Longford Gaelic Stats
Minor Football Championship

Minor Winners

WonClub / TeamYear Titles Won
13Granard1955, 1956, 1959, 1960, 1964, 1965, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997
10Longford Slashers1958, 1968, 1971, 1975, 1979, 1980, 1981, 2000, 2001, 2019
7Clonguish Óg1950, 1961, 1969, 1998, 2003, 2021, 2022
6Killoe Óg1936, 2005, 2009, 2012, 2017, 2018
5Northern Gaels2008, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015
4Ballymahon1952, 1957, 1994, 1995
3St. Colmcilles1953, 1962, 1963
3Mostrim/Abbeylara1973, 1974, 1976
3Wolfe Tones Óg1967, 1984, 2006
2Ballymahon Region1977, 1982
2Shannon Gaels1966, 1983
2Killoe Region1978, 1985
2St. Dominics1986, 1987
2St. Vincents2007, 2010
1St. Vincents/Lough Forbes Gaels1972
1Southern Gaels1999
1Carrick Sarsfields2004
1Shamrock Gaels2016
1Clonbroney/Wolfe Tones2020
Minor Football Championship

Minor Timeline

Minor Football Championship

Roll of Honour

YearGradeChampionship Winners
2022U17Clonguish Óg
2021U17Clonguish Óg
2020U18Clonbroney/Wolfe Tones
2019U18Longford Slashers
2018U18Killoe Óg
2017U18Killoe Óg
2016U18Shamrock Gaels
2015U18Northern Gaels
2014U18Northern Gaels
2013U18Northern Gaels
2012U18Killoe Óg
2011U18Northern Gaels
2010U18St. Vincents
2009U18Killoe Óg
2008U18Northern Gaels
2007U18St. Vincents
2006U18Wolfe Tones
2005U18Killoe Óg
2004U18Carrick Sarsfields
2003U18Clonguish Óg
2001U18Longford Slashers
2000U18Longford Slashers
1999U18Southern Gaels
1998U18Lough Forbes Gaels
1995U18Leo Caseys
1994U18Leo Caseys
1987U18St. Dominics
1986U18St. Dominics
1985U18Killoe Region
1984U18Wolfe Tones
1983U18Shannon Gaels
1982U18Ballymahon Region
1981U18St. Michaels
1980U18St. Michaels
1979U18St. Michaels
1978U18Killoe Region
1977U18Ballymahon Region
1975U18St. Michaels
1972U18St. Vincents/Lough Forbes Gaels
1971U18St. Michaels
1969U18Lough Forbes Gaels
1968U18St. Michaels
1967U18Wolfe Tones
1966U18Shannon Gaels
1963U18St. Colmcilles
1962U18St. Colmcilles
1961U18Padraig Pearses
1958U18St. Michaels
1956U18St. Marys Granard
1955U18St. Marys Granard
1951U18Not Completed
1949U18No Competition
1948U18No Competition
1947U18No Competition
1946U18No Competition
1945U18No Competition
1944U18No Competition
1943U18No Competition
1942U18No Competition
1941U18No Competition
1940U18No Competition
1939U18No Competition
1937U18No Competition

(Names of winners are displayed using name of each club at the time of that final, to preserve that historic record)

Minor Football Championship

Additional Notes

  • 2020: Clonbroney/Wolfe Tones = Clonbroney + Wolfe Tones Óg
  • 2016: Shamrock Gaels = Ballymahon Forgney Gaels + Southern Gaels
  • 2002: Pearses = Wolfe Tones + Ballymore Shamrocks
  • 1990: Killoe/Clonbroney = Killoe + Clonbroney
  • 1985: Killoe Region = Killoe + St. Mels
  • 1982: Ballymahon Region = Ballymahon Leo Caseys + Legan Casements + St. Sinneachs + Cuchullains + Forgney
  • 1978: Killoe Region = Killoe + Clonbroney + St. Mels
  • 1977: Ballymahon Region = Ballymahon Leo Caseys + St. Sinneachs
  • 1976: Mostrim/Abbeylara = Wolfe Tones + St. Bernards
  • 1974: Mostrim/Abbeylara = Wolfe Tones + St. Bernards
  • 1973: Mostrim/Abbeylara = Wolfe Tones + St. Bernards
  • 1972: Clonguish/St. Vincents = Lough Forbes Gaels + St. Vincents

Current Club Names:

