Longford Gaelic Stats
U-20 Hurling Championship

U-20 Winners

WonClub / TeamYear Titles Won
8Longford Slashers1987, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2023
5Clonguish Gaels1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003
5Wolfe Tones1986, 1991, 1992, 1996, 2018

– Grade changed from U-21 to U-20 from 2021.

U-20 Hurling Championship

Roll of Honour

Longford Slashers 2-13
Wolfe Tones 3-9

Final was played on 26th November 2023 at Michael Moran Park. A new cup was presented to captain Micheál Mulcahy.

2023 competition was 11-a-side with three clubs involved:

Clonguish Gaels
Longford Slashers
Wolfe Tones (Mostrim)

No competition held.

Note: Competition grade changed from U-21 to U-20 from 2021.

Longford Slashers v Wolfe Tones final was fixed for 30th November 2019.

Final was not played and is noted as ‘Not Played’ in the 2019 Convention Report.

Wolfe Tones 4-13
Longford Slashers 1-11

Final was played on 11th November 2018 at Pearse Park. A new trophy was presented to the winning captain Cian McLoughlin. Reporting around the final noted that U-21 Hurling competition had not been played for a number of years.

Final was between Longford Slashers and Wolfe Tones and was fixed for 10th December 2017.

Game was subsequently postponed and the final was not played.

No competition held.

Clonguish Gaels beat Wolfe Tones in the final, played on 14th December 2003. Clonguish club notes in January 2004 notes that the Under 21’s were picking up their 2002/03 medals at the Dinner Dance (the 2002 final was played in Jan 2003).

Clonguish Gaels 2-8
Longford Slashers 1-7

The 2002 final was delayed and played on 26th January 2003 at Shroid Slashers grounds.

In 2002 the semi-final was reported as Wolfe Tones v Slashers Gaels with the winner due to play Clonguish Gaels in the decider. That semi-final was fixed for 13th September 2002 and then postponed to 26th September with Clonguish again cited as waiting in final which itself was then fixed for 28th September 2002. However the semi-final was postponed further to October 2002. There is no notice of the semi-final winner, however the final is then fixed for 12th January 2003 between Slashers and Clonguish and classified as the 2002 final. It is then postponed to 26th January 2003 and is finally played with Clonguish emerging as champions. Noted as winners in the Clonguish club notes on 31st January 2003.

Slashers Gaels due to meet Clonguish Gaels in U-21 Hurling Championship final on 17th or 18th November 2001.

The final was scheduled late in the year due to the 2000 U-21 Hurling Championship spilling into 2001 and not completing until October 2001. The 2001 final then didn’t happen on the scheduled November date and instead spilled into 2002 and is earmarked to complete in early 2002 according to the Convention report at the end of 2001. However no record can be found of the 2001 final being played in 2002.

Clonguish Gaels 1-12
Wolfe Tones 1-8

Competition spilled into 2001 and final was played in October 2001. The final was scheduled late in the year due to the 2000 U-21 Hurling Championship spilling into 2001 and not completing until October 2001. Hurling notes in March 2001 cite one semi-final between Ballymahon Gales v Wolfe Tones postponed due to lack of a pitch, and the other semi-final between Slashers Gaels v Clonguish Gaels won by Clonguish by a point. Wolfe Tones appear to have eventually won their postponed semi-final vs Ballymahon Gaels and proceeded to the final vs Clonguish Gaels in October 2001.

Clonguish Gaels 4-10
Wolfe Tones 1-9

Final was payed in November 1999.

Clonguish Gaels 2-9
Slashers Gaels 2-5

Clonguish Gaels 1-7
Slashers Gaels 0-10

Final was played on 26th October 1998 in Pearse Park and ended in a draw. The replay was on 14th November 1998.

Note: Clonguish Gaels played Wolfe Tones in the semi-final with the winner playing Longford Slashers in the final. 

Slashers Gaels 1-9
Wolfe Tones 1-6

Final was played in Pearse Park on Monday 27th October.

Wolfe Tones 2-9
Slashers Gaels 1-3

Slashers Gaels beat Wolfe Tones in the final on 30th October 1995 at Michael Fay Park.

First 3-in-a-row of U-21 Hurling Championship titles.

Slashers Gaels 2-10
Wolfe Tones 2-7

Final was played at Michael Fay Park on Monday October 31st 1994.

Back-to-back title win for Slashers Gaels.

Slashers Gaels 2-11
Wolfe Tones 2-7

Final replay took place on 21st November 1993 at Pearse Park.

Wolfe Tones 2-7
Slashers Gaels 2-3

Final played on 26th October 1992 at Michael Fay Park.

Wolfe Tones beat Slashers Gaels in the final.

No further notes.

Only Slashers Gaels noted as being able to field an U-21 team in 1989, hence no competition held.

Slashers Gaels 1-3
Wolfe Tones/Bunlahy 0-2

First back-to-back of U21 titles. Final played in November 1988 in Centenary Park, Newtownforbes.

Slashers Gaels beat Wolfe Tones in the final played on 15th November 1987 at Ballymahon.

Only two clubs competed in U-21 Hurling Championship in 1987.

Wolfe Tones 2-9
Slashers Gaels 1-7

Inaugural U-21 Hurling Championship final, played in Edgeworthstown on 31st August 1986. Winner received the Park House Hotel Cup.

Wolfe Tones proposed a new U-21 hurling competition at the Hurling Convention in January 1986. Wolfe Tones (Edegeworthstown) noted as the winner in the final report whereas the roll of honour at the end of 1986 lists winners as Wolfe Tones/Bunlahy. Not clear if this was an amalgamation.

Club name(s) displayed are those used at the time of the final, to preserve that historic record.

U-20 Hurling Championship

Additional Notes

The following name clarifications apply to hurling finalists down the years.

  • Competition grade was changed from U-21 to U-20 from 2021.
  • Slashers Gaels was renamed Longford Slashers in early 2000’s.
  • Wolfe Tones is the hurling section of the Mostrim GAA Club.
  • Clonguish Gaels is the hurling section of the Clonguish GAA Club.
  • Naomh Ciaráns was the hurling section of the Rathcline club. No longer active.
  • Note: Park House Hotel Cup was initially used, but repurposed for MHC in early 2000’s.

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