). It is worth noting that the Ladies Senior Club in Drumlish was founded as Éíre Óg, while the Ladies Underage Club in Drumlish was called St. Helens. By the end of 1989 both moved to the common name of St. Helens. 

St. Annes 4-0
Carrickedmond 3-1

(St. Annes was a temporary amalgamation of Ardagh & Legan. The McCabe cup is missing the winner for this year)

Carrickedmond 4-3
St. Annes 1-5

(St. Annes was a temporary amalgamation of Ardagh & Legan)

Granard 3-7
Carrickedmond 0-1

(This was the first back-to-back of Ladies SFC titles)

Granard 4-5
Legan 0-0

Note: The McCabe cup is inscribed with wrong winner for 1985. It has ‘Ardagh’ when it should be Granard. 📷 here

Ardagh 2-4
Granard 0-6

Longford Slashers 2-3
Éire Óg 1-3

(Éire Óg was the name of the Ladies Club in Drumlish & Ballinamuck parish, later renamed St. Helens)

Ardagh 5-6
Éire Óg 0-0

(Éire Óg was the name of the Ladies Club in Drumlish parish, later renamed St. Helens)

Ladies Senior 'A' Championship

Additional Notes

The names of all winners are displayed in the roll of honour in line with the name used by each club at the time of that final, to preserve that historic record.

The following clarifications apply to Ladies SFC winners down the years:

– Ardagh ladies club is now called St. Brigids Gaels ladies club.
– St. Annes was an amalgamation of Ardagh and Legan ladies clubs.
– St. Helens was the original name of the Ladies underage club in Drumlish while the Ladies senior club was called Éire Óg. By the end of the 1989 season both senior and underage were under one common name of St. Helens.

The 2008 & 2009 Senior Championship competition was actually played as an Intermediate Championship. Longford Senior Champions of 2008 and 2009 and would have to play in the Leinster Senior Club competition in those years rather than in the Leinster Intermediate Club championship. It seems that a decision was made to stay in Intermediate provincial competition, hence the Senior Championship was effectively played as an Intermediate Championship even though it was the same competition and trophy as previous and subsequent Senior Championship years. Hence in the match reports for both years finals, they appear as Intermediate A Championship Finals.

The first Ladies Senior Football Championship competition in Longford began in July 1982 with Ardagh winning the first title with victory over Éire Óg (Drumlish) in the final, thus receiving the new J.J. McCabe cup. The McCabe cup would be presented to all Ladies SFC winners from 1982 to 2011 and was replaced by the Alison Smyth cup from 2012.

Ladies competition in Longford had started two years prior, when a Senior Football League competition began in August 1980. The Senior League of 1980 was won by Killoe who beat Legan in the final, while the Senior League of 1981 was won by Ardagh who beat Longford Slashers in the decider. Both winners were presented with the Anthony Curren Cup which continues to be the cup presented to the Senior League winners to this day. By the 1982 season both Senior Championship and Senior League competitions were in place in Longford.

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