  • Ballymahon Forgney Gaels is combined underage club for Ballymahon & Forgney.
  • Carrick Sarsfields is combined underage club for Carrickedmond and Legan.
  • Clonbroney is underage section of the Seán Connollys club.
  • Clonguish Óg is underage section of the Clonguish club.
  • Granard is underage section of the St. Marys Granard club.
  • Grattan Gaels is underage section of the Grattan Óg club.
  • Killoe Óg is underage section of the Killoe Young Emmets club.
  • Longford Slashers is underage section of the Longford Slashers club.
  • Northern Gaels is combined underage club for Abbeylara & Mullinalaghta.
  • Shannon Gaels is underage section of the Rathcline club.
  • Southern Gaels is combined underage club for Cashel & Killashee.
  • St. Colmcilles is underage section of the Colmcille club.
  • St. Dominics is underage section of the Kenagh club.
  • St. Francis is underage section of the Dromard club.
  • St. Patricks Óg is underage section of the Ardagh Moydow club.
  • St. Vincents is underage section of the Fr. Manning Gaels club.
  • Wolfe Tones Óg is underage section of the Mostrim club.

Past Club Names:

  • Ballymahon or Leo Caseys was Ballymahon underage prior to Ballymahon Forgney Gaels.
  • Ballymore Shamrocks was underage section of the Ballymore club. Not affiliated since end of 2018.
  • Clonahard Gaels was an underage club that existed briefly in Longford underage competition in 1965.
  • Clonguish Óg also won titles as Clonguish (pre 1958), Padraig Pearses (1958-1964) & Lough Forbes Gaels (1965-2000).
  • Cuchullains was Cashel underage prior to the formation of Southern Gaels.
  • Forgney was St. Munis Forgney underage prior to the formation of Ballymahon Forgney Gaels.
  • Granard won underage titles prior to 1958 as St. Marys. Thereafter played and won as Granard.
  • Killashee was St. Brigids Killashee underage prior to the formation of Southern Gaels.
  • Legan Casements was Legan Sarsfields underage prior to the formation of Carrick Sarsfields.
  • Longford Slashers won underage titles from 1958-1998 as St. Michaels.
  • Moydow Óg was Moydow Harpers underage prior to formation of Ardagh Moydow club.
  • Mullinalaghta or St. Columbas was Mullinalaghta underage prior to formation of Northern Gaels.
  • St. Annes was Young Grattans underage in 1980’s prior to the club becoming Grattan Gaels.
  • St. Bernards was Abbeylara underage prior to the formation of Northern Gaels.
  • St. Colmcilles won underage titles prior to 1961 as Colmcille (St. Colmcilles thereafter).
  • St. James was the Ardagh underage club name in the 1990’s and 2000’s, then reverted to St. Patricks.
  • St. Mels was Shroid Slashers underage prior to the Shroid club becoming inactive in the 2010’s.
  • St. Olivers was Carrickedmond underage in the early 1960’s before becoming St. Sinneachs.
  • St. Patricks Óg was Ardagh St. Patricks underage. It is now underage club for Ardagh Moydow.
  • St. Sinneachs was Carrickedmond underage prior to the formation of Carrick Sarsfields.

(Note: Other clubs added an Óg suffix to their club name, including Killoe, Wolfe Tones, Clonguish, St. Patricks & Moydow)

Prior to the 2014-2021 research, some prior publications assumed Mostrim as the first winners of the Harte Cup for Minor Championship in 1949. This is incorrect because Mostrim did not have any underage teams in 1949 and (crucially) there was no Minor Championship held in 1949. Clonguish was technically the first club to get their hands on the new Harte Cup when it first appeared in 1949. They received it for winning the 1949 Minor League (there was no Championship competition that year) when that league concluded in February 1950. However a County Board meeting later in 1950 decided that the new cup should be presented to Minor Championship winners instead of Minor League winners from 1950 onward. Hence Clonguish by virtue of winning the Minor Championship of 1950 became the first holders of the Harte Cup for winning the Minor Championship and uniquely the only team to have won the Harte Cup for both Minor Championship and League wins. All of the above detail was validated via published records & reports in local newspapers of the time.

Minor Football Championship

Research Clarifications

In 1934, Minor teams were entered into competition from Clonbroney, Whiterock Slashers, United Gaels (Longford + Clonguish + Ardagh), Drumlish, St. Brigids Killashee and St. Marys Granard. Fixtures were arranged in May 1934 but nothing more was recorded. It is not possible to ascertain for certain whether this competition was Minor League or Minor Championship.

