Longford Gaelic Stats
Longford Gaelic Stats - County Managers

Senior Football Managers

  • 2022: Paddy Christie (Dublin)
  • 2021: Billy O’Loughlin (Laois)
  • 2018: Padraic Davis (Longford)
  • 2015: Denis Connerton (Longford)
  • 2013: Jack Sheedy (Dublin)
  • 2008: Glenn Ryan (Kildare)
  • 2004: Luke Dempsey (Westmeath)
  • 2001: Denis Connerton (Longford)
  • 1997: Michael McCormack (Longford)
  • 1995: Eamon Coleman (Derry)
  • 1994: Tom Donoghue (Galway)
  • 1992: Mike Kenny (Longford)
  • 1990: Dessie Dolan (Westmeath)
  • 1987: Brendan Hackett (Monaghan)
  • 1981: John Murphy (Cork/Longford)
  • 1979: Jackie Devine & Brendan Gilmore (Longford)
  • 1978: Mickey Kelly (Longford)
  • 1976: Jackie Devine (Longford)
  • 1975: Seán Donnelly (Longford)
  • 1973: John Donlon (Longford)
  • 1970: Seán Murray (Longford)
  • 1965: Mick Higgins (Cavan)
  • 1965: Fr. Phil McGee (Longford)
  • 1937: Rev J McLoughlin (Longford)

Mick Higgins managed Longford from April 1965 until September 1969. Higgins was born in New York, and moved to his fathers homeplace of Mayo when he was three years old. He went to school in Dundalk and worked in Celbridge before moving to Kilnaleck in Cavan in 1940 (homeplace of his mother) where he soon impressed selectors and was invited to join the Cavan Junior team. He enjoyed a very successful career with Cavan, winning 3 All Ireland titles, 1 National League title, 8 Ulster Championship titles, 2 Railway Cups and 2 McKenna Cups and was the captain of the last Cavan team to lift the All Ireland in 1952. He became Longford manager in April 1965 and oversaw Longford’s most successful period, reaching two Leinster SFC finals, winning the Leinster SFC title (1968), and National League (1966). Mick Higgins was assisted by Fr. Phil McGee, and had a range of selectors during the period from 1965 to 1968 included Jimmy Flynn (‘65 – ‘68), John McGrath & Paddy Mulligan (‘65 – ‘67), Gerry Hennessy (‘65), J.J. Reilly (‘65 & ‘66), Billy Morgan (‘66 & ‘67), Mickey Reynolds (‘67), Mel McCormack, Mickey Kelly, Patsy Reilly & Bertie Allen (all ‘68).

Seán Murray took over as manager in late 1969 after Mick Higgins stepped down in September 1969. Seán then briefly resigned from the role at the start of 1970, before performing a u-turn and continuing to train Longford until the end of the 1973 season. John Donlon replaced him in 1973 & 1974 with Seán Mulvihill in charge of training in Dublin. Seán Donnelly was appointed manager in October 1975 and held the role for a year. Jackie Devine was announced manager in September 1976 with Seamus Flynn and Martin Clyne as selectors. He stepped down in September 1978. Mickey Kelly was appointed manager in September 1978 with Mel McCormack, Martin Clyne and Seamus Flynn as selectors. Brendan Gilmore and Jackie Devine were appointed joint managers in September 1979 and held the position until the end of the 1981 season, with Eugene McGee involved as an advisor to the management team.  

It is worth noting that from 1973-1977 we find Seán Logue named as ‘team manager’, however that title was defined as organising training and reporting on attendance of players at each session to the selectors. The modern-day ‘Manager’ role is equivalent to the ‘Trainer’ role in past years. 

John Murphy was appointed in September 1981. Aged 31, he was captain of Longford Slashers at the time. In August 1982 both John and one of his selector Brendan Gilmore retired suddenly from their respective posts. However by October both were back in post and whatever issues caused the early retirement were resolved. John was reappointed in January 1986 and trained Longford from end of 1981 until the end of the Leinster Championship campaign of 1986. His original backroom team was Brendan Gilmore and Pat O’Brien, while Pat was replaced by John Heneghan from January 1986. He stepped down in May 1986 but stayed on as caretaker manager until his successor was appointed.

Brendan Hackett was appointed in April 1987 (aged 26). His backroom team was John Greene, Seán Donnelly, T.J. Ward and Christy Mannion. He stepped down in June 1990.

