Longford Gaelic Stats
U-14 Football Championship

U-14 Winners

WonClub / TeamYear Titles Won
28Longford Slashers1965, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976u, 1977u, 1982u, 1983u, 1985u, 1987u, 1988u, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2004, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016
9Killoe Óg1981r, 2000, 2001, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2018
7Clonguish Óg1980r, 1984r, 1999, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023
5Granard1980u, 1981u, 1984u, 1995, 2021
4Shannon Gaels1966, 1974, 1978u, 1986u
4St. Francis1969, 1978r, 1979r, 1988r
4Northern Gaels2003, 2005, 2007, 2010
3St. Vincents1977r, 1986r, 2006
2St. Dominics1982r, 1983r
1Wolfe Tones Óg1979u
1Southern Gaels2002

– Grade changed from U-14 to U-13 in 2021 & 2022.
– Clarification of previous and current team names and combinations is here.

U-14 Football Championship

U-14 Breakdown

U-14 Football Championship

Roll of Honour

YearGradeChampionship Winners
2023U14🏆 Clonguish Óg
2022U13🏆 Clonguish Óg
2021U13🏆 Granard
2020U14🏆 Clonguish Óg
2019U14🏆 Clonguish Óg
2018U14🏆 Killoe Óg
2017U14🏆 Killoe Óg
2016U14🏆 Longford Slashers
2015U14🏆 Killoe Óg
2014U14🏆 Longford Slashers
2013U14🏆 Longford Slashers
2012U14🏆 Killoe Óg
2011U14🏆 Longford Slashers
2010U14🏆 Northern Gaels
2009U14🏆 Killoe Óg
2008U14🏆 Killoe Óg
2007U14🏆 Northern Gaels
2006U14🏆 St. Vincents
2005U14🏆 Northern Gaels
2004U14🏆 Longford Slashers
2003U14🏆 Northern Gaels
2002U14🏆 Southern Gaels
2001U14🏆 Killoe
2000U14🏆 Killoe
1999U14🏆 Lough Forbes Gaels
1998U14🏆 St. Michaels
1997U14🏆 St. Michaels
1996U14🏆 St. Michaels
1995U14🏆 Granard
1994U14🏆 St. Michaels
1993U14🏆 St. Michaels
1992U14🏆 Ballymahon Leo Caseys
1991U14🏆 St. Michaels
1990U14🏆 St. Michaels
1989U14🏆 St. Michaels
1988U14🏆 St. Michaels (urban)
🏆 St. Francis (rural)
1987U14🏆 St. Michaels (urban)
🏆 Cuchullains (rural)
1986U14🏆 Shannon Gaels (urban)
🏆 St. Vincents (rural)
1985U14🏆 St. Michaels (urban)
🏆 Killashee (rural)
1984U14🏆 Granard (urban)
🏆 Lough Forbes Gaels (rural)
1983U14🏆 St. Michaels (urban)
🏆 St. Dominics (rural)
1982U14🏆 St. Michaels (urban)
🏆 St. Dominics (rural)
1981U14🏆 Granard (urban)
🏆 Killoe (rural)
1980U14🏆 Granard (urban)
🏆 Lough Forbes Gaels (rural)
1979U14🏆 Wolfe Tones (urban)
🏆 St. Francis (rural)
1978U14🏆 Shannon Gaels (urban)
🏆 St. Francis (rural)
1977U14🏆 St. Michaels (urban)
🏆 St. Vincents (rural)
1976U14🏆 St. Michaels (urban)
🏆 Ardagh (rural)
1975U14🏆 St. Michaels
1974U14🏆 Shannon Gaels
1973U14🏆 St. Michaels
1972U14🏆 St. Michaels
1971U14🏆 St. Michaels
1970U14🏆 St. Michaels
1969U14🏆 St. Francis
1968U14🏆 St. Michaels
1967U14🏆 St. Michaels
1966U14🏆 Shannon Gaels
1965U14🏆 St. Michaels

(Names of winners are displayed using name of each team at the time of that final, to preserve that historic record)

U-14 Football Championship

Additional Notes

  • 2017: Shamrock Gaels = Ballymahon Forgney Gaels + Southern Gaels

Current Team Names:

  • Ballymahon Forgney Gaels is an Independent Team for Ballymahon & Forgney.
  • Ballymore Shamrocks is underage section of Ballymore club. Inactive since 2019.
  • Carrick Sarsfields is an Independent Team for Carrickedmond and Legan.
  • Clonbroney is underage section of the Seán Connollys club.
  • Clonguish Óg is underage section of the Clonguish club.
  • Granard is underage section of the St. Marys Granard club.
  • Grattan Gaels is underage section of the Young Grattans club.
  • Killoe Óg is underage section of the Killoe Young Emmets club.
  • Longford Slashers is underage section of the Longford Slashers club.
  • Northern Gaels is an Independent Team for Abbeylara & Mullinalaghta.
  • Shannon Gaels is underage section of the Rathcline club.
  • Southern Gaels is an Independent Team for Cashel & Killashee.
  • St. Colmcilles is underage section of the Colmcille club.
  • St. Dominics is underage section of the Kenagh club.
  • St. Francis is underage section of the Dromard club.
  • St. Patricks Óg is underage section of the Ardagh Moydow club.
  • St. Vincents is underage section of the Fr. Manning Gaels club.
  • Wolfe Tones Óg is underage section of the Mostrim club.
  • Western Gaels is a combination of Shannon Gaels & Grattan Gaels.
  • Shamrock Gaels is a combination of Ballymahon Forgney Gaels & Southern Gaels.