Minor competition was organised in 1935 but the Minor Board Notes from early 1936 indicated that the 1935 competition was not completed. No record of any Minor final exists, but a notice regarding a medal presentation in Apr 1937 noted Longford as 1935 Minor League winners. No record of any Championship played.

(Note: The preview to the Minor Board convention in March 1936 noted  Longford as the winners of the 1935 Minor Competition. However no report of the final has been found. Additionally, one week prior to the final it was noted that the 1935 competitions were ‘unfinished’. Further research is needed on this, but all available published evidence indicates that this Minor competition was played in a format similar to the 1936 league and was therefore the League. Longford was also not listed in the Minor Championship roll of honour published in 1944).

Just six teams entered Minor League competition in 1936 with Clonguish taking the title with victory over Dromard by 4-6 to 1-0 in September 1936. In July 1936, the Minor Board decided to also run a Minor Championship (straight knockout competition) for the first time. This Minor Championship competition ran into 1937, with Killoe defeating Longford in the final by 6-4 to 0-6 on Sunday 13th June 1937.

📷 1936 Minor Championship Final

The 1936 Minor Championship was not completed until June 1937 which may explain the absence of any Minor Championship for 1937. A Minor League was played in 1937 and was at an advanced stage up to end of October 1937. Four teams played in that Minor League with some teams having played two games by end of October 1937. The County Board AGM in January 1938 noted a lack of progress in local competition at every level including lack of support for underage competitions. It seems the Minor league competition was not finished and additionally no Championship was played in 1937 either.

Minor League competition began in April 1938 and continued into November 1938. The preview to Mullinalaghta v Ballymahon game on 1st November mentions that Mullinalaghta are leading the Minor League at that stage. No published record of the League final has been found, but we can infer from later references that Mullinalaghta went on to win that League competition. There is no published record of any 1938 Minor Championship win (or indeed of a knockout Championship competition being played), however winner medals exist with the year, club and competition to suggest that Mullinalaghta won the 1938 Minor Championship title. It should be noted that some players from Seán Connollys club played on the Mullinalaghta Minor team in 1938, but it was not an amalgamation (only ‘Mullinalaghta’ inscribed on the medals).

📷 1938 Minor Championship Medal

(Medal image courtesy of Patrick Matthews)

Note: The published accounts of 1938 Minor competition relates entirely to Minor League (not Championship), and when the paper trail ends in November 1938, Mullinalaghta are leading the Minor League. In a wider context, it was not unusual for the sole competition in any age group to be casually referred to as ‘Championship’ in some of the early years in Longford, and it is not clear whether this 1938 title was in fact the Minor League title which was then referred to as Championship on the medals, or whether a separate Minor Championship competition was played very late in 1938 (post November) which didn’t warrant any mention in local media in either 1938 or 1939. We have maintain the status-quo on this title (since it existed prior to our research and has some evidence to support it), but in the interest of transparency we acknowledge that further analysis is required here to rule in or out any alternative explanation. 

Minor League commenced at the end of February 1939 and fixtures continue to be arranged sparingly (see example) up to the end of May 1939, after which no fixtures appear with no record found of the competition being finished. A roll of honour published in local media in 1944 indicated Clonguish were Minor winners (this was the only published roll from 1890 to 1922 to make this claim), however an investigation of all available published evidence indicates that this was Minor League, and that no Minor Championship was played in 1939. It is likely that the medals provided for that Minor League win were inscribed ‘Minor Champions’ or ‘Minor Championship’ which would not have been an uncommon practice at the time given that the Minor League was the only underage competition ongoing at the time, but the available evidence shows it to be the Minor League, not the Minor Championship. Our research found no evidence of any Minor Championship (as distinct from Minor League) winner for 1939. The above position is also consistent with the previous research by other parties prior to our research work in 2014-2021.

Six clubs (Longford, Clonguish, Seán Connollys, Kenagh, Killoe & Drumlish) entered into Minor competition in April 1940 with teams playing home and away ties in a League competition (See fixture examples from July 1940 and August 1940). This Minor League continued through to November 1940 and can be seen to have reached an advanced stage, but there is no record found thereafter of any winner in any written publications of the time. A Minor Board notice in local newspapers on 27th July 1940 noted that a number of Minor fixtures have not been fulfilled, and that it has become a common occurrence. The 1940 Minor Board AGM referred to “unfinished underage competitions” and “lack of support for these games”. A roll of honour published in 1944 indicated that Clonguish won back-to-back Minor Championship titles in 1939 & 1940 (this was the only published roll from 1890 to 1922 to make this claim), however an examination of available published evidence supports these being Minor League titles, not Minor Championship titles. It is likely that the medals provided for any Minor League win were inscribed ‘Minor Champions’ or ‘Minor Championship’ which would not have been an uncommon practice at the time given that the Minor League was the only underage competition ongoing at the time. Our research however, found no evidence of any Minor Championship (as distinct from Minor League) winner for 1940. The above position is also consistent with the previous research by other parties prior to our research work in 2014-2021.

