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There are 24 Club Grounds in use in Longford. It is worth noting that the Shroid Slashers club is no longer active, but their grounds is still maintained and used occasionally for county training purposes. The clubs of Ardagh St. Patricks and Moydow Harpers merged in February 2019 to form the Ardagh Moydow club, hence that club has two grounds. The column ‘Moved In‘ refers to when games started being played at the club grounds. The column ‘Opened‘ refers to the Official Opening of the club grounds, which in some instances occurred some time after the club had moved in.

Of the list of 24 club grounds, Mullinalaghta holds the record for the oldest club grounds – the club has been based at that location since 1934 (initially on 99-year lease and later expanded, redeveloped and bought out by the club). The Mostrim club holds the record for the oldest owned club grounds, having purchased the site in the 1950’s. The newest grounds in the county is Moydow Park (2000) which was the home grounds of the Moydow Harpers club and is now one of two club grounds used by Ardagh Moydow.

Club NameGrounds NameMoved InOpened
⛊ Abbeylara🚩 Oliver Lynch Park19861990
⛊ Ardagh Moydow *🚩 Bill Keenan Park19841984
⛊ Ardagh Moydow *🚩 Moydow Park20002000
⛊ Ballymahon **🚩 Leo Casey Park19721989
⛊ Ballymore🚩 Ballybrien19841994
⛊ Carrickedmond🚩 Michael Moran Park19861986
⛊ Cashel🚩 Páirc Naomh Chiaráin19851985
⛊ Clonguish🚩 Bertie Allen Park19841984
⛊ Colmcille🚩 Fr. McGee Park19821982
⛊ Dromard🚩 Páirc na nGael19971997
⛊ Fr. Manning Gaels🚩 Monaduff19731984
⛊ Kenagh🚩 Jim McGann Park19651978
⛊ Killoe Young Emmets🚩 Emmet Park19931993
⛊ Legan Sarsfields🚩 Andy Flood Park19781990
⛊ Longford Slashers🚩 Michael Fay Park19801980
⛊ Mostrim🚩 C&D Hugh Devine Park19591981
⛊ Mullinalaghta St. Columbas🚩 The Laurels19341984
⛊ Rathcline🚩 Clonbonny19731980
⛊ Seán Connollys🚩 James Maguire Park19982000
⛊ Shroid Slashers ***🚩 Shroid Park19811981
⛊ St. Brigids Killashee🚩 Killashee19962000
⛊ St. Marys Granard🚩 Higginstown19841984
⛊ St. Munis Forgney **🚩 Peter Egan Park19901992
⛊ Young Grattans🚩 Dunbeggan Park19901990

* Ardagh St. Patricks & Moydow Harpers united in 2019 to create the Ardagh Moydow club.
** Ballymahon and St. Munis Forgney clubs compete jointly as a Group Team since 2022.
*** Shroid Slashers club disbanded in 2019. Grounds is still maintained and occasionally used.

Key Name Changes:

– Mostrim grounds renamed Hugh Devine Park after redevelopment project in 1981.
– Longford Slashers grounds name changed from Farneyhoogan to Michael Fay Park in 1988.
– Clonguish grounds name changed from Centenary Park to Bertie Allen Park in 1989.
– Legan Sarsfields grounds name changed from Legan to Andy Flood Park in 1990.
– Abbeylara grounds name changed from Ballyboy to Oliver Lynch Park in 1990.
– Ardagh St. Patricks grounds name changed from The Moor / Ardagh Park to Bill Keenan Park in 1999.
– Mostrim grounds name changed from Hugh Devine Park to C&D Hugh Devine Park in 2019.

Additional Insights:

– St. Munis’ old grounds was at Newcastle House, purchased in 1967.
– St. Munis moved within the same townland to a new grounds in 1990.
– Killoe Young Emmets old grounds was Cullyfad, purchased in 1962.
– Killoe Young Emmets moved from Cullyfad to Emmet Park in 1993.
– Cullyfad is still used occasionally for club winter training activity.
– Dromard’s old grounds was Kilticon since March 1944 (later J.J. Donohoe Park).
– Dromard moved from J.J. Donohoe Park to Páirc na nGael in 1997.
– St. Brigids Killashee old grounds was at Canal Bridge from 1973.
– St. Brigids Killashee moved to the new Killashee Park in 1996.
– Seán Connollys old grounds was Whitehill, purchased in 1965.
– Seán Connollys moved into their new club grounds in 1998.
– Shroid Slashers purchased Shroid Park in 1977. Club disbanded in 2019.

Note 1: Mostrim GAA is 1st and only Longford club to have a grounds naming rights deal (with C&D Foods).

Note 2: St. Munis Forgney played at their owned grounds at Newcastle prior to move to their new grounds in 1990 which was then officially opened in May 1992 and named Peter Egan Park. The previous grounds was purchased in 1967 and was in the grounds of Newcastle House. The replacement grounds is in the same townland of Newcastle, but at a completely different location. The club disbanded in 2016 but returned in 2022 as part of the ‘Ballymahon’ group team with neighbouring club Ballymahon. 

Note 3: Mullinalaghta first moved into their current location in 1934, making them the longest at the same location. The site was then subject to a 99 year lease from October 1942, and that lease was bought out by the club at the start of the 2020’s. The site was enlarged and the pitch re-orientated during re-development in the early 1980’s and officially opened in 1984.

Note 4: Seán Connollys club moved out of their grounds at Whitehill in 1994 due to the grounds being unplayable. The pitch was sold at auction in 1995. For the next four years Seán Connollys used the grounds of neighbouring clubs until 6th June 1998 when the club played its first game (vs Kenagh in ACFL) at the new grounds which was then officially opened as James Maguire Park in September 2000.

This page is focused on owned club grounds. It does not attempt to capture the plethora of fields across the county where games were played prior to each club buying and/or developing their own club grounds. Where clubs moved from one owned grounds to another, that is captured in the additional notes cited above.