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Senior Football Championship Final

SFC Final Referees

Below is a list of all Longford Senior Football Championship final referees from 1890 to 2023. (R denotes Replay)

YearSFC Final RefereeClub or Parish
2023👤 Hugh O'Kane🚩 Young Grattans
2022👤 Mark Glancy🚩 Rathcline
2021👤 Patrick Maguire🚩 St. Marys Granard
2020👤 Aiden Dowler🚩 Ardagh Moydow
2019👤 Patrick Maguire🚩 St. Marys Granard
2018👤 Donal Kane🚩 Young Grattans
2018 (R)👤 Fergal Kelly🚩 Ballymahon
2017👤 Aiden Dowler🚩 Moydow Harpers
2016👤 Patrick Maguire🚩 St. Marys Granard
2015👤 Derek Fahy🚩 Ballymore
2014👤 Michael O’Brien🚩 Longford Slashers
2013👤 Fergal Kelly🚩 Ballymahon
2012👤 Derek Fahy🚩 Ballymore
2012 (R)👤 Patrick Maguire🚩 St. Marys Granard
2011👤 Frank Toher🚩 Killoe Young Emmets
2010👤 Derek Fahy🚩 Ballymahon
2009👤 Eugene Murtagh🚩 Seán Connollys
2009 (R)👤 John Bannon🚩 Legan Sarsfields
2008👤 Mick Doherty🚩 Legan Sarsfields
2007👤 Stephen Tierney🚩 Mostrim
2006👤 John Bannon🚩 Legan Sarsfields
2005👤 Derek Fahy🚩 Ballymahon
2004👤 Mick Doherty🚩 Legan Sarsfields
2003👤 Tommy Donohoe🚩 Rathcline
2003 (R)👤 Mick Doherty🚩 Legan Sarsfields
2002👤 Peter O’Reilly🚩 Abbeylara
2001👤 John Bannon🚩 Legan Sarsfields
2000👤 Seamus Flood🚩 Mostrim
1999👤 Frank Toher🚩 Killoe Young Emmets
1999 (R)👤 Frank Toher🚩 Killoe Young Emmets
1998👤 Pat O’Toole🚩 St. Munis (Forgney)
1997👤 John Bannon🚩 Legan Sarsfields
1996👤 Eugene Murtagh🚩 Seán Connollys
1995👤 Pat O’Toole🚩 St. Munis (Forgney)
1994👤 John Bannon🚩 Legan Sarsfields
1993👤 Pat Keenan🚩 Mostrim
1992👤 Pat O’Toole🚩 St. Munis (Forgney)
1991👤 Eugene Murtagh🚩 Seán Connollys
1990👤 Pat O’Toole🚩 St. Munis (Forgney)
1990 (R)👤 Pat O’Toole🚩 St. Munis (Forgney)
1989👤 Brendan Gilmore🚩 Rathcline
1988👤 Jas Brady🚩 St. Marys Granard
1987👤 Peter Kane🚩 Longford Slashers
1986👤 Terry McGovern🚩 St. Marys Granard
1985👤 Mick Lloyd🚩 St. Munis (Forgney)
1985 (R)👤 Mick Lloyd🚩 St. Munis (Forgney)
1985 (R)👤 Mick Lloyd🚩 St. Munis (Forgney)
1984👤 Rogie Martin🚩 St. Marys Granard
1983👤 Leo McCormack🚩 Ballymahon
1982👤 Peter Kane🚩 Young Grattans
1981👤 Rogie Martin🚩 St. Marys Granard
1980👤 Brendan Gilmore🚩 Rathcline
1979👤 Terry McGovern🚩 St. Marys Granard
1978👤 JP Reilly🚩 Carrickedmond
1977👤 Rogie Martin🚩 St. Marys Granard
1976👤 Tom McLoughlin🚩 Mostrim
1975👤 Jimmy Fox🚩 Seán Connollys
1974👤 Tom Hayden🚩 Longford Slashers
1973👤 Tom Reilly🚩 Ballymahon
1972👤 Leo McCormack🚩 Ballymahon
1971👤 Tom McLoughlin🚩 Mostrim
1970👤 Tom McLoughlin🚩 Mostrim
1969👤 Leo McCormack🚩 Ballymahon
1968👤 Leo McCormack🚩 Ballymahon
1967👤 Leo McCormack🚩 Ballymahon
1966👤 Leo McCormack🚩 Ballymahon
1965👤 John Greene🚩 Mostrim
1964👤 Niall McKnight🚩 Ballymahon
1963👤 Richard Culhane🚩 Colmcille
1962👤 Jimmy Martin🚩 Roscommon
1961👤 Richard Culhane🚩 Colmcille
1960👤 Sean Murray🚩 Carrickedmond
1959👤 E. O'Reilly🚩 Westmeath (Mullingar)