Just four teams affiliated in 1941 and the draw for the league was arranged, commencing in March 1941. Similar to the 1940 competition, the league seemed to be at an advanced stage by the end of July 1941 but no definite record exists of any league winner. No records exist of any Minor Championship played in 1941.

No record of any Minor Championship in 1942.

No record of any Minor Championship in 1943.

No record of any Minor Championship in 1944.

Calls for a Minor Competition to be organised on a number of occasions at the beginning of 1945. First set of fixtures organised in July on a league basis and continue into October after which no further fixtures are noted and no record of a league winner. No record of any Minor Championship played in 1945.

Minor League commenced in August 1946 with Abbeylara and Ardagh reaching the final with the original fixture in December 1946 postponed. The league final was eventually played in April 1947 with Abbeylara emerging victorious. This is the first definite winner of any Minor competition recorded since 1938. No championship was played in 1946.

Note: The 1946 final stated Abbeylara but at stages during the competition they were referred to as Granard and in on instance ‘Abbeylara (Granard)’. While they were solely referred to as Abbeylara in the final and their success noted alongside the clubs Junior double as an overall ‘treble’, the Granard GAA History book records this as a minor amalgamation between both clubs. The Granard GAA book also notes this as a Minor Championship win though this is never referred to in that way in contemporary records. At the end of the section on this final they note that “… there are no County Board records of Minor Championship winners from 1938 to 1949”.

Six teams affiliated in 1957 and Minor League competition began in September 1947. According to Minor Board records, the league reached the playoff stage for each section but was not completed. No record exists for any Minor Championship played in 1947.

Eleven teams affiliated in 1948 and a Minor league competition was arranged and split into three sections – North, South and Mid Longford. Games were run on a double-league basis (home and away games) similar to previous years. Killoe beat Longford Wanderers 2-1 to 0-2 in the league final in March 1949. There was an objection raised on the eligibility of some Killoe players and the result was subsequently declared void and no replay occurred. No record exists for Minor Championship played in 1948.

Note: This 1948 league final was initially thought to be a Championship Final but this was played on a league basis similar to previous years and therefore evidence shows it to be a League competition. The Minor Board introduced a new trophy (Harte Cup) for this newly structured league competition which was due to be presented to the Minor League winners in 1948. However, with the 1948 final declared void, the new cup was not presented.

All published records by Coiste Chontae Longfoirt prior to our research in 2014 (including but not limited to Yearbooks from the 1980’s, Comoradh an Cheid from 1987, Longford GAA History from 2005 and every single match programmes down the years with Minor Championship roll of honour included) all showed Mostrim as winners of the 1949 Minor Football Championship. However an examination of all available records & evidence shows that while a Minor League competition was played in 1949 (with Clonguish defeating Rathcline by 3-3 to 2-2 to lift the new Harte Cup in the Minor League final played in February 1950), no published evidence has been found of any separate Minor Championship played in 1949 (though references to the Minor League final as ‘Minor Championship’ are found in the preview to the 1949 Minor decider). The decision to play a separate Minor Championship competition in addition to the Minor League would come for the first time the following year, in 1950.

Indeed Clonguish are also noted as Minor League holders in the 1950 Minor League semi final preview. Additionally, Mostrim did not have an active underage club in 1949, thus could not have held the title in 1949. Hence the record has been corrected to show ‘No Minor Championship’ for 1949. It is worth noting that in some years where only one competition was run (i.e. League but no Championship), medals were often inscribed with ‘Championship’ but this does not provide definitive proof that the competition itself was Championship, especially when the available published evidence shows it was League.

Finally, a note on the Harte Cup which was purchased in 1948 and intended to be presented to Minor League winners of that year. However when the final was voided in 1948, it was not presented that year and was instead presented for the first time to the Minor League winners of 1949 (Clonguish). In 1950, the County Board decided to re-purpose the cup and present it instead to the winners of the Minor Championship competition which they had restarted that year for the first time in many years. Clonguish therefore have the unique distinction of winning the Harte Cup in 1949 for winning the Minor League, and then winning the Harte Cup in 1950 for winning the Minor Championship. This led to confusion in the records over the years, including the assumption that Clonguish had won Minor Championships in both years. In fact the records show that Clonguish won the Minor League in 1949, the Minor Championship in 1950 and the Minor League in 1951.

