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Ardagh Moydow Parish

Two clubs from the Ardagh Moydow parish won key titles over the years:

  • Ardagh St. Patricks
  • Moydow Harpers

Both clubs were founded in 1889 and both clubs played in the 1890 Senior Championship and unfinished 1891 Senior Championships and won various championship titles down the years. On 13th January 2019, the clubs of Ardagh St. Patricks and Moydow Harpers united to form the Ardagh Moydow club (📷 Source).

Both clubs had been in a temporary amalgamation for a few years prior to the merge, but formalised a permanent union of the clubs into a new club unit in February 2019. Any titles won by Ardagh Moydow are therefore separate in rolls of honour from those won previously by Ardagh St. Patrick or Moydow Harper clubs. Since the newly formed club did not have any history to research for title allocation, the separate status of future titles was confirmed directly by our research team with the PRO of the Ardagh Moydow club in late 2020.