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Club Titles Allocations

Club Allocations

Titles are consistently allocated to club units (not parishes). Where a new club unit is formed by two or more clubs merging, the previous titles of the individual clubs prior to the union are kept separate in rolls of honour from titles won by the new club unit. For amalgamation winners, titles are allocated to the amalgamation team and not assigned separately to the individual club units within it (thus avoiding double-counting). This is not a new or unique methodology and has been practiced throughout the country for many years. See some examples here.

To allocate titles accurately and consistently to club units, it was necessary to dig into specific instances where key titles were won by different or differently named entities from the same parish down the years, and determine using as much primary evidence as possible how to allocate those titles to club units.

Longford has seen a large number of clubs come and go over the years, including multiple clubs in the same parish at the same time (This was true in a few parishes until the 2010’s, and is still true today for the Longford and Granard parishes). Historically there are a few instances of key titles won by different or differently named units from the same parish. Some were merely the same club renamed over time, while others were separate club units including new clubs formed by the merging of two or more existing club units.

There are five key examples of title allocations which needed clarification:

  1. Longford Parish
  2. Mostrim Parish
  3. Granard Parish
  4. Drumlish Parish
  5. Ardagh & Moydow Parish

Note: Titles in this context refers to SFC, SFL, SHC, IFC, JFC or U-21 Championship titles.