Dessie Dolan (Snr) was appointed in August 1990. His backroom team was Christy Mannion and Seán Donnelly. In September 1991 he added Pat Manacle and Seamus Flynn as Selectors. He stepped down in August 1992.

Mike Kenny was appointed in September 1992. His backroom team was Pat Manicle and Eugene Murtagh. Kenny stepped down in August 1994. Eugene McGee appointed the management team as part of a larger plan to revive Longford football from 1992, which McGee was charged with leading. Mike won 4 Senior Championship medals with Cashel and was a member of the Longford senior team from 1968 to 1980. He has the distinction of marking the great Matt Connor on his Championship debut with Offaly. 

Tom Donoghue was appointed in September 1994. His backroom team was Brendan Gilmore, Philip Kiernan and Jimmy Fox. Tom resigned in April 1995 citing a lack of commitment from players, when only 12 players showed up for a challenge game vs Offaly as part of Leinster Championship preparation. T.J. Ward, Brendan Gilmore and Jimmy Fox took over as caretaker management for the Leinster Championship game against Meath, while John Greene took as caretaker manager for the All Ireland B Championship campaign before Eamon Coleman was appointed to the role in August of that year.

Eamon Coleman was appointed in August 1995. His backroom team was Dessie Dolan (Snr), Noel Greene and John ‘Speedy’ McCormack. He stepped down in May 2007.

Michael McCormack was appointed in September 1997. His backroom team was Seamus McKeon, T.J. Ward and (for first 3 years) Denis Connerton. His tenure ended in October 2001 when the County Board voted 18-16 to sack him. A letter of appreciation for McCormack was penned and published by the players in Longford Leader the following week.

Denis Connerton was appointed in October 2001. His backroom team was Gerry Lynn and Pat O’Brien. He stepped down in July 2004.

Like Dempsey was appointed in September 2004 with Declan Rowley as his assistant. He stepped down in July 2008.

Glenn Ryan was appointed in October 2008. His backroom team was Micheal Harkins and Ambrose McGowan as Selectors. Jim Maguire, a physical trainer with the Defence Forces, was also part of his backroom team. He stepped down in August 2013.

Jack Sheedy was appointed in October 2013. His backroom team was former Laois manager Sean Dempsey as Coach and Philip Kiernan as Selector. He stepped down in July 2015.

Denis Connerton was appointed in August 2015. This was his second spell in charge having previously held the position from 2001 to 2004. His backroom team was Ciaran Fox (Assistant Manager) and Selectors Enda Macken & Derek Ryan, with Barry Horgan as S&C Coach. He stepped down in July 2018.

Padraic Davis was appointed in September 2018. His backroom team was Paul Barden & Donal Ledwith with support from John Donnellan. He stepped down in July 2021. 

Billy O’Loughlin was appointed in November 2021. His backroom team was Michael Hannon and Paul Brady from Cavan, Daniel O’Doherty from Tyrone (S&C), Aidan Kilcoyne from Mayo (Goalkeeping coach), and Selectors Eugene McCormack & Declan Flaherty. He stepped down in July 2022. 

Paddy Christie was appointed in August 2022. His backroom team is Dessie Sloyan, James Glancy & Michael Kenny with Daniel Doherty (S&C).

Longford Gaelic Stats - County Managers

Senior Hurling Managers

  • 2021: Adrian Moran (Westmeath)
  • 2019: Derek Frehill (Galway)
  • 2018: Colum O’Meara (Galway)
  • 2014: Ray Gavin (Westmeath)
  • 2012: Frank Browne (Wexford)
  • 2010: Tom Lynam (Westmeath)
  • 2008: Mattie McLoughlin (Longford)
  • 2007: Noel Boyce (Westmeath)
  • 2006: Michael O’Rourke (Longford)
  • 2006: Peter Curran (Westmeath)
  • 2005: Tom Lynam (Westmeath)
  • 2004: Damien Fox (Offaly)
  • 2002: Tom Lynam (Westmeath)
  • 2000: Alo Lawlor (Offaly)
  • 1999: Sean Stakelum (Tipperary/Longford)
  • 1999: Noel Daly (Longford)
  • 1998: Pat Murtagh (Westmeath)
  • 1995: Tom Lynam (Westmeath)
  • 1992: Tommy Lowry (Westmeath)
  • 1991: Mick Fagan (Westmeath)
  • 1990: Harry Ryan (Westmeath/Longford)
  • 1988: P.J. & Iggy Fulham (Westmeath)
  • 1982-1987: TBC

P.J. Fulham and his son Iggy took over management of the Longford hurlers in January 1989, part way through the 1988/89 NHL season.

