Longford Gaelic Stats

Cups & Trophies

The following are for key Longford competitions:

  • SFC: Seán Connolly Cup
  • SHC: JJ Duignan Cup
  • IFC: Gerry Hennessy Cup
  • JFC: Junior Trophy
  • SFL: Leader Cup
  • ACFL 1: Johnny Skelly Cup
  • U-21 FC: Kevin Hughes Cup
  • Minor FC: Harte Cup
  • Juvenile FC: Pearse Daly Cup
  • U-14 FC: Paddy Doris Cup
  • Ladies SFC: Alison Smyth Cup

Key Longford Trophies

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All Current

Football TrophiesCurrenty Used For...
🏆 Fr. Manning CupInter-County U-16 Tournament
🏆 Seán Connolly CupSenior Championship
🏆 Gerry Hennessy CupIntermediate Championship
🏆 Junior TrophyJunior A Championship
🏆 Paddy Hourican CupJunior B Championship
🏆 UnnamedJunior C Championship
🏆 Leader CupSenior League
🏆 Johnny Skelly CupACFL Division 1
🏆 Michael Moran CupACFL Division 2
🏆 Patsy Reilly CupACFL Division 2 Cup
🏆 Jimmy Flynn CupACFL Division 3
🏆 John Gilmore CupACFL Division 3 Cup
🏆 John Drake CupACFL Division 4
🏆 Bertie Allen CupACFL Division 4 Cup
🏆 UnnamedACFL Division 5
🏆 Kevin Hughes CupU-21 A Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-21 B Championship
🏆 Harte CupU-18 A Championship
🏆 Glenn Brady CupU-18 B Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-18 C Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-18 C Championship Shield
🏆 Lough Forbes Gaels CupU-18 League Division 1 Cup
🏆 UnnamedU-18 League Division 1 Shield
🏆 Tom Hayden CupU-18 League Division 2 Cup
🏆 UnnamedU-18 League Division 2 Shield
🏆 UnnamedU-18 Development League 1 Cup
🏆 UnnamedU-18 Development League 1 Shield
🏆 UnnamedU-18 Development League 2 Cup
🏆 UnnamedU-18 Development League 2 Shield
🏆 Pearse Daly CupU-16 A Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-16 A Championship Shield
🏆 UnnamedU-16 B Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-16 B Championship Shield
🏆 Michael Fay CupU-16 League Division 1 Cup
🏆 UnnamedU-16 League Division 1 Shield
🏆 Tommy McCormack CupU-16 League Division 2 Cup
🏆 UnnamedU-16 League Division 2 Shield
🏆 UnnamedU-15 Féile na nÓg Cup
🏆 UnnamedU-15 Féile na nÓg Shield
🏆 UnnamedU-15 Féile na nÓg Plate
🏆 Paddy Doris CupU-14 A Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-14 A Championship Shield
🏆 Johnny Creegan CupU-14 B Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-14 B Championship Shield
🏆 PM Farrell CupU-14 League Division 1 Cup
🏆 UnnamedU-14 League Division 1 Shield
🏆 Francis Maguire CupU-14 League Intermediate Cup
🏆 UnnamedU-14 League Intermediate Shield
🏆 UnnamedU-12 League
Hurling TrophiesCurrenty Used For...
🏆 JJ Duignan CupSenior Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-20 Championship
🏆 Park House Hotel CupU-17 Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-17 League
🏆 Gallagher/Greene CupU-15 Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-15 Championship Shield
🏆 UnnamedU-15 League
🏆 Seán Cullen TrophyU-15 Féile na nGael
🏆 UnnamedU-14 League
🏆 UnnamedU-13 Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-13 Championship Shield
🏆 UnnamedU-12 Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-12 Championship Shield
🏆 UnnamedU-12 League
LGFA TrophiesCurrenty Used For...
🏆 Alison Smyth CupSenior A Championship
🏆 Leah Sheridan CupSenior B Championship
🏆 Anthony Curren CupDivision 1 League
🏆 Cassells CupDivision 2 League
🏆 Gold CupSenior Gold Cup
🏆 Kiernan Steel CupIntermediate Championship
🏆 UnnamedJunior Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-18 A Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-18 B Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-16 A Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-16 B Championship
🏆 Cullen Construction CupU-14 A Championship
🏆 UnnamedU-14 B Championship