1959 (R)👤 John Dowling🚩 Offaly (Tullamore)
1958👤 John Greene🚩 Mostrim
1957👤 Fr. Arnold Meagher✚ Drumlish
1956👤 Arnold Meagher🚩 Drumlish
1955👤 P. Connell🚩 Offaly
1954👤 P.J. Sheehy🚩 Ballymahon
1953No RecordNo Record
1953 (R)No RecordNo Record
1952👤 Fr. J. Reynolds✚ C.C. Dromard
1952 (R)👤 Fr. J. Reynolds✚ C.C. Dromard
1951👤 Fr. J. Reynolds✚ C.C. Dromard
1950👤 Fr. J. Reynolds✚ C.C. Dromard
1949👤 Fr. Reid✚ St. Mels College
1948👤 John Dunne🚩 Galway
1947👤 P.J. Sheehy🚩 Ballymahon
1946No RecordNo Record
1946 (R)No RecordNo Record
1945👤 B. Masterson🚩 Cavan
1944No RecordNo Record
1943No RecordNo Record
1942👤 Patrick Mallon🚩 Longford Wanderers
1941No RecordNo Record
1940👤 Fr. Seán Manning✚ St. Mels College
1939👤 J.V. Kelly🚩 Longford Wanderers
1938👤 J.V. Kelly🚩 Longford Wanderers
1937👤 Jim O’Flaherty🚩 Offaly (Tullamore)
1936👤 P.J. Masterson🚩 Cavan (Cornafean)
1935👤 Fr. James O’Farrell✚ C.C. Drumlish
1934👤 T. Kelly🚩 Roscommon
1933👤 T. Kelly🚩 Roscommon
1932No RecordNo Record
1931👤 Fr. M. McLoughlin✚ St. Mels College
1930👤 Fr. Andrew Lynch✚ C.C. Cashel
1929👤 Fr. Andrew Lynch✚ C.C. Cashel
1928👤 J.V. Kelly🚩 Longford Wanderers
1927👤 Fr. Andrew Lynch✚ C.C. Carrickedmond
1920👤 Thomas Connolly🚩 Clonbroney
1919👤 Laurence Kiernan🚩 Mullinalaghta
1919 (R)👤 Laurence Kiernan🚩 Mullinalaghta
1915👤 J. Scott🚩 Longford
1913👤 Jimmy Toher🚩 Clonguish Gallowglasses
1913 (R)👤 Jimmy Toher🚩 Clonguish Gallowglasses
1912👤 J. Burns🚩 Ballymahon
1907👤 Patrick McGuinness🚩 Clonguish Gallowglasses
1907 (R)👤 Tom Redmond🚩 Dublin (Geraldines)
1905👤 John Flynn🚩 Clonguish Gallowglasses
1904👤 Edward Rhatigan🚩 Killashee
1890👤 Patrick Baxter🚩 Ardagh St. Patricks
Senior Football Championship Final

Additional Notes

Arnold Meagher was referee for the 1956 final, and by mid 1957 had been ordained a priest, hence Fr. Arnold Meagher was referee for the 1957 decider and departed after the 1957 final to minister in USA. Since Fr. Meagher was not serving in a parish at the time of officiating both finals, he is assigned to his home parish (Drumlish).

Fr. Andrew Lynch was referee for three finals. When the 1927 final took place he was Curate in Carrickedmond, and was still in the parish in 1929, however the 1929 final was not played until March 1930 and Fr. Lynch had transferred to Cashel by then, hence why he appears as C.C. Cashel for 1929 & 1930 finals.

Clergymen are shown with the parish they were serving in at the time of the final, or as St. Mels College for those worked in the College at the time.

Edward Rhatigan who officiated in the delayed 1904 county final was originally from Killashee but lived in Lanesboro at the time of the final.

Derek Fahy was referee for four SFC finals, some as a clubman with his native Ballymahon and some as a clubman with his adopted Ballymore club. 

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