Longford Gaelic Stats
Senior Hurling Championship

Hurling Championship

Longford Senior Hurlers participated in the following Championship competitions up to 2022:

1) Leinster Championship (1903-1904)
2) All Ireland β€˜B’ Championship (1996 only)
3) Nicky Rackard Cup (From 2005)
4) Lory Meagher Cup (From 2009)

Longford’s first inter-county hurling game was in a ‘Leinster Cup’ game on 19th July 1903 (πŸ”— here), losing to Meath in the 1st round at Jones’s Road by 2-10 to 0-0. Later that year Longford played in the Leinster SHC for the first time, losing to Wexford on 22nd November 1903 by 2-12 to 0-2 in Jones’s Road (πŸ”— here). The following year Longford played Westmeath in the 1st round of the Leinster SHC on 31st July 1904 (πŸ”— here), losing by 2-9 to 1-0. Longford’s next inter-county hurling game was at Junior grade in the Leinster Junior Hurling Championship on 17th February 1907 (may have been the delayed 1906 competition?) with Longford conceding the game to Westmeath. The following year in 1908, Longford met Westmeath in the Leinster JHC on 23rd May 1908, losing by 1-9 to 1-4. This was the last inter-county hurling match involving Longford until 1929 when the county re-entered inter-county hurling competition intermittently in the 1929, 1933, 1934, 1936, and 1958 Leinster JHC before a long lull of almost 50 years without any inter-county hurling activity. The next time a Longford team was competing in inter-county hurling competition was in the National Hurling League of 1982.

Longford briefly competed in All-Ireland ‘B’ Hurling Championship competition in 1996. Longford competed in the Nicky Rackard Cup (Tier 4) from it’s inception in 2005, and also competed in Lory Meagher Cup (Tier 5) since its inception in 2009. By the end of 2022, Longford had participated in the Lory Meagher Cup in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2021 and 2022 and in the Nicky Rackard Cup in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020.

Won 41% Senior Championship Games
Lost 54% Senior Championship Games
Drew 5% Senior Championship Games

Across all Senior Hurling Championship competitions which Longford has participated in (Leinster SHC, All-Ireland ‘B’ Championship, Nicky Rackard Cup, Lory Meagher Cup), Longford has played 63 Championship games up to the end of 2022 season, Won 26 (41%), Drew 3 (5%) and Lost 34 (54%). In terms of recent competition splits, Longford played 29 games in Lory Meagher CupWon 16 (55%), Drew 3 (11%) and Lost 10 (34%), and 31 games in Nicky Rackard Cup –Β Won 10 (32%) and Lost 21 (68%). Longford has been promoted once, from Lory Meagher to Nicky Rackard in 2014, and was relegated once, from Nicky Rackard to Lory Meagher in 2020. Longford won the Lory Meagher Cup twice, in 2010 and 2014.

Senior Hurling Championship (1903-1904)

Leinster SHC

Longford played in the Leinster SHC duing the 1903 and 1904 seasons.

1903: Longford 0-2, Wexford 2-12 (πŸ”— here)
1904: Longford 1-0, Westmeath 2-9 (πŸ”— here)

Senior Hurling Championship (1996)

All-Ireland 'B' Championship

Longford competed in the All-Ireland ‘B’ Hurling Championship only once, in 1996.

1996: Longford 3-6, Louth 5-14

Senior Hurling Championship (2005-2022)

Nicky Rackard Cup

Nicky Rackard Cup - OppositionPlayedLD WonLD DrewLD Lost
Senior Hurling Championship (2009-2022)

Lory Meagher Cup

Lory Meagher Cup - OppositionPlayedLD WonLD DrewLD Lost
South Down2101

* Longford (Lory Meagher Cup) played Sligo (Nicky Rackard Cup) in Relegation/Promotion Playoff in 2014.

