Longford Gaelic Stats
Higher Education Championships

HEC Winners

Sigerson Cup Winners

  • 1937/38 UCG: Con McGovern (Galway/Drumlish)
  • 1938/39 UCG: Con McGovern (Galway/Drumlish)
  • 1939/40 UCG: Con McGovern (Galway/Drumlish)
  • 1944/45 UCD: Tom Deignan (St. Marys Granard)
  • 1949/50 UCD: Gerry Gearty (Longford Wanderers)
  • 1953/54 UCD: Padraig Gearty (Longford Slashers) | Davy Sheeran (Killoe Young Emmets)
  • 1955/56 UCD: Padraig Gearty (Longford Slashers)
  • 1959/60 UCD: Seán Murray (Carrickedmond)
  • 1960/61 UCG: Seán Donnelly (Longford Slashers)
  • 1961/62 UCD: Seán Murray (Carrickedmond)
  • 1962/63 UCG: Seán Donnelly (Longford Slashers)
  • 1963/64 UCG: Seán Donnelly (Longford Slashers)
  • 1967/68 UCD: Tom Mulvihill (Kenagh)
  • 1972/73 UCD: T.P. Cashell (Ballymahon) * | Fintan Farrell (Rathcline) *
  • 1975/76 Maynooth: Tom Barden (Clonguish) | Peter Burke (Clonguish) | Mick McElvaney (St. Marys Granard) | Frank Murray (Legan Sarsfields) *
  • 1979/80 UCG: Joe McCabe (Ballymahon) *
  • 1982/83 UCG: Joe McCabe (Ballymahon) *
  • 1984/85 UCD: Francis McNamee (Fr. Manning Gaels)
  • 2001/02 Sligo IT: Damien Sheridan (Dromard) | David Barden (Clonguish)
  • 2014/15 DCU: Michael Quinn (Killoe Young Emmets) | Rory Connor (Kenagh) | Daithi Mulvihill (Rathcline) *
  • 2017/18 UCD: Larry Moran (Killoe Young Emmets)

Trench Cup Winners

  • 1980/81 Sligo RTC: Hubert Smith (Longford Slashers) *
  • 1989/90 Sligo RTC: Barney Smith (Colmcille) | Mark McNamara (Mostrim) | Dermot Reilly (Abbeylara)
  • 1990/91 Sligo RTC: Alan Maxwell (Rathcline)
  • 1991/92 Athlone RTC: Seán Killian (Rathcline)
  • 1995/96 Athlone IT: Enda Barden (Clonguish)
  • 1999/00 Army Cadet College: John Kenny (Kenagh) | Ronan Carberry (Kenagh)
  • 2001/02 St. Pats Drumcondra: Gary Kenny (Cashel)
  • 2005/06 TCD: Derek Casserly (Rathcline)
  • 2006/07 St. Pats Drumcondra: Brian Kavanagh (Ardagh St. Patricks)
  • 2007/08 Mary Immaculate College Limerick: Liam Reilly (Abbeylara)
  • 2010/11 St. Pats Drumcondra: Colin P Smyth (Abbeylara) | William Crawford (Abbeylara)
  • 2022/23 TUS Midlands: Darragh Finlass (St. Munis Forgney)

All-Ireland Freshers ‘A’ Winners

  • 2007/08 DIT: Michael Quinn (Killoe Young Emmets)
  • 2008/09 DCU: Colin P Smyth (Abbeylara) | Aaron Quinn (Fr. Manning Gaels)
  • 2009/10 DIT: Paddy Collum (Fr. Manning Gaels)
  • 2012/13 DCU: David Mulvihill (Rathcline) | Ross McNerney (Dromard) * | Declan Murphy (St. Marys Granard) *
  • 2013/14 DIT: Paddy Kiernan (Killoe Young Emmets)
  • 2014/15 UCD: Larry Moran (Killoe Young Emmets)
  • 2015/16 DCU: David Shannon (Carrickedmond)
  • 2021/22 DCU: Keelin McGann (Kenagh) | Jack Duggan (Clonguish) | Seán O’Sullivan (Seán Connollys) * | Bryan Masterson (Abbeylara) * | Eoin McGuinness (Longford Slashers)
  • 2022/23 DCU: Cian McGuinness (Longford Slashers)
  • 2023/24 DCU: Conor Smith (Clonguish) | Matthew Flynn (Clonguish)

O’Connor Cup Winners:

  • 2024 DCU: Clodagh Lohan (Grattans)
  • 2023 DCU: Clodagh Lohan (Grattans) | Orla Nevin (Longford Slashers) | Caoimhe McCormack (Carrickedmond)
  • 2018 DCU: Michelle Farrell (Colmcille)
  • 2011 DCU: Anna McDonnell (Killoe)
  • 2001 UCD: Laura Doherty (Killoe)  | Aoife Doherty (Killoe)