All Previous

Old Football TrophiesLast Used For...
🏆 Liam Hastings CupInter-County U-21 Tournament
🏆 Willie O'Leary CupLongford Masters Competition
🏆 Hugh Devine CupACFL Division 1A
🏆 Paddy Keenan CupACFL Division 2A
🏆 John Ralph CupACFL Division 3A
🏆 Padraic Gearty CupACFL Reserve League 3
🏆 Feis CupFeis Cup (1958-1962)
🏆 Foresters CupForesters Cup (1912 only)
🏆 Fr. Lynch CupFr. Lynch Cup (1927-1934)
🏆 Mac Aogain CupU-21 Championship
🏆 John Joe Brady CupU-21 League
🏆 Peter Dale CupU-18 League (Urban)
🏆 Michael Drumm CupU-16 Championships
🏆 Fr. MacAulay CupU-14 Championship
🏆 Longford Slashers CupU-14 Championship (Urban)
🏆 Centenary CupU-14 League Division 1
🏆 Corn Mac AogainU-12 Championship
🏆 Canon Kearney CupSchools Championship (Urban)
🏆 Tom Kehoe CupSchools Championship (Rural)
🏆 Jimmy O'Brien CupSchools League
Old Hurling TrophiesLast Used for...
🏆 Melvin Lodge ShieldSenior League
🏆 Hugh Griffin ShieldSenior League Shield
🏆 UnnamedSenior B Championship
🏆 Noel Caslin CupU-18 Championship
🏆 Noel Greene CupU-16 Four-County League
🏆 O'Keeffe CupU-16 Championship
🏆 Brian Kane CupU-14 Championship
🏆 Coca Cola CupU-14 Féile na nGael
🏆 Jimmy Kelly TrophyU-14 Féile na nGael
🏆 Jim Mannix TrophyU-12 Championship
🏆 Coleman Kelly TrophyU-11 Championship
Old LGFA TrophiesLast Used for...
🏆 J.J. McCabe CupSenior A Championship
🏆 Park House Hotel CupSenior A Championship
Old Camogie TrophiesLast Used for...
🏆 No Record of NameSenior Championship
🏆 Grogan CupSenior League
🏆 Val Hourican CupJunior Championship
🏆 No Record of NameU-16 Championship
🏆 No Record of NameU-14 Championship
🏆 No Record of NameU-14 Féile na nGael
🏆 No Record of NameU-12 Championship
Old Handball TrophiesLast Used for...
🏆 O'Connell CupLongford Championship
🏆 Kiernan CupInter-County Tournament

Additional Notes

The Glenn Brady Cup had previously been presented to Minor ‘B’ Championship winners but is now presented to the winner of the Minor ‘A’ Shield competition where the 4th and 5th place teams at the end of the Minor ‘A’ Championship league stage play each other in the semi-final and meet the 2nd place team in the Glenn Brady Cup final (1st and 2nd placed teams play for the Harte Cup). The previous Minor ‘C’ Championship Cup (named U-17 ‘C’ Cup) is now presented to the winner of the Minor ‘B’ Championship, while the cup presented to the winner of the Minor ‘B’ Shield is yet to be named. 

Feis Cup and Fr. Lynch Cup are both in Drumlish – the last club to with each. Fr. Lynch Cup was won three times by Drumlish and the club got to keep it. 

Foresters Cup was with Bishop Colm O’Reilly for many years (his father was winning captain), and is now on display in the Colmcille clubhouse. 

Hugh Devine Cup was used for Junior League winner up to 1979 and repurposed for Division 1A winner when ACFL was introduced in 1980. 

Senior B Hurling Championship cup is on display behind the bar in the Corner House pub in Edgeworthstown.

U-14 League ‘Intermediate’ competition is same as previous U-14 Division 2 League. 

Johnny Creegan Cup was previously the Dromard Cup.

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