Tom Lynam (Westmeath) was both player and manager when he was appointed manager in 1995. 

Sean Stakelum was caretaker manager in 1999 after the resignatino of Noel Daly and before the appointment of Alo Lawlor. 

Noel Daly resigned in 1999 after Longford failed to field a team for the game vs Donegal. The game had been re-arranged for a Saturday and the Donegal Hurling Board was allowed to switch the venue to almost a hundred miles further from Longford. This was the first time Longford had been unable to field a team in the National Hurling League, and it garnered much media attention at the time. In April 2012 Longford failed to field against Fermanagh following a crisis caused by heavy defeats during a difficult season in Division 3B. Longford had just appointed Wexford native Frank Browne and a process of rebuilding was undertaken which happily resulted in winning Division 3B the following year in 2013. 

Longford Gaelic Stats - County Managers

U-21 Football Managers

  • 2022: Kieran Carey (Longford)
  • 2019: Donal Ledwith (Longford)
  • 2017: Liam Keenan (Longford)
  • 2015: Francis McNamee (Longford)
  • 2014: Jack Sheedy (Dublin)
  • 2013: Eugene McCormack (Longford)
  • 2011: Padraig Davis (Longford)
  • 2009: Mickey Harkin (Longford)
  • 2005: Luke Dempsey (Westmeath)
  • 2002: Joe Mulvihill (Longford)
  • 2000: T.J. Ward (Longford)
  • 1997: Michael McCormack (Longford)
  • 1995: Eamon Coleman (Derry)
  • 1985: Peter Crossan (Longford)
  • 1984: Seán Donnelly (Longford)
Longford Gaelic Stats - County Managers

Minor Football Managers

  • 2022: Tony Devlin (Longford)
  • 2021: Gareth Johnson (Longford)
  • 2020: Brian Noonan (Longford)
  • 2019: Dan McElligott (Longford)
  • 2018: Gerry Carberry (Longford)
  • 2017: Karl Dermody (Longford)
  • 2015: Tony Devlin (Longford)
  • 2013: Gareth Johnson (Longford)
  • 2011: Martin Mulleady (Longford)
  • 2009: Ciaran Fox (Longford)
  • 2007: Gerry Lynn (Longford)
  • 2006: Gerry Clarke (Longford)
  • 2005: Finbar Egan (Mayo)
  • 2004: Declan O’Flaherty (Longford)
  • 2000: Jimmy Gacquin (Roscommon)
  • 1999: Brendan Smith (Longford)
  • 1997: Joe O’Brien (Longford)
  • 1996: John McMahon (Longford)
  • 1994: Denis Connerton (Longford)
  • 1993: Declan Rowley (Longford)
  • 1992: Mike Kenny (Longford)
  • 1990: Liam Tierney (Longford)
  • 1989: Rogie Martin (Longford)
  • 1988: Seán Young (Roscommon)
  • 1986: Rogie Martin (Longford)
  • 1985: TBC
  • 1984: Jimmy Fox (Longford)
  • 1982: TBC
  • 1980: Peter Crossan (Longford)
  • 1980: Seán Mulvihill (Longford)
  • 1979: Brendan Gilmore & Jackie Devine (Longford)
  • 1978: Fr. George Balfe (Longford)

For 1990 & 1991 Seasons, Minor manager was Liam Tierney with team of John Murphy, Declan Rowley and Mike Kenny.

For 1992 Season, Minor manager was Mike Kenny with team of Tom Hayden and Rogie Martin.

For 1993 Season, Minor manager was Declan Rowley with team of Denis Connerton, Liam Tierney, Kevin Eivers, Jackie Devine and Philip Smith. The inter-county steering committee that year included Andy Egan, John Bannon and Eugene McGee.

For 1994 Season, Minor manager was Denis Connerton with team of Rogie Martin, Philip Smyth, Jackie Devine and Michael Byrne.

For 1995 Season, Minor manager was Denis Connerton with team of Eugene McGee and Barney Mahon.

For 1996 Season, Minor manager was John McMahon with team of Jackie Devine and Eugene McGee.

In October 2000, Jimmy Gacquin was appointed Minor manager with team of Mick Kenny and John Fay. 

Note: Years shown above indicate approximate year when manager was appointed.