Senior Hurling Championship (1903-2022)

Hurling Revival Notes

In 1929 the Longford County Board decided to revive hurling after a gap of more than 20 years, and decided to enter a team into the Leinster Junior Hurling Championship (JHC) that year. By that stage Longford was the only county in Leinster not competing in provincial hurling competition. Longford played Offaly in the Leinster JHC of 1929, losing by 10-3 to 0-1. Offaly went on to beat Cork in the All-Ireland JHC Final later that year. Longford did not compete in inter-county hurling in 1930, 1931 or 1932. In 1933 Longford were back in the Leinster JHC, and met Offaly again, losing by 6-9 t 0-1 on 9th April 1933. That same year Longford entered a Minor hurling team into the Leinster MHC for the first and only time, losing to Offaly by 7-5 to 0-0 on 23rd April 1933. In 1934, Longford played Offaly in the Leinster JHC and once again lost by 10-2 to 3-4 on 29th April 1934. Longford was not active in hurling in 1935 (club or county). In 1936 Longford met Westmeath in the Leinster JHC on 19th April 1936, losing by 11-6 to 4-1. That marked the end of inter-county hurling for Longford until 1958, when Longford briefly entered the Leinster JHC and played Offaly on 30th March 1958, losing by 10-4 to 0-1. That then ended Longford’s involvement in competitive inter-county hurling until 1982 when Longford entered the National Hurling League for the first time.

Senior Hurling Championship (1903-2022)

