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Edgeworthstown Parish

Two clubs from the Edgeworthstown parish won key titles over the years:

  1. Edgeworthstown (Volunteers/Young Irelands)
  2. Mostrim

Edgeworthstown began as Edgeworthstown Volunteers in the 1890 and unfinished 1891 Championships. The club name was shortened to Edgeworthstown in the 1910’s and by 1930 was renamed Edgeworthstown Young Irelands. It was the first club from the parish to win a championship title, winning the Junior Championship of 1929 (played in February 1930) as Edgeworthstown and the Intermediate Championship of 1932 as Edgeworthstown Young Irelands. Thereafter the club split and splintered with the formation of Edgeworthstown Geraldines club, competing alongside Edgeworthstown Young Irelands for a period. Both clubs may have unified briefly with the emergence of Edgeworthstown Wolfe Tones in the middle of the decade before that club faded away soon afterwards.

Mostrim was formed in 1937, initially as Mostrim Eoin Ruadhs and shortened to Mostrim from 1938, and was founded at a time when other clubs in the parish had previously faded away. All key football titles won in the parish from the late 1930’s onward were won by the Mostrim club which continues to this day. The hurling section of the Mostrim club is called Wolfe Tones, and is the most successful hurling club in the county, having won 20 SHC titles.

In title allocation terms, the available evidence shows that the Edgeworthstown or Edgeworthstown Young Irelands club and the Mostrim club won their respective titles as separate club units (we could not find any evidence to suggest that the Mostrim club was the previous Edgeworthstown Young Irelands club renamed or re-organised – they appear to be separate clubs existing at different times in the same parish). Hence the titles of both clubs are kept separate in the titles count, which is a change to previous records. It is worth noting that the above conclusion came from a reassessment of the allocation of titles within the parish of Edgeworthstown which was initiated in late 2020 as part of a larger package of review work undertaken at that time.

Note: There were a number of other clubs & short-lived teams in the parish of Edgeworthstown down the years (see Link). The above assessment is specifically around and about the clubs who won key Football Championship titles.