Following the completion of the 1949 league competition in Feb 1950, the Minor Board meeting held March 10th 1950 noted that 8 teams were affiliated for that year, and it was decided to run a league and a championship in 1950. The 1950 League commences in April and finished in Sep 1950 with Colmcille taking the honours beating Rathcline 2-3 to 0-4 in the league final. An August 25th 1950 article previews of the Clonguish vs Rathcline league semi-final noted Clonguish as the holders (of the league). Rathcline won the match with the report noting that they defeated the holders. The preview to the Colmcille vs Rathcline league final noted that both sides are deciding who should “hold the Harte Cup – the Minor trophy for the League winners”. Colmcille went on to win the league final, but they did not receive the Harte Cup.

A Minor Board meeting in September 1950 congratulated Colmcille on winning the Minor League and also unanimously decided to play a Minor Championship competition in 1950 too and agreed to “present the Harte Cup for this competition instead of the league”. Clonguish beat Young Irelands (Drumlish/Ballinamuck) 2-1 to 0-2 to win that Minor Football Championship in November 1950 and thus lifted the Harte Cup (📷 [Preview], 📷 [Report]). This is the first record of any knockout Championship being held at Minor grade since 1938 and Clonguish were the first club to receive the Harte Cup for winning the Minor Championship.

Note: Young Irelands club who competed in the 1950 Minor Championship final, was formed in 1949 by Fr. Seán Manning and made up of players from Drumlish & Ballinamuck (there was separate senior clubs in the parish at the time – Drumlish and Ballinamuck 98’s). The new Minor club was announced in the Longford Leader on 9th July 1949 (source). This is also cited in Des Guckian’s book ‘The Life and Times of Fr. Seán Manning’ where he describes the formation of a Minor club “to represent the united parish of Drumlish and Ballinamuck”.

The 1951 Minor Championship started but dragged on thru the end of the year and never completed. The Minor Board meeting in February 1952 formally agreed to drop the incomplete 1951 Minor Championship (as recorded in Longford Leader on 8th March 1952). Previously it had been assumed that Clonguish had won the 1951 Minor Championship and in some records it was assumed that Clonguish had won a three-in-a-row of Minor Championships from 1949-1951, however in those years Clonguish won Minor League titles in 1949 & 1951 and Minor Championship in 1950. Hence the record has been corrected to show ‘Not Completed’ for 1951. See evidence in the attached link below.

📷 1951 Championship Incomplete

At the Feb 1952 Minor competition, the draw for the championship was arranged (once the completion of the 1951 Championship was dropped in Feb 1952). It was agreed to run the championship on league lines with three sections – North, South and mid. Ballymahon beat Clonguish 5-11 to 2-4 to win the 1952 Minor Championship title in April 1953. This is a somewhat unique championship because it was run on league lines. No separate Minor league competition was held in 1952.

A motion to revert to separate league and championship Minor competitions in 1953 was rejected and the championship continued to be played on a league basis in 1953. Colmcille beat Ballymahon 1-4 to 1-3 to win the Minor Championship title in September 1953. No separate Minor league competition was held in 1953.

Separate Minor league and championship competitions were arranged in 1954, thus moving away from the Championship via league structure which was utilised in 1952 & 1953. Carrickedmond beat Ardagh 3-7 to 0-0 in the Minor Championship final. All Minor Championships from this point forward were played in traditional championship structure.

Longford Slashers won the 1954 Minor league title with a walkover after Granard failed to field in the final. The Minor Board review of the year for 1954 referenced the introduction of the Minor League during the year and noting that the Championship was played on a knockout basis. The article notes that “in former years the Minor Championship was played on a league basis”. Available evidence suggests this refers to the 1952 and 1953 Minor Championship competitions, both of which were played on league basis.

Some past records and the Harte Cup itself seemed to indicate Longford Slashers as 1974 winners, however an amalgamation of Mostrim & Abbeylara won the 1974 Minor Championship title. The Longford Leader of September 13th 1974 contains the match report for the game which ended with the scoreline Mostrim/Abbeylara 1-11 vs Ardagh/Kenagh 0-02, making it back-to-back Minor titles for Mostrim/Abbeylara in 1973 & 1974. See evidence via the attached link below.

📷 1974 Minor Championship Final

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