Giles Cup Winners:

  • 2015 TCD: Aisling Reynolds (Ballymore)

Lynch Cup Winners:

  • 2015 DCU: Michelle Farrell (Colmcille) | Michelle Noonan (Carrickedmond) | Sinéad Farrell (Rathcline)
  • 1998 DIT**: Mary Kiernan (Ballymore)
  • 1997 Sligo RTC**: Dara Gill (St. Helens) | Carmel Ellis (Clonguish) | Aideen Gilchrist (Clonguish)

Moynihan Cup Winners:

  • 2023 ATU Donegal: Karen McLoughlin (Dromard)

Harney Cup Winners:

  • 2001 UCD: Laura Doherty (Killoe)  | Aoife Doherty (Killoe)

O’Dowd Cup Winners:

  • 2001 UUJ: Fiona Blessington (Ballymore)

Other Higher Education Honours:

  • 2024 Ladies Senior Player of the Year (NUIM): Grace Shannon (Longford Slashers)
  • 2024 Ladies Freshers Player of the Year (NUIM): Grace Kenny (Longford Slashers)
  • 2023 Ladies HEC All Star Award: Clodagh Lohan (DCU & Grattans)
  • 2019 Ladies HEC Rising Star Award: Ailish Noonan (Dundalk IT & St. Helens)
  • 2018 Ladies HEC Rising Star Award: Aisling Sorohan (Athlone IT)
  • 2000 Ladies Freshers Player of the Year (UCD): Laura Doherty (Killoe)

* Denotes Sigerson Cup or Trench Cup or Freshers Championship panel member who didn’t play in the final.
** Lynch Cup was the Tier 2 (‘B’) Championship from 1980’s until 2009 – Now Giles Cup is Tier 2.
Note: All players are shown with the Football Club they played with at the time. 

Higher Education Championships

Research Notes

HEC Competitions can be better understood as follows:

  • HEC = Higher Education Championship
  • Sigerson Cup is GAA InterVarsity Tier 1 Championship.
  • Trench Cup is GAA InterVarsity Tier 2 Championship.
  • Corn na Mac Léinn is GAA InterVarsity Tier 3 Championship.
  • Corn Comhairle Ardoideachais is GAA InterVarsity Tier 4 Championship.
  • O’Connor Cup is LGFA InterVarsity Tier 1 Championship since 1987.
  • Giles Cup is LGFA InterVarsity Tier 2 Championship since 2010.
  • Lynch Cup is LGFA InterVarsity Tier 3 Championship since 1996 (was Tier 2 from 1996-2009).
  • Moynihan Cup is LGFA InterVarsity Tier 4 Championship since 2016.
  • Harney Cup is LGFA Leinster InterVarsity Championship.
  • O’Dowd Cup is LGFA Ulster InterVarsity Championship.

Higher Education Championships

Additional Insights

Sigerson Cup Runners-Up: The following Longford footballers featured on losing Sigerson Cup final teams & panels: P.M. Farrell (UCD 1933/34), Bernard Burbage (UCD 1940/41 and 1941/42), Gerry Gearty (UCD 1948/49), Padraig Gearty (UCD 1952/53 and 1954/55), Seán Murray, Harry McGann & Jimmy Flynn (UCD 1958/59), Seán Murray & Bobby Burns (UCD 1960/61), Seán Donnelly (UCG 1961/62), Jimmy Hannify (UCG 1966/67 and 1967/68), Frank Murray, Peter Burke & Mick McElvaney (Maynooth 1972/73), Pauric Jones (Garda 1998/99), David Hannify (UCD 1999/00 and 2000/01), Jamsie Martin (Garda 2007/08), Michael Quinn & Rory Connor (DCU 2015/16) and Larry Moran (UCD 2016/17).

Con McGovern won three Sigerson Cup medals. He also won a NFL medal and Connacht Championship medal with Galway in 1940 and was a sub on the Galway team in the 1940 All-Ireland SFC final. He also won three Leinster Colleges medals with St. Mels in the late 1930’s and went on to work for Pan-Am Airways, becoming their Sales Manager for Ireland.

Gerry Gearty played in the Sigerson Cup final of 1948/49 for UCD. He went on to become a distinguished medical professional and in 1991 was awarded an honorary doctorate by Trinity College for his contribution to medicine. Dr. Gearty played a leading role in the early development of open cardiac surgery in Ireland and pioneered diagnostic techniques for assessing with the aid of catheters the flow of blood through the heart. He was the first consultant in Ireland to establish a Coronary Care Unit for his patients and was a founder member and former President of the Irish Heart Foundation.