All Championship Results

SeasonCup CompetitionStageLongfordOppositionOutcome
2022Lory MeagherFinalLongford 3-14Louth 3-27Loss ❌
2022Lory MeagherRound 5Longford 0-27Cavan 2-14Win βœ”οΈ
2022Lory MeagherRound 4Longford 2-15Monaghan 1-16Win βœ”οΈ
2022Lory MeagherRound 3Longford 1-16Louth 1-15Win βœ”οΈ
2022Lory MeagherRound 2Longford 0-17Lancashire 1-12Win βœ”οΈ
2022Lory MeagherRound 1Longford 0-20Leitrim 4-09Loss ❌
2021Lory MeagherRound 3Longford 1-16Monaghan 0-19Draw βž–
2021Lory MeagherRound 1Longford 8-25Louth 3-19Win βœ”οΈ
2020Nicky RackardRound 2Longford 0-12Leitrim 1-11Loss ❌
2020Nicky RackardRound 1Longford 1-14Donegal 2-13Loss ❌
2019Nicky RackardRound 3Longford 0-14Armagh 0-24Loss ❌
2019Nicky RackardRound 2Longford 2-17Monaghan 1-17Win βœ”οΈ
2019Nicky RackardRound 1Longford 1-12Warwickshire 1-15Loss ❌
2018Nicky RackardRound 3Longford 0-13Warwickshire 1-13Loss ❌
2018Nicky RackardRound 2Longford 0-19Louth 0-12Win βœ”οΈ
2018Nicky RackardRound 1Longford 2-11Monaghan 4-19Loss ❌
2017Nicky RackardQuarter-finalLongford 0-12Armagh 4-20Loss ❌
2017Nicky RackardRound 2Longford 1-14Derry 8-21Loss ❌
2016Nicky RackardQuarter-finalLongford 2-11Armagh 3-19Loss ❌
2016Nicky RackardRound 2Longford 4-18Tyrone 3-17Win βœ”οΈ
2016Nicky RackardRound 1Longford 3-15Fingal 3-21Loss ❌
2015Nicky RackardRelegationLongford 2-20Louth 2-16Win βœ”οΈ
2015Nicky RackardRound 2Longford 1-09Donegal 4-21Loss ❌
2015Nicky RackardRound 1Longford 0-10Monaghan 4-10Loss ❌
2014Lory MeagherPromotion PlayoffLongford 3-17Sligo 3-13Win βœ”οΈ
2014Lory MeagherFinalLongford 3-18Fermanagh 3-16Win βœ”οΈ
2014Lory MeagherRound 3Longford 1-18Fermanagh 2-15Draw βž–
2014Lory MeagherRound 2Longford 2-17Warwickshire 0-04Win βœ”οΈ
2014Lory MeagherRound 1Longford 0-12Leitrim 0-09Win βœ”οΈ
2013Lory MeagherFinalLongford 0-10Warwickshire 2-16Loss ❌
2013Lory MeagherRound 3Longford 6-13Fermanagh 1-10Win βœ”οΈ
2013Lory MeagherRound 2Longford 3-12Leitrim 0-07Win βœ”οΈ
2013Lory MeagherRound 1Longford 1-10Warwickshire 1-15Loss ❌
2012Lory MeagherRound 3Longford 3-11Leitrim 2-18Loss ❌
2012Lory MeagherRound 1Longford 1-08Fermanagh 1-19Loss ❌
2011Lory MeagherQuarter-finalLongford 1-14South Down 2-14Loss ❌
2011Lory MeagherRound 1Longford 2-12Tyrone 4-17Loss ❌
2010Lory MeagherFinalLongford 1-20Donegal 1-12Win βœ”οΈ
2010Lory MeagherSemi-finalLongford 2-21Leitrim 0-10Win βœ”οΈ
2010Lory MeagherQuarter-finalLongford 2-22Warwickshire 2-12Win βœ”οΈ
2010Lory MeagherRound 2Longford 5-13South Down 1-13Win βœ”οΈ
2010Lory MeagherRound 1Longford 1-15Donegal 3-13Loss ❌
2009Lory MeagherSemi-finalLongford 4-09Tyrone 3-16Loss ❌
2009Lory MeagherRound 2Longford 5-15Donegal 2-22Win βœ”οΈ
2009Lory MeagherRound 1Longford 1-14Warwickshire 0-14Draw βž–
2008Nicky RackardRound 2 (3A)Longford 0-15Louth 0-13Win βœ”οΈ
2008Nicky RackardRound 1 (3A)Longford 3-07Fingal 3-15Loss ❌
2007Nicky RackardQuarter Final (3B)Longford 2-08Donegal 2-14Loss ❌
2007Nicky RackardRound 2 (3B)Longford 0-12Donegal 0-16Loss ❌
2007Nicky RackardRound 1 (3B)Longford 2-12Leitrim 1-12Win βœ”οΈ
2006Nicky RackardSemi Final (3C)Longford 0-10Donegal 1-19Loss ❌
2006Nicky RackardQuarter Final (3C)Longford 1-19Louth 2-07Win βœ”οΈ
2006Nicky RackardRound 3 (3C)Longford 1-14Monaghan 1-11Win βœ”οΈ
2006Nicky RackardRound 2 (3C)Longford 2-18Warwickshire 0-06Win βœ”οΈ
2006Nicky RackardRound 1 (3C)Longford 0-12Derry 2-14Loss ❌
2005Nicky RackardQuarter Final (3C)Longford 3-13Tyrone 3-14Loss ❌
2005Nicky RackardQF Playoff (3C)Longford 2-14Armagh 1-14Win βœ”οΈ
2005Nicky RackardRound 3 (3C)Longford 3-11Monaghan 2-08Win βœ”οΈ
2005Nicky RackardRound 2 (3C)Longford 1-15Warwickshire 2-07Win βœ”οΈ
2005Nicky RackardRound 1 (3C)Longford 2-12London 0-21Loss ❌
1996All-Ireland 'B'Round 1Longford 3-6Louth 5-14Loss ❌
1904Leinster SHCRound 1Longford 1-0Westmeath 2-9Loss ❌
1903Leinster SHCRound 1Longford 0-2Wexford 2-12Loss ❌

– Longford represented in the 1903 Leinster SHC by the Longford Leo Caseys club.
– From 2005-2008 the Nicky Rackard Cup consisted of four Groups… 3A, 3B, 3C & 3D.
– In 2017 Longford had a bye in Round 1 of Nicky Rackard Cup – Hence no Round 1 shown.
– In 2021 Longford had a bye in Round 2 of Lory Meagher Cup – Hence no Round 2 shown.
– In 2010 Longford won Lory Meagher Cup but were not promoted because GAA applied a 1-year hiatus to promotions.

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