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Intermediate League (1966-1979)

IFL History

This page records Intermediate Football League (IFL) winners from the start of competition in 1966 to 1979 prior to the introduction of the All-County Football League in 1980. The Intermediate Football League was first introduced in 1966, the same year that the Intermediate Football Championship was revived after previously being played in 1931 and 1932. The Intermediate League was one of three primary league competitions in Longford along with Senior League and Junior League. The Intermediate League ran from 1966 to 1979 and was effectively replaced with the introduction of the ACFL competition in 1980, while the Intermediate League trophy (Patsy Reilly Cup) was repurposed for the Division 3 winner in the new ACFL structure. It is worth noting that a ‘Special Intermediate League’ which began in the 1973 was played separately from the Intermediate League and continued after the introduction of ACFL and throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. Special Intermediate League winners are not captured on this page.

Intermediate League (1966-1979)

IFL Winners

WonClub / TeamYear Intermediate League Won
3Rathcline1967, 1969, 1970
2Legan Sarsfields1971, 1972
2St. Munis Forgney1977, 1979
1Ardagh St. Patricks1968
1Fr. Manning Gaels1974
1Killoe Young Emmets1976

Kenagh won the 1966 title as Kenagh St. Dominics.
1967 competition delayed and final played in 1968.
1973 and 1974 finals went to a replay.

Intermediate League (1966-1979)

Roll of Honour

YearIntermediate League Winner (1966-1979)
1979πŸ† St. Munis Forgney
1978πŸ† Dromard
1977πŸ† St. Munis Forgney
1976πŸ† Killoe Young Emmets
1975πŸ† Clonguish
1974πŸ† Fr. Manning Gaels
1973πŸ† Colmcille
1972πŸ† Legan Sarsfields
1971πŸ† Legan Sarsfields
1970πŸ† Rathcline
1969πŸ† Rathcline
1968πŸ† Ardagh St. Patricks
1967πŸ† Rathcline
1966πŸ† Kenagh St. Dominics

(Names of winners are displayed using name of each club at the time of the final, to preserve that historic record)

Intermediate League (1966-1979)

Additional Notes

The appointed referee did not show up for the 1966 Intermediate Football League final at Ardagh. Jimmy Casey was at the game and agreed to take on the duties. The game suffered from regular incursions onto the field by supporters and with three minutes remaining and Kenagh leading by 0-9 to 0-3, the referee was left with no choice but to call off the game due to supporters on the field. A County Board meeting was held and it was agreed to award the game to Kenagh.

The Intermediate League final was scheduled for 6th September 1970, but neither team showed up. A subsequent meeting agreed that the game be replayed on 25th October 1970 and Rathcline ran out winners by 0-13 to 0-5.

The 1974 Intermediate League final was scheduled for 21st July but was delayed and did not happen until 20th October, ending in a draw. The replay took place on 10th November with Fr. Manning Gaels running out winners by 0-8 to 1-2 and captain Berney Gill lifting the Patsy Reilly Cup.

The 1975 Intermediate League final between Clonguish and St. Marys Granard took place on 26th October with Clonguish running out winners by 1-10 to 1-9 to win the club’s first Intermediate grade title. Confusingly, a few weeks time later a ‘New Intermediate League’ competition concluded with SΓ©an Connollys defeating Fr. Manning Gaels by 2-4 to 0-5 to take that title. It is not clear what this second competition was or how it related to the main Intermediate League.

The Intermediate League was replaced in 1980 with the introduction of an All County Football League (ACFL) with six divisions (1, 2, 3, 1A, 2A, 3A). The cup which had been used for Intermediate League (Patsy Reilly Cup) was repurposed for use in Division 3 of the new ACFL.

In total the Intermediate League was played and won 14 times from 1966 to 1979.

(It is worth noting that following the introduction of ACFL, Division 1A was sometimes referred to as Intermediate League)Β 

A separate Intermediate competition was introduced in 1973 and called Special Intermediate League. It was separate and distinct from the Intermediate Football League. When the ACFL was introduced in 1980, the Special Intermediate League continued to be played separate from ACFL and was eventually replaced as a separate entity as the ACFL structure evolved over time.

All ‘Intermediate League’ winners found in local media throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s were in fact either ‘Special Intermediate League’ winners or ACFL Division 1A winners.

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