Past Team Names:

  • Ballymahon or Leo Caseys was Ballymahon underage prior to Ballymahon Forgney Gaels.
  • Clonahard Gaels was an underage club that existed briefly in Longford underage competition in 1965.
  • Clonguish Óg also won titles as Clonguish (pre 1958), Padraig Pearses (1958-1964) & Lough Forbes Gaels (1965-2000).
  • Cuchullains was Cashel underage prior to the creation of Southern Gaels.
  • Forgney was St. Munis Forgney underage prior to the creation of Ballymahon Forgney Gaels.
  • Granard won underage titles prior to 1958 as St. Marys. Thereafter played and won as Granard.
  • Killashee was St. Brigids Killashee underage prior to the creation of Southern Gaels.
  • Legan Casements was Legan Sarsfields underage prior to the creation of Carrick Sarsfields.
  • Moydow Óg was Moydow Harpers underage prior to formation of Ardagh Moydow club.
  • Mullinalaghta or St. Columbas was Mullinalaghta underage prior to creation of Northern Gaels.
  • St. Annes was Young Grattans underage in 1980’s prior to the club becoming Grattan Gaels.
  • St. Bernards was Abbeylara underage prior to the creation of Northern Gaels.
  • St. Colmcilles won underage titles prior to 1961 as Colmcille (St. Colmcilles thereafter).
  • St. Lukes was an underage club created in 1994 in Longford Town & competed in U12/U14 in 1995.
  • St. Mels was Shroid Slashers underage prior to the Shroid club becoming inactive in the 2010’s.
  • St. Michaels was Longford Slashers underage name before being renamed in the early 2000’s.
  • St. Olivers was Carrickedmond underage in the early 1960’s before becoming St. Sinneachs.
  • St. Patricks Óg was Ardagh St. Patricks underage. It is now underage club for Ardagh Moydow.
  • St. Sinneachs was Carrickedmond underage prior to the creation of Carrick Sarsfields.
  • St. James was a combination of Ardagh & Moydow underage clubs in 1990’s, 2000’s & early 2010’s.
  • Foxhall Gaels was a combination of St. James and Legan Casements underage clubs in 2000’s.
  • Parnells was a combination of St. Sinneachs and St. Dominics underage clubs in 2000’s.
  • Pearses was a combination of Wolfe Tones and Ballymore Shamrocks underage clubs in 2000’s.
  • Harps was a combination of St. Vincents and St. Francis underage clubs in 2000’s.
  • Round Towers was a combination of Shannon Gaels and Grattan Gaels underage clubs in 2000’s.
  • Thomas Davis was a combination of Granard and St. Mels Shroid underage clubs in 2000’s.
  • Camlin Rovers was a Minor combination of Killoe & Ballymore in 1999 and Killoe & Clonbroney in 2000.
  • Camlin Rovers was U-16 combination of Clonbroney & St. Francis in 2000 as winners of U-16 Championship.
  • Derrahaun Region was a combination of Cashel, Kenagh and Killashee in U-16 and Minor Championship in 1976.
  • Mid Region was a combination of Killoe, Clonguish, Clonbroney & Ballymore in U-16 and Minor Championship in 1976.
  • Northern Gaels was a combination of St. Francis, St. Vincents & St. Colmcilles in U-16 and Minor Championship in 1975 & 1976.

Note 1: Other combinations existed in 1970’s & 1980’s and their composition can be understood via the above list.
Note 2: The “Óg” suffix added to club names (Killoe, Wolfe Tones, Clonguish, St. Patricks, Moydow) in early 2000’s.
Note 3: This is not all past underage names, only those where further clarification of the name is deemed necessary.

The U-14 competition began in 1965 following a successful motion at Convention, proposed by the Granard club.

U14 Championship was split into Urban and Rural competitions from 1976 to 1988.
Those titles are identified as (r) or (u) in the table of titles.

Dromard won the U-14 Championship for the first time in 1969, and decided to rectify the lack of any silverware for the winner by presenting the County Board with the Dromard Cup. The cup was used for U-14 Championship for a few years and when the competition was split into Urban and Rural from 1976 to 1988, the Dromard Cup was used for the Rural winner while the Longford Slashers Cup was presented to the Urban winner. Other cups such as the Fr. MacAulay Cup and P.M. Farrell Cup were also used for U-14 Championship over the years. Today the Paddy Doris Cup is presented to the winner.

A second U-14 Championship competition known as the ‘County Championship’ was played in addition to the regular U-14 Championship in 2016 & 2017. Longford Slashers won this competition in 2016 and Shamrock Gaels (an Independent Team comprising Ballymahon Forgney Gaels and Southern Gaels) won this competition in 2017. It was not continued thereafter.

Grade changed from U-14 to U-13 grade in 2021 & 2022 and back to U-14 from 2023.

This content was researched & compiled independently from 2014 to 2023.
Please cite this website if quoting or using this material elsewhere.