Padraic Gearty won the Sigerson Cup twice, in 1953/54 and 1955/56. He played Sigerson Cup for UCD for four years and was selected on the Combined Universities team vs Ireland. Padraic holds the unique distinction of being the first person to score in a Gaelic Football match on live TV, in 1962 Railway Cup final. He won five SFC medals with Longford Slashers (1954, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1961) and before that played for Longford Wanderers prior to the formation of the Longford Slashers club in 1954. He also played soccer for Longford Town and won a National Junior Medal in the Polikoff Cup with Longford Athletic. Padraic was voted ‘Longford Person of the Year’ by the Longford-Dublin Association in 2000 and was inducted into the Longford GAA ‘Hall of Fame’ in 2008.

Seán Murray was the first Longford player to captain a winning Sigerson Cup team (1961/62 UCD). He also won Dublin SFC titles with UCD in 1963 & 1965. He was voted ‘Longford Person of the Year’ by the Longford-Dublin Association in 1999. He was a managing partner with Grant Thornton and went on to become Chairman of An Bord Trachtala and Director with Aer Rianta, Bord Gais, Tara Mines and Cooley Distilleries.

Seán Murray for UCD and Seán Donnelly for UCG are (so far) the only Longford footballers to play against each other in a Sigerson Cup final (UCD vs UCG in 1961/62).

Seán Donnelly played in four Sigerson Cup finals and won three Sigerson Cups with UCG. Seán enjoyed a very successful playing career with Longford which stretched from 1959 to 1973 and which included winning the following titles for County and Club (Longford Slashers): Leinster SFC (1968), National League (1966), NFL Division 2 (1966 & 1972 – Captain in 1972), O’Byrne Cup (1965), Sigerson Cup (UCG 1960, 1962, 1963), Tir Conaill Cup (1965), Gaelic Weekly Cup (1965), 2 Longford Feis Cups (1965, 1967), Longford SFC (1959, 1961, 1971, 1975), Longford SFL (1962, 1963, 1972), Longford JFC (1982), Longford MFC (1958), Longford MFL (1957, 1958), London SFC (St. Vincents 1961), London SFL (St. Vincents) and Galway SFL (UCG 1961). He played in a Railway Cup final for Leinster in 1968 and was selected on the Combined Universities team three times. Seán was nominated for an All-Star in 1972 alongside teammate Jimmy Hannify. He managed the Longford senior team briefly from October 1975 to September 1976 and was County Board Secretary from 1968 to 1977. He won three Senior club titles with three different clubs in 1961 (2 SFC and 1 SFL) and was selected at Left Corner Forward in Longford’s ‘Team of the Millennium’.

Peter Burke was top scorer in the Sigerson Cup final of 1975/76 (scored 0-4). Ordained to the priesthood after his time in Maynooth, Fr. Peter joined the staff of St. Mels College in Longford and became trainer of the St. Mels team in 1979. He trained St. Mels to five Leinster Colleges SFC titles and one All-Ireland Colleges SFC title before being transferred to Athlone in 1991.

Joe McCabe won Sigerson Cup medals with UCG. He played inter-county football for Longford from 1977 to the early 1990’s, winning NFL Division 3S title in 1988 and NFL Division 3S title in 1990. His club football switched from his native Ballymahon to Mayo in the early 1990’s where he won a Connacht Club SFC title in 1993 and played at full-back for Castlebar Mitchels in the All-Ireland Club SFC final of 1993/94. In 1995 he took over management of St. Gerald’s College in Castlebar and transformed their prospects by managing them to two Connacht Colleges SFC titles in 1996 & 1997 and an All-Ireland Colleges SFC final in 1997. He was joint manager of the Mayo minor team that reached the All-Ireland MFC final in 1999.

Francis McNamee played in Sigerson Cup competition in 1984 & 1985 and was selected for the 1984 Combined Universities panel following his impressive performances for UCD that year. The following year in 1985 he won the Sigerson Cup with UCD, becoming the first Drumlish native to do so since Con McGovern in 1940.

Ronan Carberry was awarded ‘Man of the Match’ in the Trench Cup final of 1999/00.

Gary Kenny was top scorer for St. Pats Drumcondra (0-5) in the Trench Cup final of 2001/02.

Conor Smith was joint captain of DCU when they won the All-Ireland Freshers ‘A’ final in February 2024.

Fiona Blessington from Ballymore was selected for Ulster in the Higher Education Inter-Provincial series in 2001.

Laura & Aoife Doherty from Killoe were selected for Leinster in the Higher Education Inter-Provincial series in 2001.

Geraldine Hanly & Maura Moran from Rathcline club won HEC Division 2 League (Curren Cup) in 1998 with NUI Maynooth.

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